Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabric and Paper...

Here is a small project I made recently. I love to use watercolor paper because of it's texture and strength. This is a birthday card I sent to a dear friend of mine. Happy Birthday Barbara!
The watercolor paper is inside a cover of fabric. I stitch down the center to hold the two together. On the fabric cover I have added a vintage lace doily and pretty floral button. I like to keep all of this very simple and mailable.
The bookmark is made with a scrap of cardboard, some ivy themed wrapping paper, a magazine picture done with packing tape transfer method, a butterfly decal sticker and some sheer polka dot ribbon. Super simple and sturdy.
Have a wonderful end of summer weekend and enjoy life to the fullest. Mr. C and I will be very busy enjoying lots of local activities in our little slice of heaven we live in.


  1. Love your beautifull card,and bookmark, --
    have a great week-end.
    xo Dorthe

  2. Such a lovely gift for your friend, I'm sure she will cherish it.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. what a beautiful way to send a greeting.

  4. Oh, these are sweet. The picture of the children - so appealing.
    Hugs for a nice weekend,

  5. What a simple but sweet gift! Nicely done.

  6. Beautiful birthday card and book mark. Very creative. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh I love paper...books, tags, art, anything. are so kind to visit my pearl post today dear are pearl, and never, ever forget that. BISOUS! Anita

  8. wow, i'll bet the birthday girl loved this gorgeous card.....i know i sure do!! you did a beautiful job on this special gift for a special barbara!! :))))

  9. у вас замечательный блог))очень интересный и насыщенный))

  10. Very pretty and love the little doily :)

  11. Gorgeous!! These are absolutely beautiful..wonderfu energy and spirit to them...beautiful!
    YOu are such a creative soul!
    Thankyou by the way for your very kind sweet comment of support! Much appreciated!

  12. Very pretty! I agree about keeping it simple, especially for the mail. And simple doesn't mean plain either - especially the bookmark - love it!

  13. What a beautiful card and lucky friend. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Portland.


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