Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished Fabrics...

It is hard for me to realize that two months ago to the day I took these photos. I have already shared a sneak peak on this blog to allow your minds to be curious. Now I can honestly say my girlfriend/creative Saucy Chick Lorraine and I have completed this project. Well almost.
Each year we participate in a wonderful small boutique that is held at a local elementary school. Whatever gets sold we automatically donate 50% to the school for the kids and their programs. We always laugh when we are making items for this sale as we know the prices must be super affordable and therefore we mostly donate our time, materials and just know we are helping the kids. LOL Sometimes we say, "let's just make this and put a couple of dollar bills in the package and sell it for 50 cents". It makes us happy to do this and I believe this is at least our fifth year of participating.
So here are some photos of the finished DECORATIVE TOWELS.

Super cute chicken fabric. This would be great in a kitchen. Good hostess gift for that dinner invitation you accepted. Notice the button detail in the top corner of each towel.

This is some fabulous chili pepper fabric and the photo really does not show it as vibrant as the colors are in person.

Ahhh...the sports theme fabric. This would make a great hand towel even for the college dorm.

Here it is shown hanging on the towel rod. Think coach, golf player, car buff, teams...
With each towl we have added a fun item such as a tiny basketball ball, a small kitchen whisk, a small bottle of hot sauce with the chili peppers. You get the idea.
All in all we are making 31 of these assorted fabric adorned towels. Hopefully they will sell out at the school sale. It is always held for two days in early December. The kids get first pick on a Friday to purchase holiday gifts for family or friends. Then it is open to the public on Saturday. We Saucy Chicks usually purchase items late on Saturday just before pick up time. We want the classes who have made things (i.e. bookmarks, cards, frames, etcetera) know that they made sales as well.
We still need to complete 11 towels and package them however we know we will get them done in time now that we have completed 20. It feels so good to get something accomplished.
I hope this gives an idea or two for you to make for your gift giving. We have sewn the fabric but if you do not sew there are wonderful iron on ways or even washable glues on the market.
Happy creating...


  1. This is a great idea for school sales. I hope they all sell and that the school really benefits from your generosity.
    I love all the colorful materials and your themes.

  2. You have a lovely blog full of inspiring ideas! These towels are sure to be a hit! ~Diane

  3. Fantastic idea and I bet you sell them all! Love the fabrics and patterns yo0u chose.

  4. CUTE! And you are sweet, generous soul.

  5. Hi Sherry!
    How wonderful that you and your friend have done something so wonderful for the school! Good luck with selling every single thing.

  6. Gorgeous! The perfect item for a school sale. Clever you :)

  7. Wow...I love those fabric pieces. So nice of you guys to make such fabric adorned towels!

  8. Love this idea, hope you sell out!

  9. what a lovely project for you and your friend to do. you have a sweet heart. the towels are so colorful and fun.

    enjoy your afternoon.

  10. Oh, your table is pure happiness!! Have a happy Monday xxx

  11. Gorgeous super-fabulous creations! Shine on!


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