Monday, October 8, 2012

Creative Gifts Received...

My birthday was long ago in this fast spinning world...all the way back to the end of August.  I haven't shown you some of my wonderful gifts I received.  I am not showing these to you to brag...I am showing them to let you know how grateful I am for blogging friends who are very kind and generous and creative.
This set of themed blue hydrangea goodies is from Kathy of Paper Pumpkin.  Thank you from my heart my friend.  I am touched that you have really understood me and what I like so much.  Kathy not only purchased some items like the note cards, blue ink pad, hydrangea napkins and blue washi tape which I adore...she hand stamped and created a lovely floral card.  The part I love the most is the time she spent to hand carve a hydrangea flower stamp for me to be able to create beautiful pieces of my very own.  Thank you for being you my dear.

This package of hand made deliciousness is from Jane of Aralia Jane.  She was participating in a swap of Faerie Pages and I was unable to participate.  What a wonderful surprise when I received this package of goodies from her.

My very own Faerie page that Jane created.  In person it is magical and glittery and Faerie fun.  This photo just does not show how fabulous it truly is.  Thank you Jane dear.  It was my very fortunate day when you commented on my blog and we became friends.

Jane also sent me one of her "Day at the Beach" ATCs.  We both participated in this swap but when we don't get one of each other's we do our own private swap.  The netting and seashell are just the perfect touch.  The sheet music sewn wrapper with the bathing beauty is an added bonus.  Thank you so much Jane dear.

This little turtle swam all the way from Daniella of Layers of Creativity.  Daniella is the sweetest busy mom of two teenage boys yet she finds time to make wonderful creative things and then generously shares them.  Thank you very much dear.  I am so happy to share your friendship.
Each of these wonderfully creative ladies are part of the sharing of talents and techniques and hearts that I have found here in blogland.  This is what keeps me reading posts and sharing and enjoying comments.  Thank you each and every one of you out there.  I am truly blessed and very grateful.
I hope you are inspired by others and their creative talents...I know I am.
Our weather is colder now and the Fall colors are happening.  It is dark much earlier each evening.  I find I don't get as much done when the sun is not shining.  Yes, I do have a "daylight" lamp but it just isn't the same.    This is a busy week for me with volunteer and personal commitments however I will try to do something in my studio.  I find being creative for me is like a breath of fresh air.  I don't want to miss it.
May you do joyful creative things that make you happy...  


  1. Lots of great gifts and goodies to play with. You must have a nice collection of ATC's. HAve fun this week volunteering and happy crafting. ANA

  2. Looking at all the lovely gifts you received, it appears you have some wonderful friends. Thanks for sharing. I must say I agree that when the days (daylight) get shorter so does my production. I think it is the part of winter I dislike the most. Have a great week!

  3. don't we all have the most wonderful set of blogging friends. They make life complete.I have some gifts of my own to show shortly. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Blogging is indeed a blessing and I hope you get lots of 'fresh air'! ;^)

  5. Dear Sherry,
    I so understand you-
    I also never shows gift to brag- but to say a desent thankyou to blogging friends using time and creativity ,to send me beautiful gifts.
    You recieved endeed lovely and gorgeous pieces for your birthday,my friend.
    Greetings and hugs,Dorthe

  6. Hi Sherry! I think you receive gifts of friendship because you are such a good friend! Love to you, and thank YOU! I enjoyed the plotting, planning, and all the hydrangea fun to send your way...may your cold winters be always filled with birthday memories and blue hydrangeas. Xox Kath

  7. some beautiful gifts sent with love

  8. you deserve all of those sweet gifts my friend! You are just that sweet!! I forgot I sent that ATC to you!! LOL!! I have to get my head on straight!!
    I came to visit today to tell you I got your awesome parcel yesterday! When I saw those tags on your blog, I thought they were amazing! I loved your "finger nail" idea!! It is even more gorgeous in person!! The skeleton made me jump, because I didn't think it would be soft!!
    And the wrapping is always awesome! Love all the bits you added!
    Have a wonderful day!! And thank you again!!

  9. Wonderful gifts Sherry! The hydrangea stamp is so pretty and is truly a gift that keeps giving - each time you use it you'll remember.
    Fall has settled in here too - the days are bright and warm but the evenings are cold and darkness falls early here too. I am finding I have to adjust what I work on and where so I have little piles of stitching on the coffee table in the family room - it's become "Studio B"!
    Wishing you happy moments of creativity when you get a few spare moments this week; I have been learning just how much you can do in those stolen moments!
    Have a wonderful week Sherry...

  10. Beautiful gifts for beautiful you! xxoo

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Sherry...aren't blog friends the best?! I have made so many nice internet connections on here (and see we run in the "same circle" from some of the faces on your comments page. Your "haul" is simply beautiful - you MUST be loved! Happy Wednesday - XOXO Tanya

  12. Wow! Look at all your fabulous treasures! Beautiful, each and every one. What dear hearts to send them to you, nothing in the world like our bloggin' buddies. I know having friends all over the world makes my day brighter, every day. Happy Birthday a few months late ;) 29 right?

    Thank you so much Sherry for signing up for my newsletter =) Hang on to the remaining light and look inward for the light that shines out of your heart my friend.

    xx Jaime (moved my blog here)

  13. Such wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the delightful, warm and caring person that you are :)

  14. Great gifts. Love the sweet fairies. We still have had no rain. How are you weather wise?

  15. So many lovely gifts. I know you will enjoy and use each and every one. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


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