Friday, July 6, 2012

 I am certain I have mentioned my pen pal before yet I must mention her again.  Her name is Cory aka Dogwood.  Her favorite color is pink.  She and I were matched up during April National Letter Writing month at least two years ago.  We live only about 5 miles apart and we both shop at the only crafty store around yet we have never met.  This is her blog link.  We have been sending little surprise envelopes to one another almost monthly.  I sent Dogwood this little pink banner just because I wanted her to know I was thinking of her.  The same day I mailed it I received a lovely envelope from her.  I do love fun mail.  Now what would be inside?  Hmmm...
 OH MY GOODNESS!!!  My very own Flat Fannie that Dogwood made just for me.  See her lovely outfit?  With matching purse!  She even has on her favorite Mary Jane shoes.  I cannot express how much I adore her.  I have been wanting one so much but not taken the time to make one for myself.  Oh THANK YOU my bestest pen pal ever.  I have given my Flat Fannie a nickname...FiFi.  She is just so pretty
FiFi is ready to go shopping and keeps asking, "Can we go shopping now?"  I must say...

"Not yet FiFi.  I must trim the Wooley Thyme and reclaim my patio."
 She is very far.  Once again my little FiFi asks, "Can we go Shopping now?"
And again I must say...
"Not yet FiFi.  I must paint the new deck wood."
Again she is very patient.  She stays right next to me here inside the house.  Her face smiling and her little purse on her arm ready for any shopping adventure that might come along.
I don't want to disappoint her but it will be a really long time before I am completed with my chores.  I think I shall plan something very special just for FiFi so she will be happy to stay here with me.
Thank you Miss Dogwood for my wonderful little Flat Fannie.  I truly adore her.  And everyone within hearing distance knows that too from my squeals of delight when I opened my mail.  You are the very best pen pal ever!
I have always loved paper dolls and I feel I am never too old to enjoy them.  Have any of you ever traveled with Flat Stanley or Flat Fannie?  If you haven't you might just enjoy the total fun of it.
Our weather is in full Summer mode.  A trifle warm if you are in the bright sun and working on a deck however I am not complaining.  I love Summer and Sunshine and Warmth.
I am praying for all who are experiencing extreme heat and those with no power and those with flooding rains.
This is the end of my break...I am off to work on my chores.
P.S.  My creative time is non-existent for now however I know it will be there ready for me when I am able.
Summer Sunshine, Popcicles, Watermelon, Picnics, Swimming, Time With Family and Friends to all...


  1. Hello Sherry. Fifi is so cute. Love it.
    My mother always loved paper dolls when she was young and then passed it on to us. I remember playing for hours.
    TFS. Enjoy Fifi and all the chores and this summer heat.

  2. Dear Sherry, so great with a pen pal, and with whom one can exchange little gifts.
    Both of you made wonderful surprices for each other. I hope Fifi can wait until you have finished all your chores at home..then you will both certainly have fun together ! ;-)
    Hugs from Dorthe

  3. both are adorable!! How special for both of you!!

  4. How mysterious and fun to think that maybe you and your Pen Pal have met and even your only local crafty just didnt know it...yet. Best to you, Sherry! I am melting...

  5. I love the fact you have a pen pal that close and have never met them! You could each set out walking and meet! FiFi is right, go shopping! All work is no fun! It is very hot here in Kentucky 110 for a heat index...thank goodness for air conditioning.

  6. So, why have you girls never met...Guess it would take some of the fun out of it. There is nothing better than gifts from fun! Stay cool


  7. How wonderful that you met your pen pal! How sweet that you send each other gifts too! I think you two are lucky : )
    The pink banner you sent Dogwood is totally adorable. I am sure she loves it. And the Flat Fanny she created for you is so sweet! How fun to take her round!
    I know what you mean about not a lot of creativity time...I am hoping to have more soon too.

  8. good to read about you and your pen pal, have never heard about Flat Fannies is it an American thing, sorry thing does not sound very nice, good to have a pen pal to exchange gifts with, I think she will be as pleased with your gift to her as you were knocked off your feet with hers to you, enjoy you days with Fanny, I used to have a car I called fifi.

  9. Sherry I loooove Fifi she is sooooo beautiful!!!
    thanks and have a nice weekend,


  10. Busyness! But Fifi is something to wait for. I can't wait to show my granddaughters paper dolls. I luv them!

  11. you crack me up.. I thought I was the only one who liked to talk to myself!! I guess it helps to have a paper doll, so people don't thinks you're nutso! Have a good Saturday!!

  12. Hi Sherry!

    Fifi's outfit IS so cute!
    Have a great day!

    Sensible Sarah

  13. FiFi is so cute and patient too. LOL
    Wow only 5 miles apart and never met? I think its high time you two got together for a play day!
    Hope the deck is coming along nicely.
    hugs Lynn

  14. How fun! Yes I love paper dolls, too! And my kids have always loved the Flat Stanley books, such a cute idea.

  15. Another fun and delightful blog post Sherry! Fifi looks like she'll be patient and will enjoy watching you do all your chores. I have very fond memories of my own paper dolls :)

  16. I'm in love with Fifi! I love paper dolls. When I was little I could hardly wait for the McCalls magazine to come, so I could get my Betsy McCalls paper doll.When my Aunt past away many many years later she left me a box filled with Betsy paper dolls. Oh the memories flooded back.

  17. Yes, you two should get together, then you could exchange gifts in person. My friend's son sent us his Flat Stanley many years ago -- we took him all around Kuwait -- even had him posing in the middle of a very bad sandstorm. Good luck getting all those chores done. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. you are definitely excited about Fifi!! she is adorable!! So is your pink piece for her!! Nice to have a pen pal. But how could you have never met? Being 5 miles away, I would think you would plan to meet at the craft store!!!
    And the new work "craftermath" is awesome!! I will totally use this new word too!!
    Have an wonderful day!!

  19. Love Flat Fanny, aka Fifi!!! We've had Flat Stanley visiting here at least 3 times, but never Fanny! I do love paper dolls - spent so many childhood hours with paper dolls :)
    xoxo Jane

  20. Hi Sherry, you are so funy. What a nice story. I love paper dolls too, beautiful. Hope you get all your chores done, you should see my list. But i sure feels good to get things done.


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