Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creative Cue #5 - ODD

Here is my Creative Cue #5 from last Sunday. The word...ODD
If you are not familiar with this challenge please go to to read about how easy this is. And it is totally selective as you wish to participate or not.
When I first saw the word ODD I came up with several ideas. However the one that stuck with me was this one. The "odd" sock that is always left over in the washer or dryer when you know for certain that you did put in the pair of two socks but only one "odd" sock remains at the end of the washing or drying cycle. Someplace somewhere there is a world of "odd" socks happily existing and knowing they perplexed us so many times.
You know there are lots of ideas and crafts based on using just the one "odd" sock that you have after doing the laundry. Lots of childrens games are a result of this phenomenon. Just think of bean bags for tossing. Pouches for collecting and carrying rocks and marbles are made from "odd" singular socks found in the laundry.
How fun to be challenged to think of something we are not usually being creative with. on to this week. Yes I already have some ideas. LOL :o)


  1. Odd socks, and I also thought it odd that Tinkerbell would have any laundry problems! lol

  2. This is so funny! Tinkerbell was a great choice. She looks quite exasperated.

  3. I love your interpretation of odd! It's so true too. I just know there's a sock heaven out there somewhere, and the best part about it is that it's probably full of very CLEAN socks!

    Also, I think Tinkerbell looks like she knows something that we don't know--like where the heck that sock is!

  4. Hi....Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I love meeting new ladies.

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    Odd Socks, hugh??? :>)

  5. great interpretation of "odd"!

  6. How clever!!! (I love fun socks myself!) ;D

  7. Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog. "The Odd Sock" - what a wonderful thought .......... something everybody can relate to!

  8. ahhh yes, the odd sock. Very clever interpretaion :)

  9. It feels good to learn that the odd sock is an international phenomenon. For a long time I thought that the socks disappeared only in my family and that I was the one to blame for it. I really feel relieved. Thanks.

  10. ahh hearts galore...i feel the love in the air...

    thanks for your wonderful compliment and welcome to my blog.
    i am also following you now!

    may I ask how you found me?



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