Monday, August 17, 2009

Studio time beading...

Today I spent time in my studio and it felt great. I have been promising myself to complete an old task before starting a new one. Doesn't that sound familiar? Well today I did just that. I restrung a necklace that was very old and fraying.
About fifteen years ago my daughter hand beaded these lovely earrings for me. So I beaded a very simple necklace to go with them. Long ago when I would bead it was popular to use dental floss to string with as it was affordable and very strong. In fact it did last for at least a dozen years before becoming frayed.
I got out the supplies: needle, nymo beading thread, pliers, spare beads (for the ones I drop and can't find on the floor lol), scissors and bead threader/cutter. I can't imagine why I kept putting this task off as it was very simple and didn't take long to complete at all.
Now I have kept my promise to myself and completed an old task that was just always hanging over me. I feel so much better for having finished this. I am ready to wear these earrings and necklace and due to the beautiful pastel colors they will be very nice during the hot weather we will still have this summer.
Thank you daughter for continuing our family legacy of being creative and making beautiful things with your hands and heart.

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