Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crocheting Completed...

When I am in a different city for any length of time I like to explore and see what stores they have that might fit my interests.  No disappointment here.  I went to a funky bead and yarn store.  It has no street appearance as it is in an industrial strip off the main roads.  You know what that means?  Better prices of course.  All yarn everyday is 40% off and that fits my budget.  Get what you might need because at these prices they do not get re-orders of these deals.  I bought some gorgeous Italian yarns that are delicious.
 I normally travel with a crochet hook but nowadays not so much due to losing too many at airport check-ins.  Please don't even count my scissors I have had to leave behind and that was when nothing was being returned to the owners.  So this trip we were in the car however I did not have my trusty hook with me.  So I bought one.  Ouch!  It cost more than the Italian yarn.  Of course it is German engineered and made of the finest bamboo. Well, I did splurge and I am so thankful I did.  This is the finest crochet hook I have ever used.  It actually glided through the yarn.  Can a crochet hook be dreamy?  Mine is to me.
Two days after buying my hook and yarns I had crocheted this neck muffler scarf.  I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I didn't even have a pattern.  Will I make more?  I am hoping so.
 Here is the yarn I used.  The varigated is the Italian wool that is delicious.  The skein in the back row is the full beginning skein and the one in the front row is what I have left for another scarf.  The black yarn is alpaca wool and I adore working with this.  Back row is the untouched full skein and front row is the remainder of what I have for another scarf.
This is the finished scarf.  My photos are shadowy but I am not a photographer...I am a crocheter.  The scarf is held together with a button I sewed on the underside of the flower. I buttoned it through a space I left in the scarf when I began my chain and single crochet rows.  I saw a similar scarf at the yarn shop that LuLu (who luckily works there) had made and it was my inspiration.  Hers was the same varigated but with a soft grey instead of the black.  Her scallop edging and flower are quite different and she used a large safety pin to hold the scarf together.  
Here is another view of my neck muffler scarf.  I like it close around my neck as I am not a fan of getting or being cold and this really keeps the chill and/or wind away.  Oh yes I plan on making a few more of these.  I did buy some of the same Italian varigated yarn in some other color combos and then some coordinating wool to compliment the varigated skeins.
In real time this was quite quick to crochet...well if you added up my hours it wasn't quick, however remember I was staying in a hotel all day every day and 8 or 10 hours can pass very quickly if your hands are busy and you are creating something new and exciting.
Have you crocheted or knit any of these neck muffler scarves?  If so, I would love to see photos or hear of how you made them.
I believe I was channeling my Grandma when I was working on this.  She could look at something and then go home and make it without ever seeing it again and without photos.  Of course I took my camera back to the shop but forgot to actually take a picture of the one LuLu made.  I was too busy buying more yarns and some bamboo knitting needles so I can try to knit.  After all...Grandma crocheted and knit lots of fabulous things and most of the time she had numerous projects going all at once.  If only I can channel her to help me knit something usable...
Blissful Creating as this January 2012 comes to a rapid close.  This world must be spinning faster...


  1. Sherry:
    Your muffler scarf is gorgeous! You're so clever. You did it without a pattern? Cool!

    I'm with you. The world is spinning faster. I just don't know where the days go!

    Enjoy your Sunday, sweet friend.

  2. Ton "tour de cou" est vraiment très beau ! J'aime beaucoup la grosse fleur. Je n'ai pas encore essayer le crochet en bambou. Gros bisous et bon dimanche

  3. Yes, I believe a crochet hook can be dreamy! The yarns you chose are lovely, and the scarf is beautiful!

  4. Your scarf is gorgeous. Love the colors and the flower in the front is beautiful. I would love to take a class or two or three to learn. I did in 4th grade crochet some vest in red and green for a christmas play. Our teacher (loved her) taught the girls and we all would crochet once our work was done. We would hurry up to finish and be able to get to the crocheting. Those were the good old days. We were all so proud that we had made them. They came out really good.
    I am actually looking into taking a couple of sewing classes. The only bad thing is that all of classes are at night at the community college and I would like to go in the mornings. I am still not giving up hope.

  5. I was in a wool shop once. It was a revelation as my mum only did the cheap stuff. The crochet hook sounds wonderful. I have my grandmother's wooden one for rugs.

  6. Oh wow!!!! Gorgeous! Such talent you have. I wouldn't even know where to start. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures.

  7. Very nice! I really like it and especially because you made the pattern yourself. I like looking for yarn shops and fabric stores when traveling. Of Course a thrift store is always good to find!

  8. What a great scarf! I always linger in the yarn section. Such pretty colors and textures. I'm so tempted to learn!

  9. OMG that is amazing! I never thought of it, but of course you couldn't bring knitting needles on a plane. What a fun place to shop! I am so in aw of your talent! If I lived in cold weather, this would be soo fabulous!


  10. what a gorgeous the name for it too! I have never learned to knit or crochet - but perhaps one day I will! thanks for sharing!

  11. I definitely could not do that without a pattern. Looks great. I would like to make some cowls but haven't done so yet. Haven't made much this week as I've been too busy cooking and baking. I did buy yarn the other day because the craft store was having a sale. One more day of school and then we have a three day weekend so I will definitely make time for crafting over the long weekend. best wishes to you, Tammy

  12. That is amazing and gorgeous!! I've never seen one before!! you are so good!!!!!

  13. That's a beautiful scarf! I was laughing when I read your comment on my post about filling your purse with rocks! lol I found the blogger/rock collector! She saw my post and wrote to glad. Thanks for stopping by.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Without a pattern. Oh my goodness. It is beautiful. The shop sounds like a good find. I just love when that happens. Here's to a sunny February!

  15. Beautiful yarns - gorgeous scarf! I love neck mufflers in the Winter.

    Oh guess what? I have a surprise for you over at my Blog!! xo

  16. Making good use of your time Sherry. I don't really know how to crochet, too many years ago, but dreamy sounds good to me. Beautiful scarf and without a pattern. WOW
    Hugs Lynn

  17. Your muffler scarf looks absolutely wonderful & I'm sure you're getting lots of comments when you wear it! Your colours and the yarn look very nice. I've been crocheting for years using mostly aluminum or plastic hooks. I've never even thought of getting myself a bamboo one but now I for sure will. Love your post :)

  18. Oh Sister Sherry how clever and talented are you!!! (Your Grandmother must have been too). Your scarf is fabulous - and all without a pattern, I'm sooooo impressed.

    I never knew crochet hooks came in bamboo, I've only ever seen metal ones - it must have been a pretty special hook to allow you to create such a thing of beauty.

    I can do very basic knitting, but have never tried crocheting. I did recently buy a beginner's book and my Mum gave me one of her old (metal) crochet hooks - it's on my list (albeit v long list) of things to do!

    You're an inspiration my dear xx

  19. It is a wonderful scharf dear Sherry, so girlish in the style, and beautiful made.
    I think it is fantastic you did it without a pattern.
    Also looking at all your yummy yarn makes me want to try something myself.


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