Friday, January 18, 2013

Cars, Cards, Creating...

Two years ago this same month of January Mr. C and I drove to Barrett Jackson Auto Auctions in Scottsdale Arizona.  It is considered to be the mecca of auto auctions and Mr. C had it on his bucket list.  I sort of wish we were there this week as the auctions are running again.  Red is not my color but I just had to try on this little Smart Car.

Once again red is not my color but this sweet '67 Nova is my heartthrob.  One of my favorite first cars was a '66 Nova in baby blue and I would love to have it back.  Now they are way too pricey for my budget.

Here you can get a sense of the thousands of people who attend the mecca of Barrett Jackson Scottsdale.

I joined Jillayne of A Fine Seam and her offer to make a few Christmas cards and in return she will make little books for them and share with the participants.   Who could resist anything that Jillayne puts her hands to.  So here is a peek of my cardstock I selected.  Actually a peek is all we get because I forgot to get a photo of the finished cards.

Knowing Jillayne likes gray I sewed a little bag out of some snowflake design fabric to insert the cards for shipping.  Then she can use the little bag for anything she likes.

Here is the little bag complete with cards wrapped in coordinating tissue paper for mailing.  Every detail matters.  They have arrived safely and I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Remember my little fussy cut Valentine?  Here I am working on toning down the colors because after all the theme is White Valentine.  I usually don't do messy but this time I really got into it and enjoyed the multi layers of blanding.  Do you begin a project with a complete idea or do you have an idea and let the creativity flow as you go?
Our weather continues to be unseasonably cold.  We do have Sunshine which helps but the temps are not matching the warmth of the sun one would expect.
May you enjoy each day to the fullest and realize your creative bliss.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Those smart cars are so cute! I would never drive one where I live though... too much open space and too many semis!

    My first car was a Hunter Green Chevy Nova... my dad talked me out of blue for resale purposes, and he was right. ;-)

  2. You look so cute in that tiny smart car! lol And I love that bag that you sewed, it's gorgeous! ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ☺

  3. What fun you got to the auction! hubby and I watch Barrett at TV! So cool you got to see folks spending those $$'s in person! And to see some of the cool cars!

  4. ...I usually start with an idea, and let creativity flow. Nice cars, Sherry! And, you are so prepared always; I haven't even thought about Valentine's Day.

  5. Red or white, or even grey. Everything looks great!

  6. the cards and bag look beautiful, that is a cute little car, i like them but my husband said he thinks they wouldn't be good if heaven forbid you were in a crash, we do alot of highway driving, he prefers a bigger car, I haven't been able to drive since I started to go blind, I just like a comfy seat and a good radio and I'm happy oh and a good heater, its very cold here!! Have a good night,

  7. I bet your Christmas cards are splendid! Your Valentines are looking good, and I love the little bag you created!
    I think you look very cute in the little car.

  8. You look great in that Smart Car. They are a bit too small for me. I like big cars, SUV's.
    I usually start a project with something in mind and get right off track very quickly and end up with something completely different.
    Love the valentines cards. Super cute.
    Our weather today has been in the low 50's to mid 60's. But I will take it any day over the 80 and 90 degrees we had just yesterday. I will be posting a new project soon. Be on the look out. Ana

  9. Hello Sherry,
    I love that red smart car! You look great in it!
    The swap looks really good and I love your gifts beautiful. Your white valentines are cute, I think the white wash looks really good. I sometimes have a specific look in mind when I make something, and sometimes, I just let it create itself.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hmmm - my creativity is more of a meandering journey rather than working from a definite plan - I uncover what it is I had in my mind by working - if that makes sense...
    The car auction sounds fabulous - my favourite first car was the one driven by Roger Moore in "The Saint"!
    Your cards are stunning and so beautifully elegant and I will photograph them as soon as the rest are here which should be in about a week - I'll be sure to email them to you.
    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

  11. your bag looks good, I am sure it will be well loved and used, cards wonderful too. Re new projects, if hardanger just start stitching and see where it takes me but some things I plan before hand, at least have a rough idea what I want to do.

  12. You look great in the smart car Sherry even if red isn't your colour. Your tags look great and so does the bag you made. Sometimes I have a definite plan and stick to it but then sometimes different ideas pop up and I'll go with them. They don't always work out but it's creativity and learning and having fun :)

  13. I love the way you wrap your goodies. It tells the recipient you really care.
    I don't have a complete idea when I start a project. I start with the part I am sure about and then...I just listen to my Muse ;)

  14. Gorgeous bag and the tags are stunning also! ~Diane

  15. Have wanted to take in the Barrett Jackson auction here in Vegas, but never have had the opportunity - I think you need a red car...not baby blue! :-) I love that you handmade cards for Jillayne's project - I do not work in paper, so sent her premade ones, instead (ok, maybe I didn't play by the rules, and missed the directions - I sure hope not). Happy, happy Saturday, Sherry - hope it's warm and wonderful! XOXOXO Tanya

  16. You look awesome in that red smart car!! I have wanted one forever!! But they are the least practical car in the universe. It only has 2 seats, and my large son is 6'1" and 260 pounds. I bet he couldn't fit in both front seats together!! Then, where would I put small? Hanging out of the back I guess!!

    And, I think Red is your color!!!

    Really sweet cards and bag too!!

    I have an idea and take out 100 things that I think I will use, but only use 2 so while the creativity is flowing, my messy desk is growing with more supplies!!

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  17. You look darling in the little car. I remember when DH bought one of the first Honda Civics. It was tiny and driving home we got between to semis. I look at him a said we need a Big Wheel flag on top so they know we are here. It was scary. Living where I do there are to many big rigs to drive a mini. Suns out but at 2PM we are at a rip roaring 30 degrees. I think I'll put on my swimsuit and go lay in the sun. :-)

  18. Great blog!! I really enjoyed all your pictures...come see me sometime!!

  19. Oh look at you in that mini Cooper! That color is smashing!!!

    Dear one, thank you for coming to view the little miracles of life chez I wish we had more TIME to see it all!

    Enjoy your day and observe all the little miracles in your life! Anita

  20. look at you in this little tiny convertible! too cute :)

  21. Sherry, you look real good in the tiny Smart Car! Aren't they fun?! I've never been to one of the auctions, but it sounds very interesting.

  22. Love the toned down cards. I often change course when I create. Cute pic with the car, btw.

  23. We just watched the auction the other night ... such gorgeous cars! We were talking about how much fun it'd be to attend one time.

    Ah, I'm not really good at going with the flow when creating. I do lots and lots of designs and thumbnail sketches before I can start. Most of the times I keep to the sketch but I do play around and change things up a bit as I go. Usually the end result is very recognizable to the sketch. :-)

  24. That little car really suits you Sherry.
    Great Valentines, loved the toned down color.
    My projects hum???? Sometimes I start with a plan but end up changing it as I go. Fly by the seat of my pants ,LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  25. Visited your blog on the Grow Your Blog party I have the pack rat problem too! The red car looks just like the one I appliqued on my 1st Story Quilt called "Mom's Art Car" Would love for you to visit my blogs: & Marlynne


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