Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Swap Tags...

 Spooktacular Swap Tags in this Halloween package.  My photos got all out of line but at least they are here for you to see.   The tag above was from Michele of nookcrannygifts.  I adore the use of so many elements.  Thank you Michele.

I was actually thinking of making mummy tags for the swap and now I am so glad I didn't because I wouldn't have done justice as this one has done.  Thank you Marcia from alittleshoparoundthecorner.  This is absolutely the most beautiful blingy mummy I have ever seen.  

Here is how I mailed out some of my Halloween swap tags.  Just to add some dimension and color to the packaging.  However it was major FRIGHT when I went to the post office with the little 4" x 6" padded envelopes.  I had anticipated 65 cents to mail each one state side.  NO!  It was $1.95 each.  Really?

 This is the sweet packaging Kimberly of artjoystuff hostess extraordinaire sent out to all participants.  Thank you once again and you are the bestest!

 Kimberly not only made the fabulous clothespin but she also made the little wooden tag that was holding the set of five swapped tags together.  I love it.

 This tag is from Constantina of constan-tina and has so many wonderful elements that are Hallowicious.  Even the back was decorated with mummy eyes.  Thank you spooky much.

This tag has an almost glowing appearance.  Both sides are done and I about jumped when I touched and saw the cockroach.  Fortunately he is glittered and plastic.  Something with glitter can't be all bad now.

Thank you Carol.  I didn't see a link for you.  If you have one please let me know so I can visit you.
Oh I just did bake chocolate chip cookies so I guess you can come to the dark side.  Bahahah...

This tag is so cute.  I love the saying that fits the images so well.  (just click to enlarge the photo).  Thank you ever so much Mercedes of mercedesscott blog.  You clearly put a lot of time and creativity into all the bits and pieces of this wonderful tag.
So with Halloween quickly approaching I can honestly these will add so much to my themed decor.  I treasure all that is given to me and I will be enjoying these tags for many years to come.
I expect you have gotten some spooktacular inspiration from these photos and links.
Oops break time is over...I must get back into the studio.  I am working on my boutique items.  Keeping it very simple so as not to overwhelm myself or potential buyers.  Our local economy is desperately struggling so I am focusing on very affordable items.  Regular gasoline is between $4.649 to $4.759 per gallon in this area.  We are always more expensive here in the foothills but this is really hurting all of us.  I am being even more careful about running errands.  No big box shopping down the hill but that resulted in a very high grocery bill here locally yesterday.  I had to get some food in this was Mother Hubbard's Bare Cupboard around here.  Off I go...walking into the studio now.
Still no rain.  We did have some clouds but they were just creating a dreary layer of grey.
BOOtiful Blissful Creating...


  1. Wasn't this a wonderful tag swap?! I love all the tags I received, some from the same swappers as you, Sherry! If you learn how to contact Carol, please let me know so I can thank her for my own "cockroach" tag :) You made such cute packages for your tags!
    Hope your sale goes well, and also hope the price of gasoline goes down there! That's quite a bit higher than it is here in Florida!
    Hoping for rain for you,
    xoxo Jane

  2. Me again :)

    Congratulations! You won the Bliss Angels drawing!!! So perfect for you - you blissful creator!

  3. Sherry, love the tag I got. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Oh, WOW! Love all the tags, but I think the glittered cockroach should get an award for the most creative embellishment.

  5. Plenty of swapping going on here, such a variety of halloween bits

  6. Halloween seems like more fun this year! I am even going to dress up in full costume for my daughter's Halloween party soon...spookily. Beautiful tags. Happy haunting to you! ~ kathy

  7. These ROCK!!!!! What a creative group of friends was in on this one. Come to the dark side - we have cookies! HAHAHA Most excellent! Happy Monday, Sherry...Tanya

  8. The tags you received were wonderful SSD, and I love how your own were packaged, so lovely!

    .... 'Hallowicious' indeed! xx

  9. Oh all of these are great. The cock roach would have me jumping too. It has been raining for 3 days now.

  10. Oh what a fun swap, one is as cute as the other I love the Mummy tag! I heard how how your gas was, it seems to go up and down, hoping it comes down soon!


  11. Hi Sherry, WOW what fabulous tags you received from your swap friends. Each is awesome and all the details are fantastic. I love the way you wrapped yours too. Yes, postage is getting crazy high. Your gas is about a dollar more then ours here in Texas. That really does pinch for sure. I hope prices come down a bit for your area.
    Like you, I had to take time out to fill the cupboards. It it were just for me, I won't cook, but my hubby likes to eat~~~~ LOL

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind birthday blog comment. Still having fun and hope I can last another 5. LOL

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. So creative!

    You've been so busy.....

    enjoy your week!!!
    ~ Violet

  13. Oh Sherry, the economy is killing all of us. You and I live in very expensive states and it is impossible. Luckily, we live not 2 miles away from PA, and things are cheaper there. Not by much! But every little bit helps!!
    Those tags are all beautiful!! I loved the wrapping on mine!!
    I am making mummy tags! They look very similar :(
    Have a productive studio day!!

  14. I was wondering where those mummies ended up. teehee So far I've found one at your place, Sherry. Yay! Glad you liked it. I only wish Kim was having another swap during the holidays, don't you?
    Happy Halloween,

  15. Ooooh what a fun swap! I love the way you packaged your tags...that is amazing! Did you already post about your tags? I must have missed them.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit! The brownies are a mix by Pamela's, and they are gluten free. I get them at Whole Foods and Krogers. My hubby does seem to bake them very well : ) Yay!

  16. These are great! thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas! Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend! RM :)

  17. What fabulous tags Sherry. I loved this swap & getting ready to post the ones I received. Can you believe the cost of shipping?? and I just heard its going up again. Yikes!!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on being a new Grandma. I can't wait to hold him, Christmas time can't come soon enough.
    hugs Lynn

  18. What a lovely selection of halloweenies.Looks like evryone had fun making them. Hugs Mrs A.

  19. I was lucky enough to get one of your tags in the swaps, and it is so cute!! The halloween nail was brilliant, I didn't pick up on it right away. Also love your cute image and the great fibers. Thanks for a great swap souvenir.


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