Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Here it is June already.  This month the ATC theme is '"Mermaids".  Of course I am signed up for Kimberly's ATC swap. You can go visit her blog and see all the fabulous things she creates.  I got to spend some quality time with my sister Marie and we had fun shopping for mermaid themed ephemera for my ATCs I will create.
In the month of May our theme was "Sew Many Flowers".   Here are the ATCs I made for May.  It was only a swap of 3 for 3 but I always make one just for Kimberly as she is the best hostess...always organized and on time.  I also made a few extra for some special friends who are not able to participate in the swap.
 I started with my idea of old sewing cards.  I used to love to thread that yarn or string into the holes and then see what shape it made.  I think those simple sewing cards have gone by the wayside like so many fond items of my youth and my daughter's youth.  But I digress...since ATCs are only 2.5" x 3.5" I kept my sewing to the outside edge and no fancy shapes.
Using paper, stamps, buttons, fabric, thread, lace, safety pins, pattern tissue, ribbon, snaps, and a hook and eye I made my ATCs and I adore them.  I am so pleased with myself for remembering to take photos.
I am looking forward to receiving my 3 swapped ATCs.  It is always amazing to see how each person participating interprets the theme just a little differently.  And the mediums used are all varied and add to the mix of creativity.  This is also a great way to "meet" new bloggers or friends with like-minded pursuits.
Our rain and hail has ended and gone away.  Mr. C and I took a walk about the property.  The pond is nice and filled however the water is brown with mud the rain kicks up.  It should clear in a few days.  This year we have hundreds of polliwogs and they are eating every Lilly pad.  Each leaf has a very "frilly" edge where it has been nibbled away.  Some of the small Lilly pads are completely eaten away.  Every year it is a new challenge with Nature.  Some plants got damaged quite a bit and some plants survived nicely.  The force of the hail actually shredded leaves into slits  and tore holes right threw other leaves.  We had to stake and re-tie some of the roses that were pummeled to the ground.  Overall we think all will survive nicely.  I should be out weeding right now while the ground is soft, however I am not.
I have actually played in my studio today...just a bit.  Gluing, cutting, stamping, gluing some more...
May your weather be just right and may you enjoy every minute...  


  1. oh my gosh they are beautiful, such lovely work you do, it looks like so much fun!

  2. I can't believe you had hail.....Crazy! Yep, we have the hurricanes here in Orlando. Oh, I hope all of your flowers recover! Your ATC's are fabulous, I don't know how you find the time to do them! I bet you do meet some great friends and we love getting packages in the mail from bloggers


  3. Great pictures. I have some sewing cards, Sherry. I saved them from my youngest and now the grand kiddies can try them.

  4. love these ATC's your recipients will be pleased.

  5. Your cards are fantastic - there is so much immagination here and I love all the tiny things that you managed to put on each of the ATCs when they are so small!
    Very well done!
    Thank you dear friend for coming to visit my blog and leave such a lovely comment!
    Have a great creative week!

  6. What fun this exchange is!! Your ATC's are wonderful...can't wait to see what you do with the mermaid theme! Fun!

  7. All your atc's look fabulous and the recipients will be so pleased! I'm in a year long atc birthday swap this year which is lots of fun. Love the mermaid atc theme :) Have fun!

  8. Wow! You had some major hail the other day. I laughed when I read polliwog. Haven't heard that word in a while. We had blue skies for 2 days but then it seemed that the dust was trying to make a comeback. Your ATCs are so pretty. Such fun to trade art on a small scale like that. Happy day to you, Tammy

  9. Your ATC's are fantastic. I can't wait to see what all you do with mermaids. We are still having cold rainy weather. Our weatherman was trying to find a place that matched our temp. He did and it was a town in , are you ready.... Siberia! My flowers are suffering from all the rain. I would put umbrellas out for them but we have wind too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine.

  10. Your cards are so wonderful! I do love ATC's and you are right, what everyone does is so much fun to see! Isn't it wonderful to have creative projects to work on when the weather is doing its' thing?

  11. Awww, love them! Such a great idea to make them like sewing cards! Hope I get one :)


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