Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morning...Creative Cue #7

Imagine this gorgeous rooster crowing very early in the morning and that welcomes the day ahead. I know for those of you who are not morning people that would be a very rude awakening.
When I checked this past Sunday morning for the Creative Cue of the week and I saw it was morning so many things came to my mind.
I first thought of a saying my Grandmother always said to me, "Top O'the Morning to You". It took me so long to learn to say in response, "And the rest of the day to you".
I thought of a song titled "Morning has broken"...however that does not inspire me for anything creative.
The signs of morning like an alarm clock, shower, breakfast and of course the sunshine rising in the East.
What is your favorite thing about morning?
My favorite is the beginning of another day to be creative and be the best person I can be. What a wonderful opportunity we have with each day to start fresh.
I really love morning!


  1. thanks for your encouragment...
    i will certainly keep creating because it's like breathing for me...

    and now to comment on that gorgeous rooster!
    i grew up on a farm...and there was one year where my parents decided to adopt this 'mad' rooster who would chase me down our long, long country driveway to wait for the bus! I was terrified for that entire year, until my mother went and made soup out of him!
    thanks for the memory!
    hope I can sleep tonight....


  2. This cue has me a bit stumped even though I wake up to roosters every morning. Some don't even wait till morning! 8^( I've learned to appreciate the quiet and productivity that early mornings bring.

  3. WOW, I love the colors on that rooster! I've seen people paint them that way but didn't know they actually existed! BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks so much for your sweet visits and your encouragement!

  4. Great picture!! I am a SERIOUS cat stevens fan and while commuting each work day, I often listen to Morning has broken over and over all the way to work. It's about a 22 minute freeway commute and by the time I get there I have spent time overcoming all the human issues of the morning and remembered the real issues of the's a gift: the sky, the pavement, the car, the gas, the other humans...all beautiful gifts..along with a new day to create something...anything...wonderful. Just breathe've created! :)


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