Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beaded Corsage Pins...

 These photos were taken in March when I made and sent these little gifties to my friend Ana for her birthday.  She loves pink.  You may already follow her Scrappy Pink Corner blog but if you don't please visit her.  Ana is quite the scrapbook page expert and she makes the most amazing mini album books.  Ana and I have traded beaded corsage pins and it is quite rewarding to see the beautiful job she does.  I adore what she has sent me.
I included this little pink heart lavender sachet for her birthday.
 This is the fabric folder I created to send her pins to her safely.  Pink of course and with some hand stained lace to compliment the plaid.
 Pink wool felt for the inside and to keep the pins protected.  I don't usually like to use cheap plastic beads however I did for the letters to spell out Ana Happy Birthday.  After all this was to be unique and special.
Ana let me know when she received it and how much she liked it.  It gives me a good feeling to know I brought a smile to her face.
Now we are planning our next one-on-one pin swap.  My mind is in overdrive.  Hmmm...
Do you have any tips and techniques to share for making altered beaded corsage pins?  Do you have any fun or unique ways of sending them in the mail or gifting them?  I can use all the help I can get.  Miss Ana is super clever and I don't want her to be disappointed when she gets my next swap.
This is the joyful part of blogging...sharing ideas and giving generously from the heart.  Finding like-minded souls and becoming friends even though we have never met in person.  I am truly amazed at how I can be sitting at my little spot here in California and corresponding with wonderful people all over this world we live in.  Kuwait, Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Canada...lots of different Canada's, Hawaii, South Africa and so many more places across this United States.  In a very small way it renews hope that this world can some day be at peace.
Our weather feels like it has moved into Summer.  Very warm and lots of sunshine which are both my favorites.  However we are warned of a cold spell with possibility of rain here and snow just 50 miles up the hill.  I will welcome the rain as our ground is rock hard red clay and I am still pulling...tugging...weeds.  Rain will also help us fill our pond.  We had to drain it down below some tears in the lining that Mr. C had to repair and patch.  Last Fall a pair of twin fawns went swimming in our pond.  I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.  Of course they didn't enter or exit from the sloped beach Mr. C built for just the purpose of critters or neighbor dogs who might want to go swimming.  No they entered at the deepest end through the bogs.  Rip, shred, tear on the entering side and way worse on the exiting side where they had to climb up and out.  Multiple rips, shreds, tears and way down below the water line.  Mr. C had to dismantle the heavy rocks that line the pond and hold the very thick rubber liner in place.  Some of our special pond plants are smashed and ruined however the patches are complete and we are slowly refilling the pond from our well.  It will take about a week.  I so love the pond and we have hundreds of polliwogs turning into froggies right now.  Today I counted 5 beautiful white lillies blooming in the pond.  Our yellow irises and purple irises are blooming so it is quite attractive at the deep end bog.  We still have a lot of damage to repair to the gravel path and edging that surrounds the pond.  It seems the deer have knocked most of it askew and the wood stakes have disintegrated over the last several years.  So much maintenance living in four seasons and harsh winters.  Maybe I will share some photos in a few days.
Blissful Creating to each of my wonderful followers.  I adore reading your comments and/or emails.


  1. The pins look so amazing in the pretty fabric folder you made for them! How clever to spell out Happy Birthday! You certainly are multi-faceted, and so creative!

    Would love to see photos of your pond and surroundings! Sounds lovely, though a lot of work just now with all the repairs and refilling.

    Enjoy the weekend!
    xoxo Jane

  2. such beautiful work and lovely holder!

  3. You always come up with darling ideas. This one was just precious!
    We have a leak in our pond, somewhere around the waterfall. I am not looking forward to finding it either. Maybe I could borrow Mr. C. LOL! We are having a deluge of rain. Sweet thoughts coming your way.

  4. What lovely gifts for your dear friend! The sachet is very sweet, I love it (and am so thank full to you for blessing me with one too!). The fabric folder is beautiful, and those pins spelling Happy Birthday are fabulous! What an idea!
    I like making little pin keepers, folded little felt books with a vintage feel.

  5. Hello Sherry. The gift you sent me was so sweet and nice and different. I love it. I am sure that without any one giving you ideas, you will come up with something clever on your own. Let me know when you would like to do the swap. Maybe I should challenge myself to do something sewing. HMMMMM. Thats a good idea for me.
    Our weather has been horrible here. Everyday rain and the humidity is horrible. Have a great Sunday and happy crafting.

  6. These are so darn cute :) Love your handmade pins, too :) CLEVER! You are the winner of the Bind-It All on my blog...woo-hooo and congrats! If you send me your snail mail address I can get this in the mail this week.

  7. You come up with the neatest things. Yes, please, some photos!

  8. Go check out the Bind it all giveaway...YOU WON!!!
    I have one and you will love it!

  9. lovely work! Sorry to hear about your pond getting wrecked, silly dear!!

  10. i was looking for this kind of blogs to read & the thing is i got rightone. you have done wonderful job on unique creativity on this gifts. but i want to see more gifts like photo mugs,photo books, photo cards.



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