Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saucy Chicks...

Another cute project with super fun themed fabrics. My creative co-hort and I are known as the Saucy Chicks and therefore we tend to be drawn to fabrics with cute chicken themes. The brighter and cheerier the better. So we got out our numerous fabrics and started cutting. We made the pattern as we went along. Our friend Margaret also helped us cut out the fabrics.
What are we making you ask?
Saucy Chicks to love and hug.

Here is a finished Saucy Chick in all her glory. I missed taking a photo of her back with the other two fun fabrics as we made them with all different coordinating front, back and wings. Her eyes are faceted beads and her beak and crown are wool felt. She is stuffed with wonderful soft fiberfil and is very huggable.
We made five and before we could do a group photo they flew the coop. We were able to get this one back on the work table to get this adorable shot of her.
We hope the kids at Deer Creek like them as they will be attending the Boutique sale looking for new coops to live in.
We think they are so cute we may have to make a few more. We certainly have enough fabrics.
What do you think of them?
Happy Creating...


  1. oh my gosh she is too cute! Fill the bottom with sand and she'd make an adorable door stop.

  2. I love your Saucy Chick! Is there any chance I could purchase one for our school library? The kids love when I have props available, and she would be perfect for any of the chicken stories we read!

  3. Adorably cute and fun! I also love your flowers in the post below!
    Diane (who also likes chickens!)

  4. Very, very cute. I love the combination of fabrics.


  5. oh so cute. i love the fabrics. i KNOW the kids will LOVE them!

  6. Wow, this is a happy happy chick! Great fabrics.
    Have a wonderful Thursday, Mdm Createology xxx

  7. PS

    i will keep an eye out for fabrics with "chicks" on them!


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