Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turquoise 2010...

It is a beautiful color and one that I have liked all my life...Turquoise. This year 2010 it is the official color of Pantone. In the color world Pantone is THE ultimate word on color.
When I was very young my family would drive to the Indian reservations and I was always intrigued with the beautiful turquoise beads that were in the silver necklaces. My mother got a fabulous Squash Blossom necklace that I just loved and hoped one day it would be mine. Unfortunately a thief stole it many years ago. But I still have my very small "little girl" squash blossom necklace I got that same day as Mom got hers and I cherish it.
I have been working with some turquoise beads lately not knowing it was THE color of the year. I just love how it looks and I was in a Santa Fe kind of mood while making the latest necklace. I don't have photos yet as the weather is very dark and rainy and my lighting is not right.
As you can see the boa above is also the color turquoise. It is as beautiful in person as it is in this photo. I made this for my design line "Where the Boas Are". Yes, it is available in my etsy shop and thank you for asking. ;o)
I am seeing lots of turquoise in the current catalogs for clothes and jewelry. Now we know why.
Years ago I did own a 1964 1/2 Mustang in a shade of aqua turquoise and I hated that color. For a mustang? Please! Let's keep the color turquoise for clothing, jewelry and some home decor.
What does the color turquoise represent for you?


  1. My favorite colours are yellow and turquoise. I'm not sure which is tops but both are sunny colours and speak of happiness to me.

  2. And I think it's my most favorite color---for now! I love 'em all though!

  3. I love this color but do agree, Not on a car!

  4. So glad you stopped by!! It is nice to meet you.

    The color know I didn't like it until I got older. I was never into indian jewelry when I was younger. My mom also has a lovely squash blossom necklace that disappeared as well. But now....I really like the Santa Fe look and the color turquoise. Go figure????



  5. Hello sweetie...I love turquoise...and use it a lot in jewelry...It sells as fast as I can make it...Lately haven't had the time to be a creative in the jewelry dept. as I'd like.
    This to shall pass ,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. Turquoise and Red together, just yummy!!!!!!


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