Monday, March 28, 2011

Generations of Memories...

Here it is Monday March 28, 2011 and I am participating in Memory Lane Monday via Brynwood Needleworks post. This is done the last Monday of each month and this is the first time I have been able to participate. I have always been very sentimental and when Donna came up with this idea I just knew it was for me too. Mr. C is always aware that if I begin to look through old photos I am "going down memory lane". The same thing happens when I am supposed to be cleaning or organizing...I end up "going down memory lane". Now there is nothing wrong with this except I get side-tracked and never complete whatever task I was on. :o) This photo above is a treasured black and white I have framed and hanging on my family gallery wall. It is a four generation photo which includes my Great Grandmother in the center back. I really never knew her unfortunately. I only remember that she had diabetes and back in those days her doctor told her to eat five (5) bunches of fresh parsley per day. As a child I thought that was horrible. Now I wonder if it was a smart healthy prescription. Facing the photo on the left is my Grandmother. I just love her so much and she was probably the most valuable influence on my life still to this day. On the right side is my mother at 24 years of age. I have always heard how beautiful she was. Growing up as a girl you didn't think of your mother as beautiful. And of course mom is holding me the fourth generation in this photo. Oh how I would cherish having that little dress now. See there is the sentimental me. I have always adored this photo and been so grateful to have possession of it. Now for this home-taken photo...what a rogues gallery this is. Here we have five (5) generations all together. On the left as we face the photo is my mother. Then I am the tall one with my eyes closed. Next to me is my Grandmother...getting shorter as life progresses. Next is my daughter the young and beautiful skinny one. My daughter is holding her daughter and our five (5) generations are complete. As the years pass it is so rewarding to have such a photo. If we were to take a multiple generation photo now it would only be three (3) generations. Me, daughter and granddaughter...granddaughters as there are two (2) lovely girls my daughter has. Maybe we should schedule this photo and make it a priority for the future generations to come. You do know that I will continue looking at old photos and "going down memory lane". Thank you Donna for such a great avenue to share and reminisce. Can you figure out the decade or year by the way we were dressed in each of these photos? Funny how old and how young I feel at the same time while writing this post. May you enjoy the past, present and the it through memories, actuality or dreams...


  1. What a wonderful post you have shared with us for Memory Lane Mondays. I too do this with Donna because of the love I have like you of memories of my family and because Donna is a sweetheart.
    These pictures are wonderful and how I wish I could of been able to have a five generation picture.
    You are a beautiful lady

  2. Thanks so much for joining in Memory Lane Monday, Sherry! I'm guessing that your first photo was taken in the 50s and the second was taken in the 70s or early 80s. I love the story behind both photos, and agree that you should schedule a new photo for your three generations. Be sure to share it!
    I'll visit again soon, girlfriend.

  3. Oh that was so fun, how great to have so many generations all together, and your daughter is darling! I put many VCR tapes onto DVD's for my son for Christmas and did the same thing went down memory lane.


  4. How special. There has never been a five generational possibility for us. See how special!

  5. My father-in-law passed away last Fall, and now it feels so strange for my husband and I to be the oldest generation in our family...

    Time marches on doesn't it?
    How did I get old enough to be grandma?!?!? Oh memory lane.....

    ~ Violet

  6. True treasures Sherry.
    I love generational photos too but I don't think I have even one - picture taking was not something done much in our family.
    I completely understand what you mean about feeling old and young at the same time. I think for me, that's in part because the past is not far away with me - my life has travelled with me through the years. I don't dwell on it, but it hasn't faded in to distant memory either.
    You are right to want to gather them together and preserve the moment, if not always for you, but for them....

  7. I just love looking at photos. I keep my albums up to date and my family loves looking at them.
    Your photos are wonderful.
    Enjoy your day. I hope the sun is out in NC. It is a beautiful blue sky day here in SF.
    Hugs, Dogwood

  8. Hi Sherry!
    What a great idea - and I love your way of describing your trips down memory lane.
    Five generations is sure cause for celebration - and I can see the family resemblance in you and your daughter for sure.

    I am going to say that the first photo of you as a baby is in the 1950's and the second one is harder to tell, but I'll guess the 90's.

    That was fun!

  9. Oh thank you so much for sharing your memories with us! I love looking at the old photos too!

  10. Amazing! So blessed to have 5 generations all together. Lovely!

  11. Oh my, that's awesome! We are 4, my grandmother and mother are coming Sunday, so we will actually be 4 on Sunday!
    Have a happy weekend xxxx

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post and it was fun to see your generational pictures. I will have to think about joining in some time and visit some of the Memory Lane links. I looked around a little, like the spring lace bunny.

  13. Oh I just loved reading this story and the photos and how you get sidetracked. In everything I set out to do, I get sidetracked! LOL! Love your trip down memory lane. keeleyxx

  14. What a thoughtful, bitter-sweet post this is. Sure put me on the memory-lane!
    Fox : )

  15. What memories these photos must hold for you Sherry, Time passes much to fast these days. Your so lucky to have had generation photos taken, I wish I had one myself.
    hugs Lynn


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