Friday, September 3, 2010

Powell's Book Store...Portland

This is a bonanza of my visit to Powell's Book store in Portland Oregon. They refer to it as a city of books and I completely agree. Hours of browsing are not enough to see even a sampling of all the books they carry. I merely focused on beading and found so many books I got overwhelmed very quickly.
While in Barcelona Spain Mr. C and I were quite enchanted with Antoni Gaudi and his amazing architecture. We visited the Familia de Sagrada however did not buy any books while there thinking we could get them once we were home. NOT! Well not until we found Powell's and their rare books floor. This is just one of the many selections they had for us to choose from. Now we can enjoy what we saw first hand while looking at this book many times over.
This is a very large book on beading that I could not resist. It is like an encyclopedia of many different styles and types of beading techniques. I was happy to buy this for my studio library. Just a note: books can get very heavy and I bought all of these early in the day and then had to carry them all over as we rode the MAX public transportation to visit our other points of interest. What was I thinking?

This is another beautiful beading book that I could not resist. It is an amazing reference for numerous types of techniques and styles to put beads to use in my jewelry and wearable art.
If you have not ever been to Powell's Books in Portland it is definitely worth the visit.
I merely wish I would have had more time to really scour the different book sections.
What section would be your favorite must visit?
More on my visit to Portland coming soon.
Now I must bid goodbye to my favorite month of August and welcome September and all that it brings.


  1. Wonderful beading books! I have been at Powells once and just LOVED it!


  2. I absolutely love love going to book stores. Looks like a great beading book. Wowee...I am sure it is filled with good stuff.

    Have a fun weekend.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog posts!

  3. Bookstores, I always have to enter for a sec or better yet for an hour at least ;)
    Have a happy weekend, Mrs. Createology xxx

  4. Powells Book store is one of my favorite places to hang many books, I could all most live there

  5. I would love this bookstore and I would love to visit creative Portland!...maybe I'll go get lost in my bookstore here today...hmmm...sounds like a plan!

  6. I never got out of the Ribbon Emporium when I was in Portland several years ago! I think I would have to check out cookbooks, calligraphy, art history and home decor. Oh, and gardening and entertaining - I suspect I would need a couple of days in that store!

  7. Oh dear! Choices. I luv books. The first display would stop me. Yours look wonderful. I'd carry them and be happy to clutch them in anticipation. Happy reading! 8)

  8. I had to come back for another look at Beaded Colourways. Gorgeous blending of the colours. vbsigh

  9. Oh dear, this looks like a MEGA BOOK CAPITOL that I MUST SEE! And that beading book, it is stunning! Powells...hmmmm, I really must remember that. What fun you must of had! AND thank you for your kind comments on my post; what gives me the chills is that I will have FIFTY students this year. I will need to keep calm, carry on and LAUGH A LOT to get through it all, but I want to relish the journey of it, and come out wiser on the other side. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND WORDS!

    Now go and curl up and enjoy those delicious books!!! Anita

  10. Can we ever have enough art and technique books? I say no. These look luscious. I can't wait to see what they inspire for you!!!


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