Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Happy Bits...

 This lovely ATC was sent to me by Joy.  Yes, that is her name and she is such a joy to know.  She has no blog but lots of creative talents and such elegant style.  We do not live close so it is wonderful to swap little gifties now and then.  Thank you Joy.  I adore this.
Now isn't this happy mail to receive.  A special little water bottle from Hawaii filled with yummy jelly beans.  This came from my mail pal Dogwood and was such a sweet surprise.  Thank you Dogwood.  
Now we know what I have been spending my time doing this summer (deck project with Mr. C) however I just had to make this dessert for a small gathering of friends.  Oreo cookies, butter, cream cheese, Cool Whip and chocolate pudding!  Oh Yeah Yummy!!!
Here is an envelope of happy smiles sent to me by my blog friend Elle.  Her blog is always a treat.  Somehow Elle is constantly trying new techniques with lots of varied art supplies and fabrics.   She gets more done in a day than I can even think of.  Thank you Elle for this thoughtful cheery mail.
Mr. C and I are going to take a much needed break from the deck project.  It is usable now so we can once again function from the kitchen to the backyard and garage from this end of the house.  We shall complete it later after Mr. C regains his strength.  Yesterday was quite brutal on him for all the work he did and the injuries he sustained.  I am so not a nurse and when his drill slipped and gashed his thumb I ran for the bandages.  Luckily our helper was able to properly wrap it with gauze and tape to hold it tight.
I left soon after that to spend my afternoon helping out at my local Chamber of Commerce.
I shall be taking some much needed time to review blogs and see what you are all doing these days of Summer Sunshine (or Winter season).
Wishing Creative Bliss to each of you...


  1. Hey Sherry. Your blog posts are always so much fun to read. I l love that you tell a story every time. Lots of goodies to play with and the ATC is adorable.
    The dessert looks very yummy.
    Have fun helping out at your local Chamber of Commerce.

  2. looks like lots on fun things to play around with!

  3. You are so right to take a break now.
    When little accidents start to happen it is time to knock off.

  4. oh, dear. Sorry to hear of the mishap and yes, perhaps a little R & R would be in order. Enjoy your treats!

  5. OH that desert looks too yummy dear Sherry. And you recieves so sweet post, again- how lovely for you, with all those wonderful friends,-as you are yourself!

  6. Oh no, I hope Mr. C's thumb injury heals quickly.

    Yes, those are definitely sweet lovely gifties to get in the mail. Happy summer days!

  7. You had me at the chocolate dessert! YUM!!!
    p.s. the other 'gifts' are VERY nice too!!

  8. Hope Mr. C's digit heals well and quickly. Nice that you can take a little break from the deck. That dessert looks wonderful!

  9. Oh no! Didn't I tell you 2 to be careful!!! I'm glad the Mr is ok, and I think you are right to take a well deserved break!!!
    The ATC is gorgeous, and the Oreo dessert sounds SO GOOD!!! Have you tried the Dunkin' Donuts Oreo Colatta? It is awesome!! My Mr brought it home for me as a treat!! It was worth the 3,000 calories!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments as always! You are a special friend!!!

  10. First of all, that dessert looks fabulous! And goodness, I did not realize deck building was so dangerous!!! Yep you need a break!


  11. Hi there my sweet Sherry, I have so much catching up to do in you blog. Thank you for always visiting mine, you are so kind. Love all your goodies, so glad to know that your Mr.C's injuries are not too bad. God bless you both.

  12. Yikes! Glad to hear your hubby is okay after the drill incident. Probably a good idea to step away from it for a just a bit and refresh. You certainly received some lovely happy mail. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  13. Ouch, Mr. C's drilling injury sounds dreadful. My husby sustains work injuries all the time, too. Last week, when he was swinging a pick ax, it hit a rock and bounced up, smashing him in the knee. I have never before seen a goose-egg bump there...ugh. I have to tell you, that though I am working on a sweet surprise just for you, I have run into creative snags, shall we say, and have also been running around like a chicken with its head cut off if you know what I mean(!). Work days at school have thrown me for a loop, given me anxiety, and put me even further behind schedule (what with luau...) and tomorrow before sunrise my husband and I go on vacation...so, what I am trying to say is, soon...soon...I will have a token of my admiration for you! Thinking of you all the time, hugs, kath. PS I am glad you get to slow down and enjoy some peaceful, relaxation time from extreme deck work for a wile now! Xo

  14. Oh that dessert is calling my name!!!

  15. What lovely gifts, Sherry sweetie...and that dessert looks totally delish. Yummy!!! ... I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. You both need a good rest, so enjoy your break from deck building! xo Paulette :)

  16. Hi Sherry. Hope Mr. C is better. He should rest up for sure. Lovely gifts you have received. Now that wonderful dessert looks absolutely lethal to anyone's diet, but oh so worth it. We have deck work a head of us too. It never seems to end does it. I am leery about weeding lately after my run in with the bear. Take care. Hugs Sharon

  17. Ouch! I bet that was painful - hurting your hands when you're a busy person is a nasty thing - hope Mr. C. is on the mend!
    I hope you're enjoying a bit of a break Sherry, and the beautiful sunshiney days.


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