Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FW Paper Block...

Trying to work on my Farmer's Wife quilt blocks I once again tried the paper piecing method for #1 Attic Windows.  My previous post on how I tried and failed several times with scrap fabrics lead me to have confidence.  So this time I gathered my "good" fabrics and began the process.  Cut large over-sized pieces, ironed them carefully and sat down to sew.

Using my light box helped me see the fabrics and what needed placing where and in which direction.  I actually got the backwards forwards correct this time.  So I sewed each piece and pressed them as I continued sewing and piecing.  Oh it looks good.  Nice seams.  Flat pieces of fabric with no bulges.

I trimmed the entire block with my 6 1/2" rotary square ruler.  Upon turning my piece over I practically fainted.  Drat!  I have missed one edge of the maroon fabric (lower right hand corner in this photo).  What happened?  This lovely block will not get thrown away but will definitely be used for a project that will allow for a smaller finished block.  I do not like being wasteful.  Does this make me a four time loser in paper piecing?  Only if we are counting...which we are not.  What it does make me is more careful each time I try this method.  You can be certain I won't be making this same mistake again.  Luckily my favorite fabrics (which I have only limited amounts and no more to buy)...the  blue and the floral are the smallest pieces. I will try again...just not today.
Life is busy and there are lots of things taking my time and concentration right now.  Being creative is a good stress reliever...even if only in small snippets of creative time.
No rain here.  No rain in sight.  Sunny days and very cool mornings, evenings and nights.  The Fall colors are very confused.  Some have already come and gone while others are in full swing while still others are just beginning.  This does not make for spectacular shows of Mother Natures wonder.  This entire year has been a bit off with the weather and seasons.  "Only Mother Nature knows for certain."
I am enjoying visiting your blogs and seeing all the Halloween decor and fun creative makings.
Happy Halloween Haunting with lots of treats in store...


  1. you have definately cracked it with your piecing. Like you I hold on to my favourite best fabrics whilst learning, unlike you I am not getting there as fast as you, will have to try harder won`t I

  2. Hi Sherry,
    I love the paper piecing method. It is well worth the effort of learning the process. I haven't done any quilting in years, but you have me thinking about it again.
    enJOY your quilting journey,

  3. Your piecing journey is a noble and valuable one. All these little mistakes will only make you a stronger quilter. That being said, one reason why I like to not follow other's patterns is because of all the mistakes that I usually make. If I can modify or do my own thing than that red fabric "mistake" in the corner becomes an opportunity. It looks to me like that little red corner will end up in a seam treatment anyway. I call this block a winner!

  4. You chose beautiful fabrics for this block.
    I'm sure you will succeed in your next try.
    I agree with Susan Elliott, I don't like to use other's patterns either.

  5. Keep plugging away, Sherry! And you are right...the blocks will get used in another project!!! Enjoy the fall!! My favorite time of the year! Except for hearing my hubby complain about how cold it is to golf! :)

  6. Drat is right. But I'm sure you'll be able to reuse it and be all the wiser. You'll get it yet, Sherry!

  7. Paper piecing I have never tried, dear Sherry,
    and reading your blog, makes me feel sure I would make many more mistakes ,than you, as I`m not a careful person, when eagerly creating :-)
    Your blogs looks perfect for my eyes,- so you just go on piecing.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  8. Yea, you did it, I am so impressed! You have to think inside out and backwards! I find crafting relaxing and stress relieving too, nothing makes me happier than having time to create!


  9. Your work with fabrics amazes me, Sherry! I just don't have that kind of patience for exact measuring. Your block looks so perfect! Creating is the greatest stress reliever. Remember to take good care of yourself too. I am surprised at how quickly fall has settled in, cold and dark. I am not ready, but I am enjoying the colors and the pumpkins and the spookiness of Halloween coming!

  10. Dear Sherry, You created a wonderful piercing treasure even with the mishap. It looks fabulous and I love the fabric and colors your chose.

    Yes, nothing makes me happier then spending time in the studio creating.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my blog anniversary and entering my giveaway.
    Have a great weekend and I hope you get some rain.

    XO Celestina Marie

  11. Hi Sherry, love you paper piecing. Your blocks look perfect and I love the fact that you used the box light. I so have to use mine more ofter. Can't wait to see it.

  12. Your quilted block still looks good even if it's not perfect SSD. At least you'll be able to use it in another project as you say.

    Our weather is getting colder now and there are plenty of fallen leaves everywhere too.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  13. I find myself that it is easy to miss a small portion of a seam when stitching. As with almost anything, practice is the key. We have rain today after almost 2 1/2 months. I always find creative inspiration once the rain starts. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I don't even know what it means to paper piece -- I'm not a sewer or a quilter. Your block sure looks good to me. Some of the girls at the shelter today were making small patchwork designs using the sewing machines. Was nice to see them all creating and productive. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  15. I know what you mean about making the commitment to avoid a mistake in the future. Let me promise you that it's not your last one. (I speak from experience, girlfriend!) lol

    Your block is beautiful, and if you do have fabric that would catch in the quarter inch seam, you can still use it. Just keep the paper attached until after you sew the seam. Match edges with the paper in the area where your seam allowance is short, and it will allow you to still use the block.

    Have a trouble-free week, Sherry.


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