Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Halloween Memories...

Because this is October and soon to be Halloween and in honor of Memory Lane Mondays I am sharing this post.  My dear beloved Grandmother was born on October 30th and therefore her entire life was  always being confused with Halloween and celebrating with Trick or Treating and such.  As Grandma grew older she embraced her near escape of a Halloween birthday and would always dress up as a witch.  Each year she created her own costumes and wowed everyone with her cackle.  This is the only photo I could find of one of her costumes.  Even "Lady" the dog looks intrigued.
The black cat basket she is holding is one of her crocheted creations.  Every year she would make dozens for all her friends to each have one.  I really like the broom and think it would be much faster than the relic I have been riding...Bahahaha...

This is a small table I have set lots of my small Halloween decor on and am enjoying this year.  If you look closely you will see one of Grandma's black cat baskets and her photo (which I scanned in for this post).

Here is another view of the fun treasures I hang on to and enjoy from year to year.  Each year I seem to add just a few little pieces from friends and family.  No big decorating for me...just my little bits and pieces I adore.  There is a candy corn basket not shown in this photo as I ate all the candy already.  I have a weakness for candy and this year I indulged in butterscotch discs once again.

I also want to share with you what arrived just in time from England and my SSD...Sister Sherry Dear of Sherry's Simple Blog.  We share the same spelling of our name and the joy of being creative.  Thank you SSD for the adorable Halloween Tag, cute pumpkin button charm and my favorite...Mr. Orange Skeleton!

This little orange skeleton hand created is just so adorable and he will be my mascot as Rib #9 heals.  I feel like there should be some sort of song such as Love Potion #9 for my malady.
An update on the rib is that I am trying my very best to do as the doctor says...lots of bed rest because sitting in a chair is not really comfortable.  I will not be able to participate in my uber fun Zumba classes for at least 6 weeks and I find I really am missing the fun and exercise benefits of dancing and laughing with friends.
Our weather is Fall...cooler and shorter days.  Mr. C was a huge help and finished planting bulbs for me that I couldn't do now.  Bless you my dear husband.  He is really being supportive but there is just that element of "woman's work" in the kitchen that is completely foreign to him.  At least he is trying and doing very well overall.  I am grateful for being so blessed.  My sweet sister Marie offered to drive up here (at least 150 mile round trip for her) to help me with whatever I might need and that gave me even more to be thankful for.  My daughter calls to be certain I am not overdoing.  She knows me all too well.
I am grateful for each of your prayers and well wishes.  Reading your comments is a pleasure I truly enjoy.
So for this memory lane post...Happy Haunting Halloween My Pretties...
May you stay safe from the impending storms.


  1. I can hear your grandmother's cackles! Candy, especially butterscotch discs, are what heal ribs I hear. For my neck and spine to heal, I heard it's chocolate candy bars and donuts. Thank goodness for sweet healing! Haha

  2. What a beautiful memory of your dear Grandmother, and how cute she looks in her costume!
    Hallowe'en has always been one of my favourites -I always remember the fun of deciding what to dress up as and then seeing how my Mom would execute it.
    I am glad to hear you are following orders and resting; you will be glad of it when you heal faster than if you didn't! And a funny thing about the song "Love Potion #9".... it was the very first song I ever learned the lyrics to, and my Mom always said there was something disconcerting about a three year old singing "...when I kissed a cop down at 34th and Vine..." - hilarious!
    Rest easy my friend....

  3. What cute little Hallowe'en pieces you have to keep you company while you heal. Enjoy your Hallowe'en and take care. Hugs

  4. Glad to know that you are healing. slowly but surely. Just remember the consequences before you decide to do something crazy. We all think, well it doesn't hurt so why not and then a few hours later we are hurting.
    Glad to know that family is helping or atleast offering to help. I am sure Mr. C is pampering you and being very helpful. Have a great Halloween. Hope you get lots of trick or treaters. We never do and then end up eating all the candies ourselves.
    I am going to have to consider Zumba myself if we don't get many kids this year.

  5. Dear Sherry, I have just caught up with my blog reading and learned of your cracked rib. OUCH!!How horrible for you.Having to rest and be inactive isn't going to be easy for you is it?I am so sorry this has happened to you.
    I hope the rib heals quickly, and that you are soon back into active mode.
    I'll be thinking of you often.

  6. Dear Sherry, I'm so sorry to read about your rib. That must be so painful. You definitely need to take it easy so that you can heal properly. That little skeleton you received from your SSD is so very cute. Your grandmother looks like she was a very fun lady. Take care of yourself. Best wishes for a wonderful new week. Tammy

  7. Your little table looks so cute! Thanks for sharing your Halloween memories, I enjoyed reading your post...take it easy and heal up!

  8. I am such a coward, hate Halloween as I find it so frightening, I will be tucked up in bed with the lights out before it is even dark tomorrow.

  9. My dad's birthday was on Halloween too. He didn't dress up, but he did enjoy seeing all the little spooks and goblins and I don't think he was ever lonely on his birthday especially once they moved off the farm.

  10. such wonderful sweet memories, your grandma must have been a real character!!! Take care of those sore ribs, we all wish you well and are here for you.Beautiful Halloween treasures!

  11. Such a nice story about your grandmother.
    What is Halloween about? How do you celebrate it?

  12. How neat that your grandmother made Halloween so very fun! Your table looks lovely and I haven't bought any treats yet as I know I would have eaten them all and then had to buy more. Love Mr. Orange Skeleton! Rest well and take good care of yourself :)

  13. keep those bones down and resting, Sherry

  14. Dear Sherry,
    How wonderful that your grandmother embraced her Halloweens with such elan'! I bet she was a real hoot! (snort) I love all your little holiday touches, and laughed out loud at your "broom" reference. I need to get a new one. They wear out so fast when you can't change the oil! lol
    I'm sorry to hear you're in pain and under the weather. I'll lift up some healing prayers and send you the gentlest of hugs.
    Thanks for joining Memory Lane Monday today, my friend.

  15. What a great grandma! Glad you are getting help, but no, there is just some things men folk can't do LOL!


  16. Love this picture and what great Halloween decor!

  17. I love the photo of your grandma...and the fact that she always dressed up! All your little Halloween goodies are so special - I love memories like that. PLEASE take care, Sherry - let that rib heal, and don't overdo it...Happy Halloween - Tanya

  18. Ah Sherry, your dear Grandmother looks wonderful in her costume and how lovely you still have one of her special crocheted baskets for your display. So glad Mr Orange Skeleton did arrive on time - you're so very welcome.

    Keep resting up and Happy Halloween - again! xxxx


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