Saturday, July 14, 2012

Robbie's Bag Help...

I am constantly amazed at the generous helpful bloggers I meet here in this wonderful Blogland.  I have been following Robbie and her blog for some time.  She recently posted photos of a bag she had made and even linked the tutorial for it.  I liked the bag very much and checked out the link.
I think my brain is on deck project overload because I just couldn't understand how you can take a square of fabric and create a bag like Robbie did.
After a week or so I commented to Robbie and she immediately emailed me with the decoder key.
Thank you sew very much Robbie!  I did it with your generous help.
I adore this bag and will definitely be making some more of them.  My Christmas list will be very happy this year.  Your idea of giving a bag with a bottle of wine inside really helps with the gift giving this year.  You are truly wonderful and I am thrilled that we are blog friends.  I also admire the beautiful things you create.  Your beaded butterflies come to mind.
Our weather is cooler than it was and that is thankful.  I have been saying my prayers for everyone living near and working a bad forest canyon fire in Placer County.
Oh it feels so good to take a quick break and sew something.  I also got to glue some ATCs.  Hooray!!!
Summer Sunshine Smiles...


  1. Hi Sweetie! This little bag is just adorable, and you're so would be the perfect little bag to hold a bottle of wine! How sweet of Robbie to help out with the instructions. :) Hope your deck is coming along just fine, Sherry...and you're staying cool! xo Paulette :)

  2. So glad you got a bit of a reprieve from the deck, Sherry. I need to get my sewing machine humming. She is feeling slighted by all my summer projects that don't include her! ;^)

  3. this bag looks very interesting, will pop over to the tutorial and have a look. Thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Dear Sherry,
    that bag is surely in a very special and wonderful form, looks so great-
    I also can`t understand if that is only a square piece ! looks lot more complicated :-)
    We still have rain.........
    Hugs and a happy sunday to you.

  5. It is nice to read about unusual things to make. This is something I would never think of. Just as the threadcatcher.

  6. Hmmm ... I guess I can kinda see how it works out, but I don't sew. However, I surely wouldn't mind receive such a lovely bag with a great bottle of wine. :) Glad to hear things have cooled off a little. Our temperature was close to 125 today but the Ministry will never say that is the case because that means they would have to send everyone home from work. Boy was it hot. And even now, at nearly 11 pm, it is 110 degrees. Yikes! Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Your bag turned out great, Sherry!!!! is easy isn't it. Actually, thanks to Laura Kemshall from Design Matter's's her pattern and instructions. I love Linda and Laura's work! So glad you were successful as well!! I'm making one for my grand daughter for her 13th BD to put gifts in!

  8. That's a cute bag! I'm off to check out the tute. Thanks Sherry!

  9. This is a great bag! I wonder how well this would work to hold clothespins for the clothesline?

  10. The bag is awesome, love the fabric. You are quite a talent. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Susan

  11. Hello SSD, thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment as always. I've just been having a little catch up on your blog - all your lovely posts I've missed! Sounds as though you're having glorious weather at the moment - we've had rain, rain and more rain! Your decking area looks wonderful (even the before pictures). Glad you have a great time with your Blogging guest too, lovely picture of the two of your in your studio. The bag you made in this current post looks great, you do make the most lovely things.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your Summer and keep on creating!

    Best wishes,

    Sherry xx

  12. Hello! I love the bag! Robbie did a great job!
    Thanks for sharing

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  13. Hi Sherry, What an incredible bag and what a great idea for Christmas gifts. Blogland friends are so helpful with projects aren't they? So much talent out there and so many wonderful ideas.

    Enjoyed catching up here tonight. Everything you do is fabulous always.
    Have a great week and happy creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. This bad is so cute Sherry.Am going to check out the tutorial.Thanks for sharing.


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