Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paper Tag, Card & Scrapbook...

This is a simple paper tag using scrapbook papers and stickers.  Boy themed which is not my best creative ideas.  I have only ever had girls.

Using a store purchased scrapbook it is now embellished with buttons, ribbons, papers and stickers.  I didn't get a photo but every page inside is decorated with papers and stickers leaving lots of room for personal photos and journaling.

This is the card to go along with the scrapbook.  All was given as a shower gift.
Simple to do.  Easy to personalize.  It is in the details that make it a special and unique gift.
Way too cold to be outdoors.  Our pond is completely frozen over and got a new layer of snow/hail last night.  Thankfully we have a working heater.  It is running constantly just to keep the thermostat at 63 degrees.  I personally prefer 83 degrees but am staying busy which should keep me warmer.
The sun is shining and that makes me happy.  I am seeing the magic in the sparkling frozen white winter frost.  Staying calm is another challenge...
Now I am off to do some purging and list making of items in the pantry.  It always amazes me at how quickly things get beyond their expiration dates.  I was merely saving them to use "some day".  I better take a cue from my word of a few years ago...NOW... and use those items before they expire.  :o)
May you be enjoying your days with everything that makes you happy.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. That's a great idea, Sherry!
    Hope things warm up for you. We're having a January thaw and the temperature is up to 8C! Nice.

  2. It's been warm, sunny, and bright in South Florida. I like it in the 70s best. I love the card :)

  3. This is darling and what a sweet gift. You always have such clever ideas.
    It is now 30 degrees at 1 in the afternoon. Oh so cold this morning. Teddy was dancing across the yard trying to keep his paws warm. He is loving his sweater for sure. Hope it warms up soon.

  4. The cold weather is a great time to have a clear out.I think you'd like our hot Summers if you prefer 83F.!!i go like a limp rag in the heat.So hard to crank up energy.Just as well we are all different.
    Love the shower gifts. "Boy" things are hard aren't they!

  5. Cards are great but I am really liking making tags. Happy creating and purging!

  6. I like the cards and the tags, beautiful!! Stay warm!

  7. This is wonderful!! Love it!

  8. can see you are enjoying scrapboarding.

  9. Here it is very cold, too, and we had snow all yesterday,-so allover white as long the eye is reaching!
    You know Sherry, I have problems too, with using cans and glasses with food ,before last expirations day!-and it truly is a "wealth" problem--I know many other poor people all over the world, whom would never ever have that problem as to throw out too old food....We are spoiled I think, --a great idea, to check the pantry now and then!! Happy sunday dear.

  10. What a lovely gift Sherry! I am sure it will be a huge hit at the shower!!

    It is cold and dreary here today. We got snow weeks ago, but it has been so cold that it just won't melt!!!

    I think I thanked you for the gorgeous b-day comment to my blog!! long with the happy mail I actually got on my birthday!! You are so awesome my friend!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

  11. What a lovely gift for a baby shower! That is super creative. I hope the weather warms up for you. I wish I could send you some of our Miami sunshine. It has been a really warm winter. It actually feels more like Summer unfortunately. I'll trade you some cold for some warmth. :D

    Thanks for vising my blog.


  12. Hi Sherry
    I think you would love the weather here where we live near the coast with bush surrounding us also but this Summer has seen unprecedented temps which have started so many fires here and there are still over 100 burning in our state of New South Wales but we are safe where we live and hope it stays that way.
    Creative hearts are happy hearts and I see that you have been creating in some unknown territory with that gift for a baby boy.
    I thought you were doing such a great job! and good luck in the pantry also!
    Hugs from here dear,

  13. What a great special gift!! Something treasured forever! I can't believe it is that cold...Oh 63 degrees, I would have about 5 layers of socks!


  14. Well Sherry after seeing your book it started me thinking that I don't do many boy things either. Guess that will need to change. LOL
    I can so relate to the cold. Lots of snow here and between 0 and 10 degrees at night. Our wood stove is working overtime. LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  15. What a lovely and thoughtful shower gift. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I thought we were cold here... try to keep warm!

  16. sweet gift. I find the boy-themed items more difficult too. I have all sisters and lots of girl power in my family. I love that you incorporate all of your yearly "words" regularly. I do the same. When the year is over, I don't so much toss out the old word for the new, but add on a new word!! Happy creating Sherry.


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