Monday, June 4, 2012

June Winter Snow...

 This is June 4th and it is Winter weather.  We have had pouring rain all day and very cold temperatures.  Now it is 9:30 pm and we are having lots of lightening and thunder.  When we began to lose our TV satellite reception we thought we better go outside and see what the weather was.  Major hail!  I had to grab the camera and took these photos just minutes ago.
We are approximately 3400 feet elevation.  Just 50 miles up the hill is the Tahoe area and it has been snowing most of the day up there.  The news always shows travelers who are in shorts and flip-flops and not prepared at all for this winter weather.
I am thankful for the rain as it is helping to refill our pond after draining it down to make the repairs.  However this hail is going to destroy our beautiful roses that are in full bud and bloom. Also our new hydrangeas and all the flowers that are so delicate will have massive destruction.   Tomorrow when the weather clears we will assess everything and begin from there.
I am thankful for this weather and not having to worry about hurricanes or worse.
Carry on June and show us the sunshine of Summer to come...


  1. Oh dear Sherry, isen`t the weather wired?-- here we have not had any rain AT ALL for more than 5 weeks- the little island I`m living on, are lucky when hit by the few rainy clouds passing by-and the luck passes by-so all are looking bad,and dry,dry... my roses not growing and not many buds, -them being there been eating from caterpillars, Ughh !
    I so hope you have not had too many lovely flowers destroied from that awful summer weather !

  2. That's some pretty dramatic weather Sherry!It is very weird for Summer!
    I've been looking at the Queen's Jubilee, and all that rain during the Thames Procession!The weather is very strange sometimes.

  3. That is incredible that you have cold wintery weather and I have warm humid weather. We have had 94 degree weather. Our poor dog goes for a few minutes and comes in immediately.
    Hope the flowers are not too damaged so that you do not have to be out too long.

  4. Nature repairs itself but still it takes a bit of a toll on our summer hopes and dreams. Hopefully summer will bounce back quickly after this little digression. Blessings, Sherry.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! Quite the picture for June, I'd say!!! Hope your flowers can survive!!!

  6. Amazing! Oh how I would love to feel some chilly air today! It's so hot and humid here in central Tx...I'm thankful there are no storms, too...may that summer sun warm up your neck of the woods soon! :)

  7. OH NO!!! I hope there wasn'T too much damage!!

  8. Oh my goodness....snow in June...that's strange indeed. Hopefully your beautiful blooms didn't take too much of a hit with the weather.

    take care
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. Even here in WNY, where Mark Twain stated that our weather changed every five minutes (and we are quite used to untimely hail and snow), I think I would cry today if I had your weather, so sorry! Our hydrangeas got ruined last month. Though my spring allergies are killing me, today I am grateful for a few moments of sun after four striaght days of rain and gloomy skies. I missed the full moon last night, but look forward to seeing Venus Transit 2012 on the news this evening. Blessings to you, Sherry. Hope you are feeling well and that your roses and other flowers survive.

  10. OH No!!! It feels like it might snow here today! uck!

  11. That's just too amazing! Those poor roses and hydrangeas!


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