Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy, Grateful, Broken...

This is such a beautiful and busy time of year.  Here in the studio I had some time to play with my card decorating skills.  These are flat post-card style cards with envelopes that are now decorated and package into sets of 5 for the Zumba Boutique sale which is Nov. 3rd.

Here I am so very grateful for the lovely Halloween Tag and pocket my friend Jane of Aralia Jane shared with me.  She and I do a one-on-one swap when we don't each receive our tags in Kimberly's swaps.    Thank you very much Jane and I adore the french book pages you wrapped these in.

Here is another package of goodies that I received from my friend Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner.  Ana spoils me with wonderful supplies that she knows I will love using in my creative playtime.  Paper images, buttons, charms, butterflies, a cameo and a handmade flower...Oh My!  Thank you very much Ana.

I am very grateful for the friends I have made along my blogging journey.  Ana also made me this wise little owl with the beaded pins and Fall theme.  I cherish this gift and thank you Ana.

Per my title today I have shared with you busy, grateful and now for the broken...
Rib #9 on my right side is now broken, displaced and bent.  For this I cannot be grateful as it is extremely painful and the doctor ordered me bedridden or sitting in a comfortable chair.  But...I have so much to do...NO, you will not be doing anything for at least 6 weeks.
I can tell you housecleaning is hazardous to health.  I cleaned a toilet last Friday and wrenched my back out of place.  So in trying to be careful of my back I did very little on Saturday putting away some yard art and pick-axing our hard clay dirt to plant some bulbs.  I didn't finish planting the bulbs as my back was hurting too much.  So off to take a tub soak with Epsom salts while Mr. C worked very hard replacing edging around the pond where the deer and other animals have destroyed it.  While being careful of my back I was leaning on the tub edge (free-standing tub) and when I stretched to reach the farthest side I heard and felt the horrible mishap with my rib.  We have had to cancel company this weekend.  I am no longer participating in a car club trip Saturday in the low-slung sports car.  I will be trying to heal and not overdo.  I had already done damage last weekend when this happened as we had surprise company and I stripped and remade the guest bed, tended to many needs of our guests, drove us to dinner and then followed their visit with doing three loads of laundry.  That was all before I saw the doctor who said, "You will be doing nothing!"
I am grateful for rain that we have had this week.  Our dry spell had been long and hard on the natural flora and fauna that rely on rain.
I am grateful I have a wonderful husband who is being very helpful and thoughtful during this mishap.
I am grateful for nothing worse happening.
Our days of sunshine are so much shorter already without even turning the clocks.
May you each know how I love reading your comments, your blogs, and your emails.  I won't be spending much time at my computer as it is not comfortable but I will be trying to sneak in a few reads here and there. Creative Bliss to all and to all a good-night...


  1. Oh what a most difficult time to have this happen. I shall be adding you to my prayer list and sending you many healing thoughts. Please do listen to the doctor, as a broken rib is not to be taken don't need it going into your lung.

    Many blessings and much hope that you are not in too much pain.


  2. Oh boy. A broken rib is not good. You should seriously take the time to let it heal. I will pray for you.
    Hopefully you will be feeling better for the Zumba Boutique sale. If you attend, just be very careful. Hope everything sells. I went on ebay looking for the skulls you have. I have 2 bids in, hope I win them.
    You are very welcome for all the goodies. I hope you can play with them and glad that you liked them.
    Our weather here has been horrible these past few days, because of Hurricane Sandy. I am hoping it clears out soon, like before tomorrow so that I could go junking. LOL. Have a great weekend and get lots of rest. ANA

  3. I feel so sorry for you. Such bad luck.
    Does that mean you can't participate in the Zumba Boutique sale?
    I hope you will recover much sooner than 6 weeks.
    I'll be thinking of you my dear friend,
    Hugs and kisses,

  4. Oh no, a broken rib isn't fun at all. Please rest and try not to move too much. When my husband had a fractured rib he was told that he had to breathe deeply even though it was painful, otherwise you run the risk of developing pneumonia. I'm glad that you have a sweet husband on hand to help you out. Take it easy, okay?

  5. Oh dear! Take care of yourself. I'm sure it will be difficult this time of year, but I'm sure you don't want to make matters worse. You have my prayers as well. Connie

  6. I'm SO sorry for your injury!!! And just taking a soak!! Yikes!!!! Do be careful...there's nothing like a broken rib...folks don't know unless they've had them before!! Are you taking calcium supplements?? You might need them as well!!!
    DO rest so as not to re-injure your rib(s)!!!!

  7. Oh no! What a shame, Sherry, that this has happened. Do take care of yourself, and rest. I hope you can at least catch up on some reading while you're healing. Sending you a big, healing hug!

  8. Dear Sherry,
    How unfortunate for you, dear friend, and so terrible, --I am sure that hurts so very much, and I know how awfull it is, not being allowed to do anything.
    I feel with you, and wish you quickly healing, so you can again spend time blogging, creating, and doing all those daily activities.
    Hugs and take care.

  9. A broken rib is VERY painful and sadly, not much you can do about it. DH has had two... Enjoy some REST and RELAXATION hopefully combined with a bit of CREATIVITY.

  10. Oh no SSD, so sorry to hear about your broken rib and the pain and dis- comfort you're suffering at the moment. Please take you doc's advice and rest up - thank goodness mr C is helping you. Will you still be able to do your Zumba Boutique sale - I hope so after all the prep you've been doing. The main thing tho' is to rest up and get better soon.

    I've just seen your previous post too - love what you did with those little skull beads and you're so generous to donate some of your funds to a worthwhile cause.

    Take care xxxxxxx

  11. Oh goodness...I'm so sorry!
    It will be hard for you to be still for sure...your such an accomplisher.
    Movies, books, recipes and more books.
    heal well my friend.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear of this Sherry! As solicitous as Mr. C is, it must be just awful to be grounded like that and unable to do many of the things you love.
    I do hope you will take the Dr.'s advice and rest easy for the next several weeks and that you will improve quickly.
    Healing thoughts are with you...

  13. You poor thing, Sherry - I hope the weekend brings some relief to you - like Jillayne said, follow Dr.'s orders, and REST!

    Darling Halloween goodies - Happy Saturday - XOXO Tanya

  14. Ouch! That sounds very painful! I'm glad that you have so much to be grateful for. Perhaps thinking of your blessings will help you pass the time more quickly. I pray for quick healing!

  15. Oh Sherry! I am so very sorry about your mishap! Gosh, a broken rib is so painful. I am glad your doctor is commanding you to rest! lol! I have a feeling you are a hard one to keep down ; ) I know how frustrating it is to be sitting waiting to heal while you have projects laying around waiting to be created! But...they will be there when you are healed. You are a totally amazing woman and creative artist. Give yourself some good time to heal. I can't imagine all the projects you are going to dream up in your head while you are sitting and healing : )
    gentle hugs!

  16. I do hope you are doing as you are told and having total rest, a rib is a bad thing to break as they can do nothing to help in its healing, no bandaging up etc so yes relax and do nothing, sitting in an easy chair you should be able to do some light stitching I think or maybe now is the time to catch up on a few good books.

    I have popped you on my prayer list and will remember you, take care

  17. Ouch, for sure! Oh, my, dear Sherry, I really feel for you and will pray for your rapid healing! My husband broke some ribs a few yrs. ago - so painful and just have to wait for them to heal by themselves :(

    I do hope you'll find something you can do while "doing nothing"! You're such a sweetie!
    Take care of yourself! xoxo Jane

  18. Oh my Gosh Sherry, You poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear you broke your rib,and are having back problems. It sounds quite painful. Do listen to what the Dr. says. You don't want to be down any longer than that.
    Big Gentle hugs Lynn

  19. Oh Sherry I really feel for you!
    You poor thing!
    We are really slow learners aren't we. We know we should rest but it is almost impossible - so we think!
    Your creativity will still be there waiting for you so far better to take Doc's advice to heal quickly to get back there.
    Thanks dear friend for visiting and for the kind comment even when you were hurting so very much!
    Love and healing hugs to you,

  20. So very sorry, Sherry. Terribly painful, and really icky for this time of the year! Oh no! I wish I could visit and help you. Be good to yourself and take the needed time to heal properly. So sorry, dear one. Love, Kathy

  21. Very sorry to hear that you are suffering from a broken rib and a sore back! I'm sure your hands will find something to do while you're getting all the R and R prescribed by your Dr. Take extra, extra good care of yourself!

  22. I feel your pain. I did my ribs in in a car accident. DO AS YOUR DR. SAYS... believe me it will make a big difference. Forget everything else get some great books, a box of chocolates and snooze a lot. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Wish I was closer to help.

  23. Hi Sherry,
    Well first of all, I am so sorry to read you broke a rib. My goodness I know how painful it can be and you have to rest for it to heal. Having said that, I am the worst one to listen and behave when I am supposed to be still, so I understand your thoughts on that.
    Is your back feeling better now? Maybe the rest will help both.

    I know it is a busy time of year and not the best time to be off your feet. Your creations and designs are always amazing and so inspiring. Hopefully you can sit and create when you feel a bit more comfortable.

    Get well wishes with prayers come your way my friend.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  24. oh my goodness, you poor woman, I broke a rib once and Iknow the pain, it hurt to breath so much! What lovely gift you received and your work looks amazing!!I had to start a new blog so I have joined to follow you again, I hope you feel better soon and heal quickly, my heart goes out to you!


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