Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Hearts...

In my sleeping hours I had an idea and decided to try it. It involves a large and small heart punch (I love the new squeeze Fiskars punches), some metallic paint chips cut from an idea booklet, some glitter string, glue stick and a piece of cardstock. Very simply punch out lots of hearts, both large and small, and then begin gluing them in a heart shape onto the card stock. Add some strings and a small bow to represent a balloon.
Then the cardstock was mounted onto a piece of mat board in a contrasting color. This was made to celebrate Miss Lindsay's recent birthday and let her know she is very special. After the photo was taken we (my Saucy Chick girlfriend, Lorraine) personalized it and signed it.
So with a small amount of supplies and a lot of fun and laughter this was created with our hearts and hands.
Don't you just love paint chip samples? Can you honestly walk past them in the store and not collect just a few colors for your crafting? There are so many colors and choices now days it is impossible not to find some you like. Then to use them is sweet inspiration.
I do hope this gives you some inspiration and possibilities for gift giving. I would love to see and hear about what you create with punches or paint chip samples or paper or whatever you fancy.
Happy creating...


  1. How precious and from your heart too.
    I'm sure she will love it!

    I have to confess I collect a few paint samples when I'm in the paint store. I have large paint chip books for my work but can't use those! Lol

  2. Wonderful wonderful idea, Lynn. I just made some Halloween tags out of some dark brown and orange ones. Love working with them. Your mind doesn't end.

    I am in Prague and have two days of pictures if you would like to see!


  3. Love this, what a great idea!

  4. This is wonderful! I am a big lover of hearts! What a great idea! I will need to start collecting some paint chip samples! Beautiful work! :)

  5. Wow..this is brilliant and gorgeous..and symbolically powerful...I love it! FAB-U-LOUS!!
    Such beauty coming to life..thankyou for sharing your magic!
    I love ideas that come in the sleeping hours..they are the best ones..because they come from such a magical enchanting place deep within!

  6. What a fabulous idea, it works so well! Thanks for sharing. Kim

  7. Oh I love the paint chip idea,--great...
    and this is a very ,very sweet ballon-I`m sure she will love it.
    XO Dorthe

  8. What a beautiful idea, Sherry! I love how this came out! Heart perfect! xo Paulette

  9. This is so cute! It looks like a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons!
    Lots of possibilities for this one! I can see you doing a whole series!
    Hugs, Diane

  10. what a fabulous idea!!! all of those precious hearts just pop off of that background!! i know that your sweet friend lindsay will treasure this, just as you treasure her!!! thanks for sharing your inspiration!! xox, :))

  11. OH LOOK AT THESE! Paper is a fun medium to work with in any form!!!! THANK YOU For your kind words on my blog post dear one. My intention was exactly to take the reader with me on my journey to the basement and back. It was quite a magical, or rather, a DIVINE moment to find those envelopes. What a life...Anita

  12. Great use for paint chips - it's pretty and so sweet! What a good idea to seek out the metallic ones - they add such pizzazz! I don't have a lot of experience wit punches and teh most I have done with paint chips is to use them when teaching classes on colour and value scales - now I am inspired to "see more" when I look at them... Thanks so much for such a great idea!

  13. Great idea and use of paint samples!!

  14. This is just about the cutest thing I have seen ever!!! What a great idea to punch the paint chips samples!!!! And what a sweet card. THanks for sharing and also thanks for your comments on my blog. You always make me smile and I so appreciate your comments.

  15. What a great creation. I instantly thought of lots of variations on this design. I'm sure that Miss Lindsay loves it.

    Thanks so much for visiting with me!

    Happy {PiNk} Day to you,
    Stephanie ♥

  16. Always be inspired by the art created in your dreams. This is fabulous - simple & effective - great work. Keeley

  17. Thanks for stopping by ♥
    This is great! Great idea and GREAT, adorable piece of art!!

    p.s. Mieko didn't get pie but he did have a little chicken Parmesan. Spoiled huh? :)

  18. Hi,

    What a great idea -so charming and fun. You always create such wonderful creations.

    Have a lovely week.

  19. Very sweet. It's amazing the creative ideas one comes up with during a half-sleep. Glad you followed through with your idea! I usually don't...

    Thanks for stopping my blog, by the way - especially because it led me to yours!


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