Monday, September 27, 2010

Bean Bags Anyone???

I must admit I had no idea when I bought these two fabric panels what I was going to do with them. I thought maybe as a funny front to cards for men or women (there are two panels here-one with women and the other with men). Then I put them away for some time and when I "rediscovered" them I thought what was I thinking when I bought these. They are cute and some are funny but I have heard all the sayings far too many times...or maybe they are not so cute to me any longer as I have aged and they are probably too close to the truth. LOL
So I thought maybe pin cushions. Well, that would work for women who use pins but I can't really see any men I know needing a pin cushion. In the top photo I stuffed one as a pin cushion just to see how it would work. Fine, but still not my favorite idea for these panels of fabric.

So after considering what on earth to do with all these little squares once cut from the panels I came upon another item for the elementary school boutique. These are now made into bean bags which also work great as paper weights and pattern weights. I suppose you could even use them as hand exercisers. We "Saucy Chicks" (as the school knows us) Lorraine and I divided up the fabric and cut and serged and stuffed (with organic rice) all the squares we think might sell. If they don't sell...well...we are set with gifts for the holidays. Hopefully all our recipients will like them as much as we do. LOL :o)
You could certainly use any fabrics you like and make these as plain or as frilly as you wish. They really do make great little weights for holding down papers or patterns. And as bean bags... we tested them and they are super fun to toss about.
All in all it is the school children we hope to benefit from this project. We are certainly getting stocked up for the December Boutique at Deer Creek.
I hope this gives you some ideas for your gift giving. Super easy and fun to make.
Happy creating...


  1. Hi dear,
    it is a wonderfull idea, to help children, in this way, and you two have been very bussy, I can tell,with thise sweet weights, and the towels, -a beautifull thought.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. It is funny how jokes are closer to the truth as we age. I was tempted to take Maxime as me role model but... LOL Good job!

  3. What fantastic little gifts! I hadn't heard all of them before and the one about amnesia and deja vu really made me laugh.

    They're bound to be a sell out and I hope you raise lots of funds x

  4. what great fabric. love the graphics. you have done a wonderful job by making pin cushions and rice pillow! sounds like you two are having lots of fun sewing for the December Boutique.

  5. Thanks for coming by my spot today! I'm very glad to "meet" you. Your blog looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing more creatology!

  6. They look like they all very funny and you did a great job. I would love to read all of them---and what is more fun than tossing a bean bag?!!


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