Friday, June 29, 2012

Removing Old Deck...

 Here is our wooden deck that is upstairs and right off the kitchen and great room.  We use this deck all the time.  Unfortunately the extreme weather elements are very harsh on this wood and time has taken its toll.  With furniture, bbq, tea cart, family and friends this deck sometimes feels too small.  Right now this deck feels huge!  We have maintained this deck with wood sealers and re-stained it with the best products available but it is time to replace the old redwood.
 This post is photo heavy and I shall try not to bore you with mindless exhausting details of the work involved.  Lets just let the photos show  the story.
 This is a result of time and weather.  Bright sun to frozen snow that have given this deck a well deserved burial.
 Removing anything someone else built is always a challenge.  Screws of all the wrong type...toe-nailed with medium and huge nails...spacing wonky...etcetera.  Some of the nails were big enough a person could pole dance on them.  I told that to the custom order desk at the local building store and the guys just roared!
 Mr. C who works endlessly and ever so diligently.  Once he starts he doesn't stop until the job is done.
 Because the railing was obviously installed after the floorboards there is no way to get to the screws.  So plan B cut the boards and then remove the short pieces from the ladder on the outside of the deck.
 Mr. C running out of working space.  I must say these boards are very long and very heavy.  Rusty nails and screws and nasty dirty splinters.  Mr. C still has a very large nasty splinter under his middle fingernail.  OUCH!!!
Constant clean up from all the falling debris and bits of wood.  Even poor "Harry" the dustpan got smashed by a falling board.  Good old duct tape and it is good to go.   I hope duct tape can put me back together after this project.
 Here are two piles of brand new 2 x 6 cedar.  We have a local mill that cut it and delivered it to us.  We already had to turn all the pieces and re-stack them.  We also had to tarp them for a tiny little rain shower we had.
Here is our debris pile of the old lumber.  Some of it is good so we shall see what we will recycle and possibly make.  At this point Mr. C doesn't want to even think about any more wood projects.  He merely wants to finish this deck.  Our helper wasn't able to make it and help so we are doing this with just the two of us.  I can honestly say I am not the best or strongest helper.  I really feel badly for Mr. C.  We have tried to hire helpers.  Funny how no one really wants to work!
Enough of this deck project for now.  I will post when I have something new to show you.  We are hoping to be done in a couple of weeks.  We have had to custom order some large joists and some special wood sealer, filler and preservative so a few delays have slowed us down.  Probably a good thing so we don't collapse in a heap.  We do miss being able to access the deck and backyard directly without going downstairs to go upstairs.
May you have a summer weekend full of your favorite joys...


  1. Oh Sherry- a big job.Our old house had timber decks.They were a lot of work to keep them looking good(and safe). It will be lovely when done.What a gorgeous view of the trees while you sit eating dinner or sipping tea.

  2. What a hard job!!! But I know that you will be so happy when it's all finished...a deck is such a wonderful place to have, you will get so many more years of enjoyment from it now!! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  3. That's a huge job! Hope you both take it slowly and carefully, and don't wear yourselves out. It will be beautiful once it's finished, though.

  4. Lots of work, but I am sure it will be well worth it.
    I know my deck is my favorite spot in/around my home.
    enJOY a lovely weekend, dear Sherry.

  5. Ah, help. It is hard to come by. As my Rooster says, "Its you and me, Babe!". lol I can't imagine, Sherry. We live on the prairies. Our deck will be maybe 3 feet off the ground when the Rooster begins it. Take care!

  6. Stunning, Sherry. You will enjoy that for years to come!

  7. It might be a lot of work but it is definitely worth the effort since you use it so much. I've heard and seen stories where decks and piers have cracked under the weight of too many people. Would hate to think that either of you had fallen through. Take care! Best wishes as you get the job done, doing the best you can. :) Tammy

  8. oh my sounds like a lot of hard work. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end!!

  9. What a job for sure!!! We ended up using some type of paint stain??? Anyway, it's holding up so much better than plain old stain. I'm sure you made Mr. C a great lunch and dinner!! He's such a good person!!!

  10. Hi Sherry, Seems like Mr C and you had a lot of work to do and were busy for a while. Hopefully you are having nice weather and can finish soon. Have you crafted at all?

  11. Your poor Mr.!!! I feel so bad! And that splinter sounds very painful!!
    Are you trying to tell us you are no stranger to pole dancing???? LOL!!
    I hope your project gets done ASAP because you and Mr.C need to stop working so hard!!!

  12. Always enjoy your posts and pictures Sherry. We too had to finally rip out our deck as too many of the boards were rotting. What a horrible project it was but now we're enjoying a properly made deck with the right wood which will last.

  13. Holy cow!! That's a lot of work!! Yountwo are very ambitious and talented, so, no doubt, your spot will be better than ever soon! How's Mr. C's finger??

  14. Oh dear Sherry,
    what a big work, it will though be worth while the many hours of hard labor,when finished-and you will have so many joyable hours out there.
    Now take care of your back, dear-
    Hugs from Denmark.

  15. Oh, Sherry, what a huge job you and Mr. C have undertaken!!! Amazing photos!
    xoxo Jane


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