Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 It is early afternoon and I am taking a break.  It is 93 degrees at the moment and working outside is not what I want to do.  I have been super busy and neglectful and more than super busy this week.
Busy working on our deck replacement!
Neglectful of all housework and laundry and grocery shopping...and blogs!
Busy working on our deck replacement...yes this bears repeating.  With the heat we are working from sun-up to about 10:30 am and then from about 3:30 til 9 pm each day.  You would think I have lots of time to keep up however that is time to run around and get more deck supplies and eat out.  Too tired to fix meals and too busy to grocery shop.
This first photo is a lovely ATC I received from my friend Theresa.  She has no blog but she certainly has lots of creative talents.
 Theresa and I have been swapping a few items however I always feel like I am getting the better of it all.  Her cards and ATCs are true works of art.  Thank you so very much Theresa.
Yes this is another Origami bag.  I just love them.  I made this one for Jillayne after we met in person.  I found out she likes grey.  Of course I used two of my favorite buttons (one on each side) as I wanted this to be extra special for her.  I am truly trying to "use the good stuff".
I have been neglectful to share some of my gifties I have received like this adorable photo of Donna and Tag.   One of Donna's posts was about this company Sweetwater and their uber cute quilt labels. Surprise to those of us who commented that day the very generous Donna sent each of us a packet of the uber cute labels.  Thank you very much Donna and Tag.  Shhh...don't tell Tag but I think he is the cutest smartest dog ever!  He even does a Tuesdays With Tag blog post each week.  I am smitten with this schmoochy little guy.
And in between everything else I managed to put together this notepad for a birthday girl.  I am loving my Bind It All I won from Jan at PaperCraftPleasures blog.  I am overwhelmed at the complete generosity of creative and wonderful friends not only in blogland but also online.  Thank you Jan.
I must keep this short as I have such a tiny span of time before my painting deck boards begins again.  After all I must stay just ahead of the Screw Master Mr. C and his able helper Dave.  Yes, we finally found a helper who is young, strong and ever so ready to listen, learn and work.  What a blessing to be certain.
Staying hydrated and out of the sun is a very good thing during this heat spell.
Life is busy and I am thankful I am able to enjoy it.  May you have a wonderful Summer full of Sunshine and Smiles and all that you treasure...


  1. Swapping goodies is so much fun! I also love Origami pouches... just finished an even dozen this morning, and promptly gave away then of them. Yes, I kept two of them for myself. One can never have too many Origami pouches! ;-)

  2. Gosh it's hard work replacing a deck- especially in the heat.Hope it gets done soon. Love that bag and all your goodies are lovely.

  3. Oh your origami bag is very lovely! Well done!
    Your gifties too are gorgeous. You are a lucky girl : )
    I hope the weather cools off for you so your work is easier. It has actually cooled off here and we were in the low hundreds for a while.

  4. Hoping the deck is soon finished, and you're able to relax a bit. Stay well and enjoy your wonderful gifts.

  5. You are a real busy bee. Mr. C is one lucky man to have such a good helper. Can't wait for reveal day.
    Your ATC is adorable. Very pretty. Love the cut out with the word HOPE. The flowers are gorgeous. The bag you made is so nice. I am sure she will love it.
    Have fun with the deck (not fun at all) (hard work). Our weather here is hot, humid and lots of rain. Too much to be honest. I know we need it but not like this.

  6. Good for you for finding a good helper, those are few and far between. The quilt labels were a welcome gift for leaving a comment. Now lets talk about that great bag. Good for you for using the good stuff...It is so hard for me to use the good stuff and I am not sure why...the good stuff makes everything more special. Nice job!

  7. great gifties.. and Donna is also my good blogland friend.. sweetest lady too,.... don't you just Love tag....

  8. You are wise to work early and late and avoid that hot spotin the middle. Hot and humid here. Take care and drink lots!

  9. you have been busy, how I would love some of your heat, summer here and only 48 degrees at the moment and not expected to go about 68 all day
    The bag is beautiful a lucky friends to be receiving this as a gift, where do you get the patterns for these bags? would like to have a go when I have some spare time,not sure if I know what spare time is however!

  10. Dear Sherry,
    your bag for Jillayne, is very beautiful, and so are the gifts you recieved and made-
    Remember to take care, and relax.
    I will have to do that after this afternoon at the eye doctor!
    Hugs and see you...

  11. Hope you get the deck finished soon. Even at 10 am here, it is already well over 100 degrees. I got sun at the beach in Sri Lanka -- big mistake. Now I have itchy bug bite--like clusters of blisters that are very uncomfortable. Why is my body doing this to me? Definitely stay hydrated while you are doing all that work. Theresa's tag is very pretty! And that origami purse is lovely, too. That Tag is adorable! I love Corgi's. How sweet of Donna to send everyone a little gift. I've got some notebooks around here that I need to alter. Have been feeling rather blah since getting back on Monday. Must get to work on something. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. How much fun you have when you go to your mailbox each day! You just never know what's going to show up, do you! Such creative friends...but it just goes along with your talent too. Best of luck on that deck...I'm sure it seems like a never ending project but it will get done!

  13. I hope you get your deck finished soon... You must be happy with all of those gifts and ATC's!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  14. thank you very much and
    I hope you enjoy your summer too!!!

    a big hug,

  15. Well, Sherry, you certainly do keep busy, busy, busy! Hope the deck is finished by now! Glad Mr. C found a good helper (Dave) and that you've had a few breaks! Your gifts are lovely, as are your creations!
    Don't work too hard!

  16. Sherry - that bag is gorgeous! With everything you have going on, I can't believe you made that for me!
    I am so happy you are finally getting a reprieve from the heat - we are today as well, in the form of thunder and lightening! There are no happy mediums in weather these days...
    Your gifts are all lovely and every day I am reminded of just how generous and caring bloggers are to each other - you have made some wonderful friends, but I think you are so special yourself, you draw us to you.
    I hope you have a day of rest and rejuvenation soon!
    Warm hugs from Jillayne


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