Friday, June 15, 2012

Roses, ATCs & Tags...

 Mr. C has his rose garden in full bloom now that the deer are fenced out.  Please do not worry as they still have the entire front and side yards of fully stocked buffet to enjoy eating.  This rose bush is not only stunning it is the perfect fragrance that heirloom roses are known for.  I will post outdoor photos soon I hope.
Here are my ATCs I received in the artJOYstuff swap of "Sew Many Flowers".  Each one makes me smile. Kimberly did it again and wowed me with her clever packaging.  She mailed them in a pattern envelope!  And she included a lovely little tag with beautiful lace and a thank you mini tag.  So thoughtful and appreciated my dear.
This ATC is from my dear blog friend Daniella of Layers of Creativity.  She knows how I adore and collect mice so this ATC is just for me!  Thank you dear.  I treasure your thoughtfulness.  These must be Munchkin Mice.  Super cute ATC.
Back to Kimberly of artJOYstuff blog and her recent generous giveaway.  I won!  She sent me these amazing little Bingo cards that she embellished and made into tags.  They were wrapped in pattern instructions with a lace tie.  Included is her very artsy postcard.
These tags have great dimension from the swimming gals and seashells and flowers and fibers. Fabulous!  Thank you  very much Kimberly.  You are so creative and I feel fortunate to be blog friends.
It has been quite busy here at Createology.  I shall have lots more to share with you in the upcoming posts.
For now Happy Father's Day to all and enjoy your celebrations.  Stay cool as the weather in most areas is quite hot...103 degrees in Sacramento and the valley.  Here it is a balmy 86 degrees which is just right for me.  Mr. C and I got up super early to work on the deck we must replace.  There must be 1000 screws that need to be dug out and removed.  Years of yuck and paint and sealer have really taken a toll on the rusted screw heads...not to mention the boards that are completely degraded (rotten).  This will be a huge project and will take us most of the summer.  I will probably take some photos along the way.
I am off to play in my studio...hooray!   Uh-oh...not yet as it is time for me to fix lunch.  Hmmm...maybe some nice freshly made chicken salad with red grapes.  Does this sound good?  And peach iced tea!


  1. Yummy! Can I come to lunch?
    Wonderful items from your swap and the prize! I love the shells!! and thank you for mentioning my ATC!! You are so sweet!
    Be careful with that deck!!!

  2. Dear Sherry,
    It is such a treasure, this artsy blogging world of ours, and your friendship is one of its true JOYs.
    enJOY a beautiful weekend
    (don't work too hard on that deck),

  3. Well I just had leftover Chinese from Roseville Gourmet and I am trying to figure out what to do the rest of this hot afternoon down the hill. Have a great weekend!!! PS you should come to the Vintage Bricoleur blogging event on June 29th at Highhand 10 -2 and we could meet:) Laurel

  4. Sherry you sound really busy. Like the bees. LOL. The ATC's are super cute. Love them. Where do you display them or how do you display them? The roses are beautiful. They are so big they look fake. It is hot and muggy here as well. The air conditioner just doesn't shut off. It is thundering and raining here really bad today.
    Have a wonderful lunch and enjoy your weekend.

  5. Just love those ATC swaps. I just wish I could experience the divine perfume from those roses. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't love roses.The older kinds have perfume too.The newer ones are just for show.I guess it's hard to breed a rose that has every attribute.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hi! Your roses are beautiful, and I love the windows behind them, too!! You went from snow and hail, to 86 degrees out already?! Wow!

  7. Can we have lunch out in the garden? Beside those lovely roses?
    Wonderful ATC's and won goodies!
    Here's hoping you had lots of creative time in your studio. Happy weekend.
    (hope the deck is easier than it sounds. don't work too hard. hugs)

  8. I think I can smell those gorgeous roses! Heavenly!

  9. Everything is lovely, all the goodies in the mail, the roses, the lunch, the summer plans. Happy day, Sherry

  10. Oh Sherry...the roses are just GORGEOUS!! I love roses so much...I need to plant some ~ thank you so much for your precious comment, you don't know how much your kindness means to me! I hope you have the most wonderful Father's Day and coming week, thank you always for being such a precious friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  11. The roses are BEAUTIFUL!! ATC's aren't bad either!!

  12. Sherry congratulations on winning dear Kimberly`s wonderful give away- they are so sweet ,I love them- and the ATC`s you got in the swap are sweet,too.
    I love the roses, -here mine started being eaten of dears also, Don`t know what to do!!! and it almost makes me cry!
    Hugs to you dear.

  13. Gorgeous roses, wonderful ATCs and a prize to boot - Wow, what fun! Congratulations on your win! The "Sew Many Flowers" ATC Swap was lots of fun. Sorry I didn't get one of your cards, but I do really like those I received.
    Peach iced tea sounds lovely!
    xoxo Jane


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