Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 6 Creative Cue...TIE

I find it amazing that this is already week six of the Creative Cue challenge. That means that this year 2010 is already six weeks over. Gosh the time really does go so fast.
"TIE" is the word of the week. This is a fun word as it brings fond memories to mind. I loved to watch my husband tie his tie every day for work back when he wore one. Now life is much more casual and beyond that he is retired so no ties around his neck.
I used to do a lot of macrame which involves nothing but making knots. I even made samples of macrame for a store display. Yes, it was the seventies and yes I even made the requisite macrame hanging wine rack. Boy is that a long time ago. Of course it was in orange and I always used the finest hemp I could afford. The quality of your hemp reflected in the quality of your macrame. I also used to tie very tiny little knots in crochet thread to make the most adorable tiny owls for earrings. They sat on tiny twigs or broken toothpicks. My Grandma collected Owls and that was my inspiration so I made the first pair for her birthday.
Long before I learned to tie macrame knots I learned basic knot tying in Camp Fire Girls. I even earned a bead for tying knots.
Now I tie knots for my jewelry making. My favorite and strongest knot is the surgeons knot and my Grandma taught me this one years ago. She was an extreme crafter and if they had an olympic category for it she would have gotten the gold medal!
I think we all must tie something almost every day. I even catch myself tying a knot in trash. LOL I will fold up the paper into a strip and then tie it very neatly before I throw it away. How funny that is when I think about it.
Happy Valentine's Weekend and be careful not to "tie" one on having too much fun.


  1. Great post! Lots of memories. Velcro has made great strides but I still tie!

  2. tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree!...

    I tie things too...even when it's trash is weird...i thought I was the only one on the planet!


  3. Just wanted to let you know I found a wifi cafe'..
    Too fun.. however my pc is running like a turtle so difficult to make visits.
    I will be back in a snap!
    Missing you all.
    Hugs, Darlene ox

  4. What nice memories for tie. Isn't it fun how these words are becoming vehicles for stories?


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