Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Hearts Pail...

Hello Bloggers:
I am so blessed to be able to sit here in my home office and listen to the refreshing nourishing rain outside while I am warm and cozy. I am truly thankful.
I enjoy browsing all my favorite blogs and finding additional blogs that spark my interest or inspire me. This blogging is truly a wonderful way to feel connected with like-minded talented people all over the world.
I am posting these photos merely as a fun idea that is not new nor original. Sometimes we just need to make something just because we want to. I have shared before about my collection of mice since I was a little girl. I have also shared about a wonderful etsy site where I purchased these ATC's
Well then my wonderful daughter bought me a full set of the mermaid ATC's so I had to figure out a compact way to display them and be able to enjoy them. That is how I came to fit them into a clear paint-style pail. It is easy to view them. It is easy to change the featured mouse of the day to view. I merely didn't like the plain handle and thought it could be much more in keeping with the colorful ATC's it holds if I did some decorating.
I purchased some coordinating ribbons and tied short lengths onto the handle. I also added a center focal charm "pail" to the ribbons on the handle so the mouserkins could keep their secret magic in it.
I know how Valentine themed it looks however I merely selected feminine fou-fou in shades of pinks, red and white. It was December when I actually did this. LOL
Now my little darlings are precious and portable so I can take them where ever I fancy.
This could work for any ATC or ACEO themes...even for guys in different colors and ribbons or wire with washers, nuts, bolts twisted around the handle or twines or cords. You get the idea. Just have fun with it. Maybe even a favorite pet with some treats or a house warming gift or a Super Bowl host or hostess gift. Hmmm...
Thank you so much for stopping by createology.
Keep creating...


  1. Now if that isn't a pail of smiles, I don't know what is! Where in the world would you get a clear paint pail? But that is way better than a basket.

  2. What an absolutely adorable idea! I'm a mouse fan too! My sister's name is Michele, and when we were little, my mother caller her "Michy Mouse". I can't remember when I started calling her "Mouse", but I'm the only one who does! It's a sister thing! So... I love anything mouse related. Check out the blog She makes the cutest things!!!
    Keep having fun, Sweetie. I love listening to the rain too! Hugs, Paulette

  3. These are so fun and festive...they made me smile


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