Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Busy Boutique Prepping...

Any spare moment I can be found in the studio or sewing room and back and forth creating little items for our local Zumba Boutique.  I am only focusing on a few items.  I'll share more later.  Keeping the prices very low for our local struggling economy so people can afford to buy a few gifts priced from $1 to $5 each.  No I won't make any money for my time but I am hoping to at least cover the cost of supplies.
I am spending less time on my computer to be productive.  Okay...if truth be told I had to spend less time on my computer because it had "Low B".  Otherwise known as Low Battery.  There was some internal battery that got worn out and therefore my computer kept reverting back to 2003 and wouldn't function with any of the newer programs or servers.  Why it selected the year 2003 is beyond me as I don't recall it being of significance in history.  So Mr. C tore it apart and replaced the battery and got it fixed and current to this year of 2012.  It amazes me how much we have come to rely on computers when not too terribly long ago we had no such invention.  (Remember I am old.)  My Granddaughters have never lived without computers.
Our weather is glorious and sunny and just the right daytime temperatures in the high 70's.  Our Fall colors are truly coming right.  Today as I was driving home from my volunteering at the local Chamber I was entranced looking at the huge trees lit up with sunshine glowing on the bright yellows, greens, oranges and reds that the leaves have turned.  Radiant colors that no photo can truly show.  Mother Nature at her finest.
May you enjoy the moments of each day that bring you true joy...


  1. lots of goodies being made here have a good time at the show

  2. Such a beautiful, gentle season is Autumn.The wonder of Nature at its best.
    Hope you have a good time at the Fair.

  3. I hope you're enjoying your time creating for your boutique! I know I am thoroughly enjoying tatting snowflakes for my mom's retirement village. I know a little remuneration is always welcome, but I feel as you do that it is important to keep prices low. We all need something a little pretty in our lives these days. Enjoy spreading a little cheer!

  4. It looks as though you are creating some interesting items there. I'll be watching for more photos. You are fortunate DH can figure out computer issues. DH and I are at a loss with big problems. I'm old too and amazed how we ever got by without computers, cell phones etc. We are having a beautiful fall in Iowa too. I dread thinking about the shorter days and cold that follows though.

  5. Your autumn weather sounds delightful-- our nights are hovering around freezing with daytime highs around 50-60 degrees for warm days.
    Your desk is looking rather full, and are those pretty sachets in the making? I love sachets. Enjoy your creative time.

  6. Ah, they look more like pin cushions.....

  7. Here's sending you lots of luck and best wishes for a successful boutique. May you sell everything you've made!

    I just posted about the fall colors here in AZ, so if you haven't stopped by you might wanna check it out.


  8. Do I see some thread catchers there?
    Mine is already full with snippets of threads.
    Here is fall rainy and windy, not very cold.
    Spending less time at the computer = so much more time to create ;-)

  9. Oh they look like lavender bags!! How lovely. I know what you mean about computers, I have been working with them since the 1980's (my first word processor was the size of a table) and now I can do everything on my phone (or could if I could see that well). I am terribly dependent on my computer and go into major meltdown if it plays up but I have to admit the only way to getthings done is to limit y time on it!! Your fall weather sounds lovely, it's a little chilly here in the UK but someone tolds me today we are in for an mini heatwave. The weather is sure getting crazier each year! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad you liked my flower wreath. Cindy

  10. Like Cindy, my first word processor was in the 80's and boy was that thing big. I sure do like my mini HP laptop. Looks like you are being very productive. Good luck with the sale. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. All your customers are going to get bargains that's for sure - it sounds like a lot of fun and satisfying to do even if you're not going to make a profit - I hope you do though.

    Glad you've - or Mr C has sorted out your computer woes - they really are a law unto themselves - I wouldn't have a clue what to do. I can even remember when I didn't have a mobile (cell)phone..... how old does that make me - lol.

    At least when they are out of action (computers) you get a lot more done as you say.

    Our weather today is dull, grey and raining - all day, how depressing! The Autumn leaves - the bright yellow ones do stand out though.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend SSD xx

  12. Pleased to hear your computer is now repaired and updated. I was without a computer for a few days last month and was surprised at how much I had come to rely on it. Looks as if your creative juices are flowing and look forward to seeing what you are creating in future posts.

  13. I hate computer trouble, what a whiz the Mr is to get it fixed!!! How sweet of you to make low cost items to sell, A lot of selling is the fun of being there and having people appreciate your work!


  14. Your so busy and creative!!!!

    Darn least you were able to put that time to good use.
    hugs Lynn

  15. You've made so many creative items for the boutique! Lovely! Hope it's wildly successful!
    xoxo Jane


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