Monday, July 23, 2012

Cutting & Folding Papers...

I have spent some much needed time in my studio.  Mostly just getting familiar with my space and supplies once again.  I do not know how piles of stuff keep appearing and taking up the work island but they always are there.  I have been putting away the things I will not be needing or completing right now.  I wish to start fresh with a space that is inviting and clean.  Once I had a space cleared I immediately filled it once again...however this time to work on something I began last month.  I want to make another book with the button and charm binding that Jillayne so generously taught me.  I fear I am quickly losing my skills that I learned with her late one night.  With me I must do something over and over in order to really know how to do it.  So I gathered lots of papers and began cutting and tearing for my multiple signatures for the little books.  You can see the prepared covers in this photo above.  It felt so good to be in my space and concentrating on something creative.  Now to find lots more time to be happily puttering here.

Here are my latest ATCs I received in the swap hostessed by Kimberly of artJOYstuff each month.  Last month's theme was Mermaids.  Kimberly wrapped them in some fun paper with lace and the special tag she created. I love her swaps and the extra mile she always goes.  Thank you Kimberly. This months theme is "A Day at the Beach" and I am mailing mine today.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them before I bundled them all nicely for mailing.

Our deck project consumed our entire existence for many weeks and we have it about 90% completed however we have taken a few days break from it.  It is now functional for the most part.  I know we must get back to it and finish the job we started.  Our weather is very warm...90's for this area is quite warm.  The sun is high and gets hot very quickly.  Our altitude is about 3400 feet so that makes it even warmer...being closer to the sun.
May you each have a week filled with wonderful moments of true bliss and do something you enjoy...


  1. Your gifted mermaid cards are lovely- I've been seeing lots of them on various blogs- must be a large group of swappers!!

    Good luck with your return to crafting- I'm sure that after a bit it will all my familiar again. Go forth and make something lovely---

  2. I'm like you , I clean everything before I start and then it's a mess again. Your next project looks like fun. I say with the deck, wait until it cools off a little, it might even be enjoyable


  3. Glad to see you got some crafty time again. I bet your beach atc's turned out beautifully. Don't hold off on the deck work too long. If you are like me, functional is good, and I'd never get back to the final touches. In January, I redid my kids bedroom and still had much organizing to do ... I got fed up with it all, so just piled everything on shelves and a couple of things in a corner ... where they all still sit waiting to be sorted through. :/ Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  4. Your progress on the deck is amazing and I wanna see more about these lovely folded papers and little books. The cleared spot on your table is filling up with goodness!

  5. Beautiful ATC's! My work space is always cluttered but it seems like I work the best surrounded by my goodies! LOL!

  6. So much fun here, thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. All those fun papers you have! Maybe you can get Jillayne to come back and give you a few more lessons! Hey, it worth a try!

  8. I know how you feel about having a nice clean area to work on and before you know it's filled again! Your papers and book project look great and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Very nicely atc's too :)

  9. I too seem to always have piles laying about. Its the nature of the beast! LOL
    Kimberly has such wonderful swaps, wish I had more time to join in.
    Darling Mermaid atcs
    Sherry so glad to hear your deck is almost done. I think it took us about two months to do ours. ugh!
    hugs Lynn

  10. Love your photo, of your start of a new journal , makes me want to try myself.
    And all the lovely tags from the mermaid swap, looks very beautiful.
    Sherry, so great that your huge project is almost finished,-I`m sure you will find the strengh to finish it very soon.
    Hugs to you dear,-Dorthe


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