Friday, November 30, 2012

Ready? Set? Decorate!...

Oh My!  How did it get to be December so quickly?  It certainly has rushed right on in.  I am so not ready.  Today Mr. C got out our meager holiday decorations.  He says,"This is a lot of STUFF!"  I say, "Honey this is a very small amount compared to lots of people."  "People who have storage lockers full of decorations"  He repeats, "This is a lot of STUFF!!"  (You could easily read another word in place of stuff.)

Actually he would have left half of it in the closet but I told him to bring it all out because I want to edit what I have this year.  Hmmm...was I really just saying that or do I really intend to draw down my reserves?  We will have to wait and see on this issue.  I might get sentimental once I see each item and then I will be in trouble to let it go.  Or...maybe this is the year I truly do save less.  After all most of what I have is very old but not vintage or antique...just cheap affordable stuff for the decade I was able to acquire it.  I really do enjoy opening each and every box and seeing what is inside that I thought was cherished and turns out to be just stuff.

This is Mr. C's Christmas fun to play with.  He usually sets it up around the base of the Christmas tree.  Last year we did not have a tree up as we were gone.  It will be nice to put up a small tree this year and enjoy the train and wait for Santa to drop down the chimney on Christmas Eve.  Oh Yes...I Do BELIEVE!!!
At some point this season you will find me all snuggled up with some hot cocoa with peppermint sticks and watching my very own copy of "Miracle on 34th Street".  I said I am sentimental.
Our rain is definitely coming down in "Biblical Proportions" as was predicted.  Our 6 inch rain gauge overflowed during the night and it is still raining.  We have another two days with the worst storm still to come.  This will really help our water table for our well we rely on.  The summer was very dry so the rain is very welcome.
My list is made and I am checking it twice.  Some how no matter how much I get done the list just continues to go on and on and on.  Yesterday I was able to get some International packages shipped.  No long lines was very refreshing.  Being early is a bonus.  Lots to do but with a plan it gets done.  I just need to stay focused and not get side-tracked (which I so easily do all the time).    Mostly my focus this month is to breathe and not let myself get all stressed over what I cannot accomplish.  I hope you are taking care of yourselves as well.
Thank you beloved followers and commenters as you really brighten my day.  I love the feedback and sharing of ideas.  Blissful Creating and Joyful Jingles...


  1. Looking forward to your decorating, Sherry. Be blissfully creative!

  2. It's so much fun peeking into those Christmas Boxes isn't it!So..Dear Mr.C. got them out for you.
    Most men think one box of decorations is a box too many!!hehe.Have fun with your decorating Sherry.
    Judy x

  3. I think Mr.C secretly enjoys it as much as you!!

  4. Such good advice about not getting stressed...seems an impossible task just that! I got out all of my holiday stuff this year and have made several trips to the thrift store, I am positive that some other folks will be thrilled to find something inexpensive and beautiful :) Thanks for the sweet comment and visit my way!

  5. looking forward to seeing pics of your place all decorated. I am afraid do not do much, I do have about 14 embroideries which go up but no tree or other decorations. I say each year maybe I will get a small tree which I can put in a pot in the garden and bring it in each year. I did this when married but it got too big and had to be planted in the ground. When the marriage ended he kept all the decorations apart from my stitched pieces. They do not usually go up till about 20th but maybe this year I will get them up early, all stacked behind the couches in the lounge, shame really to only see them for a few days a year, maybe will put a couple on the blog nearer Christmas. sorry seem to have prattled on

  6. OOO, can't wait to see all your decorations. I love Christmas and love looking at others homes decorated.
    Mr. C sounds like my husband although he encourages me to buy more every year. I sometimes have to say no, because I have no where to display it.
    Hope your rain storm ends soon although you said you needed it for the well. I guess the rain will help you decorate since you have to stay home.
    Have fun decorating.

  7. Hi Sherry,
    Merry December and Happy Decorating to you!
    enJOY a Merry day,

  8. Loved your post Sherry, especially Mr. C's comment about all the Christmas "stuff". lol You two are hilarious. Have fun decorating :)

  9. Dear Sherry, I had to laugh when I read your post. Please remember this is a holiday season! Don't stress yourself, but just enjoy it.
    You might think I've got crazy. Two years ago we decided not to put up our Christmas tree as it was big, so many lights to put in. Actually the tree was too big for our room. Instead I make a few Christmas pieces with Christmas branches, candles and decorations. It takes less time and space.

  10. Sherry, you are so funny, I love the boxes all stacked up and ready for you to open. How do we seem to expand our collections to need more than a couple of boxes......I always tell my hubby it's so my "stuff" doesn't get smooshed!!!! Is that even a word, you know what I mean, lol.
    Hugs and have fun!!

  11. I've said it before...most men do not have the same appreciation of "stuff" as we do. But fortunately that doesn't stop us!! Happy decorating, friend!!

  12. It sounds as if,I`m in the same "boat" as you ,dear Sherry---my husbond sayes those words, too :-)
    I love watching old time christmas moovies ,too- but time is limited because of mee being in the shop all day long, and in the evening trying to visit friends, and commenting on your posts. So really not much television for me, which I only regret in situations and months like december.
    Hugs and enjoy decorating you home. :-)

  13. I have my husband's train, from when he was may have given me the inspiration I need to set it up again this year, after many packed away. Stay safe in the rain - send some our way, would ya?!

  14. I hear it too! I tend to rotate what we have and not use the same stuff each year. My tastes change. lol

  15. That's not a lot, Mr C. should see our shed, yes shed full of nothing but Christmas. Stacked to the ceiling!
    But this year I just don't have it in me. just the tree, stockings and my Frosty Friends. My hubby still can't believe it. he's calling me the Grinch. hahaha
    hope your staying dry. I've been hearing about all that rain!
    hugs Lynn


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