Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday today.
I shall celebrate this day with my dear hubby and then friends. I have already celebrated with girlfriends for several days. You know as we get older we get to celebrate our birthdays for many days before on and after.
On Tuesday five of us ladies enjoyed our local tea house for lunch and desserts and presents. It is always such a treat and I just love going there. A very special and relaxing day indeed.
Wednesday four of us ladies spent the day enjoying delicious Popeye Pizza, chatting and laughter which is always yummy and fun. Then we headed over to our local Ben Franklin and did some serious shopping. Since it was the last Wednesday of the month we loaded our "tote bag" full and enjoyed 20% savings on everything we bought. Such a deal.
This coming Sunday I will be enjoying my birthday with my sister Marie and two of our friends. We always have a really fun time because we all shop for incredible bargains that Marie finds as she utilizes her "special radar" to locate just the perfect item at just the best possible price. Then we must fuel our energy with lunch and birthday cake. We will do just that at Buca di Beppo . This restaurant knows us and we always have such a great time there.
So Happy Birthday to me and to all my August family and friends who celebrate birthdays this month. Where were each of you when I was little? No body had August birthdays and school was out for summer so I never got a cupcake party with my classmates. Boo hoo hoo...
However I am not sad any longer as I have wonderful birthdays now and they last for so many days of celebration. Hooray!!!

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