Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was working on this scrapbook when I got the call. Please, please can you do this Saturday?
Well, this was last Thursday afternoon and I just cannot say no. So last Saturday I spent my day at our local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center as a volunteer to greet people and help them with what they might like to do in town or what they would like to eat for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately it was pouring rain...again. This is my third Saturday that it has rained and needless to say it makes for very few people visiting and walking around. I practically open the door for anyone even close to it so I can invite them inside.
Luckily I knew when I was going that it was raining so I went prepared for a lot of down time. I scooped up this mess of pictures, papers, tape gun and scrapbook and toted it along with me to the Chamber. As I had so few visitors I busied myself with sorting, ripping and taping all of this into my little book. I actually had more time than supplies to work on.
My little book is well on it's way to being up-to-date. It will never be complete as it is ongoing. I shall share additional pictures with you soon. It chronicles my girlfriend and I becoming and making "Saucy Chicks". It is so funny to look back over a few years and see what we were doing. The phrase "What were we thinking?!!" comes to mind.
I have some additional things to include in my little scrapbook. Then I will take some more photos to share with you.
Talk about UFO's! This is a major task just to get caught up on this one. It has been sitting well over a year and I did it in a day and a half thanks to rain.
Do you have any rainy day projects?

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  1. Good idea taking your project with you! Either that or having a hubby who is retired, cooks, runs errands, etc. is nice to have waiting at home! Like mine! :-) He's not for rent!

    Hope your rain goes away!


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