Friday, June 22, 2012

Stitching Thread Catchers...

When I find something I like...I really like it.  I make some and then I make some more.  I shared about these little fabric thread catchers on this post.  These are quite easy to make and are perfect for mailing.
Here I was in a red mood and selected fabrics that I felt coordinated in pairs.  I cut out a "6 pack".
Here are the six red ones each stitched together.  
 I also decided to make a few pink ones so here are the fabrics I selected and cut out.  An equilateral triangle which is 9 1/2" on each side.  Two triangles for each thread catcher.
 Then I wanted to select my adornments for them.  I thought a little sewing pin would be super cute.  This is my selection.  It is so nice to have them sorted and labeled and ready for use.  (Thank you Miss Lorraine.)
I might choose some beads for use on the pins.  Here is a nice assortment for selecting just the right ones.
Oh and my signature heart buttons I adorn most everything with.  
Here are my selections ready for adorning the thread catchers.  And of course my ribbon labels for the finishing touch.
 The pink themed thread catchers all completed.  (I apologize for the bad photo.)
The red themed thread catchers all completed.
Most of these have all flown away across the miles.  I sent them as little Thank You surprises to some of my faithful followers.  I have said before that I haven't done a blog give-away as that seems to bring lots of non-followers seeking prizes.  (I only enter other blog give-aways if I have been and am a faithful follower.)  I would much rather send little surprises from time to time to my followers who are with me through thick and thin.  I truly appreciate each of you so very much.
One of my thread catcher recipients does not sew and instead told me she put her glue bottle inside as a holder and enjoys it every day sitting on her workspace.  Now the ideas are flowing aren't they?
Our weather is terribly cool last night and today.  May be some sort of storm brewing.  I would welcome rain however our deck wood is all laid out drying in preparation of cutting and staining.  Trust me it is a huge job to dismantle this old deck.  Mr. C is a trooper and has done all of the hideous dirty and dangerous work.  I have been his helper but I really am not much of a help when it comes to the heavy or difficult stuff.  This morning I was able to weed while waiting to "catch" boards to haul to the debris pile.  We are a really good team and have always been able to work together...whether office, home or whatever else project it is.  I feel fortunate that we work well together.
May you each have a glorious weekend and enjoy Summer which will be all too short.
Blissful Creating...


  1. These are perfect little thread catchers! I find myself laying my thread tails on the table next me, now I can make one of these cuties!

  2. Hi! Your message that I found this morning warmed my heart and made me all mushy. Thank you. I have just gotten home a few minutes ago...and am done with this school year. I am breathing...breathing...breathing. Your organized boxes with colorful compartments, remind me of a candy store!! Your fabric goodness is Sweet and girly and fun and pretty...and neat and organized!

  3. I went over to the pattern. What a neat way to create this. Here I was thinking you had put all these different triangles together and it is 1 piece! Now I know I will be making me one! I do like that fabric with the safety pins.

  4. And I am sooo honored to be one of the recipients of your DARLING thread catcher, I have it right in my drawer by the couch for when I do my hand sewing...The cats are sure going to miss playing with the thread that piles up on my side table LOL! Thank you and you have a great weekend too!


  5. Sherry, your little thread catchers are just darling! I've never seen anything like these before!

    Oh my. Hope the weather warms up and I hope everything goes well with the deck. We just had to redo ours. It was a huge job. The under carriage was rotten. So glad to put that behind us. now for the other 99 things that need to be done around here. LOL
    Have a lovely weekend!
    hugs Lynn

  6. Your thread catchers are a pretty way to keep all the little bits in one place, and have a tidy work space. I've been meaning to make myself one, but so far, I'm just using little baggies!
    Hope the rain stays away until your deck is done. Have a great weekend!

  7. Like Suz I was going to make one of these too, but haven't gotten to it yet. Yours all look so cute together there. I really like all the coordinating reds. They could be useful for so many things.

  8. Your thread catchers sure are cute, and so sweet of you to send them out to others. The red matches your big heart.

  9. Adorable! And so nice of you to share with your friends!

  10. Your thread catchers are adorable. I do love the red fabrics you chose. And look how organized your pins and buttons are. Wow! Good luck getting the deck done. That's a lot of work. Hope the weather cooperates. Take care! Tammy

  11. Love the thread catchers!! I am a new follower, (although I had thougth I had been following along), and I have participated in a few Kimberly's ATC's swaps..such fun!! Would you mind pointing me in the direction of a pattern for your thread catchers?

    Best chris

  12. Hello Chris...nothing is linking correctly to send you a message.

    This is my original post which has the link.

    Thank you for following and enjoy sewing thread catchers. Saucy Chick Sherry of createology

  13. OMGOSH! I love those little thread catchers...and your organization...Fabulous! Thanks for your recent prayers, Robin

  14. Those are super cute!! I saw them the first time you made them, but now you are like mass producing them!! LOL!! I'm glad no one has been injured in the huge task of this deck!!

  15. Dear Sherry, they are so very sweet, and so wonderfully done- I KNOW ! :-)
    And what wonderful selection of pins ,buttons and pearls, looking great when they are so lovely stashed!
    You are lucky to be able to work together in harmony and happines!
    Hugs from Dorthe,xx

  16. Perfectly cute! What a great idea and sew useful.

  17. What a sweet group of thread catchers. I love all the reds. It looks like a valentine's sewing festival. :-)

  18. Sherry these are so adorable! What a great idea! Just looking at all of your wonderful fabrics, and embellishments made me wish I could just jump through the computer and play in your art studio!...Good luck with the deck. Wear gloves. You don't want to get any nasty splinters! xo Paulette

  19. These are super cute!
    What a fun and creative project, I love it! This is one of the great projects that can fit so many occasions and have so many uses, thanks!

  20. What wonderful thread catchers you've made! I was at a stitching workshop last weekend and the lady next to me had one. I had not seen these before & I'm definitely going to make myself one to carry with me. Lovely post and pictures :)

  21. Hi Sherry! By chance I found your Blog and have been enjoying my morning coffee reading through it. I absolutely love your little thread catchers! And.... I love how organized you are - WOW want to come over my house and help me get organized?

    Reading the story of how you opened your house to someone you hardly knew was such a treat - it sounds like you made a ture friend and had a great time together. Your book is lovely!

  22. I can't believe I'v missed so many posts here, Sherry! Love the thread catchers and I'm happy to see you posted a link to your instructions.
    xo Jane


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