Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink Scarf Completed...

If you follow Vicki's blog you have seen and read about her many philanthropic endeavors.  I saw this last October and knew I would participate.  I thought I would wait until after the holidays so things would be less hectic.  Then my dear friend Sandy came to visit.  She is new to knitting and creates amazing little sweaters for her new granddaughter.  I am not good at knitting.  While visiting our local yarn shop with Sandy I picked up a pair of knitting needles and some display yarn and it felt good in my hands.  Hmmm...I will knit my scarf to donate.

Sandy is also a breast cancer survivor and told me she had some pink yarn she wanted to donate for me to knit.  When she returned home the yarn was mailed to me.  When I opened the package I was blown away. So gorgeous and soft and interesting and beautiful I just couldn't put it down.  Then I saw the price Sandy had paid for this one skein of yarn and it was far more than I could have ever spent.  I felt grateful and blessed to be able to knit a scarf to donate to someone battling breast cancer.  Thank you Sandy...I love you!  Thank you for inspiring me to knit and thank you for donating this lovely yarn.

With my little "Knitting for Dummies" book, some new fabulous handmade wooden needles (they are heaven in my hands) and the gorgeous skein of pink yarns I began my journey.

I love this photo as it resembles the zen quality that knitting is for so many.  My Grandma loved to knit.  She tried to teach me but I just got too frustrated.  Now I wish I had paid more attention and learned from her.

My knitting skills are not up to the complexity of this yarn and all the different bits and pieces but I stayed the course and focused on my task at hand.  After all I made a double promise...myself to Vicki's project and to Sandy to knit this yarn into a scarf.

I am proud to say the scarf is completed and there is no yarn left over.  I barely had enough to finish off my binding row (thank you little "Knitting for Dummies" book for showing me how to bind off).  This scarf is very artsy and I love it.  The edges are not equal as the yarns are thick and thin and in between.  The little knots that tied the bits together actually add to the artful look and feel.  They are too short to weave in so I left them to add dimension.
I will be wrapping this along with a note from Sandy and myself to send to Vicki.  I can truly say this scarf was created with love and healing hugs and hope for the recipient.
I pray that so many of you stay warm in spite of your freezing temperatures.  In the news today I saw an amazing view of a burning building that firefighters were dousing with water that froze immediately creating a beautiful but very sad ice sculpture.  It is raining lightly here.  Mr. C and I have spent two days raking and picking up leaves and pine needles which we delivered to the local yard waste dump today.  It feels good to get some yard clean up done.  There is always plenty more for us as the seasons come and go.  We do live in the forest and are surrounded by hundreds of trees.  We are also beginning pollen season and the symptoms have begun...Ah-Chooo!
Valentine's is in full creative swing and I am enjoying seeing what you are making.
I also really enjoyed all of your comments on my last post of clutter.  It seems we have lots in common while being creative.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Sherry - that scarf is STUNNING! What beautiful yarn Sandy provided...and what you DID with it. And going to such a great project - you know it will be VERY loved! And, aren't those needles the best?!!!!

    Love to you, my friend - don't work so hard, and stay on top of the allergies. I am worried, as I just got over the sinus infection, and allergy season is just around the corner! XOXO Tanya

  2. well done, van see you are going to be doing a lot more knitting. A beautiful yarn, have not seen one like this before.

  3. Beautiful scarf Sherry, well done!
    enJOY a lovely day,

  4. Yummy colours and lovely texture. Yay for a dummy book! Looks great.

  5. Gorgeous scarf! I love those yarns and the color. Amazing you had none left. That never happens. It is like chips and dip...chips left so you add more dip...then you have dip left so you take a little more dip...and on and on.

  6. What a beautiful yarn. When you use a great yarn, it takes knitting to another level. Well done for completing the scarf :-)

  7. You've created a stunning scarf, Sherry! Kudos to you for hanging in there.Your scarf is sure to be loved and appreciated. Hugs

  8. Oh Sherry -- this yarn is so beautiful I cant wait to hold this treasure in my hands! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious gift from you and your friend. THIS is truly exquisite yarn -- I KNOW how much this cost (!!) --you have turned it into an absolute gift of heart.

    Thank you my friend for the love that you have put into making this beautiful creation -- I cant wait to share it with the world -- you are a treasure yourself to do this for perfect strangers . You know -- you will change someones life with this precious gift.

    I love you for doing this --


  9. Well done, you can be proud of yourself.
    I think the fun with this special yarn is, that it changes. (don't know how to explain better what I mean).
    After every 10-15 rows you can see clearly what you have done.

  10. Wow, this is gorgeous. I love the color and all the different textures. Bless you for creating this to donate to breast cancer survivors. I never learned to knit, but my mom does something similar and then donates them also.

  11. such a beautiful creation! I also love the needles you used!

  12. Gorgeous scarf, so sweet of your friend to donate the yarn too! ~Diane

  13. That yarn is truly amazing. Never seen anything like before. Love the colour. You have done so well in making it. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. I'm not a knitter, so I am in total AWWW, you did a fabulous job, you should be sooo proud of yourself!! That yarn is just to die for!! What a sweet friend!


  15. Congratulations for staying the course and having a beautiful scarf to show for your efforts. The yarn is fabulous and I adore wooden knitting needles. I'm still working on my scarf for Vicki but that's because I first knitted a scarf for my girlfriend, Max, who is battling breast cancer.
    Visiting via Donna...Studio Bliss is a cute name!

  16. Hi dear Sherry, sorry for not having been around after Mathilde is home again--just feeling very sick, theeese dayes-hope you understand.
    Hugs,and hopefully see you soon!

  17. Oh my goodness that is a beautiful scarf you have made. I think you have anew talent. Whoever gets this will love it for sure. They will see the love and care put into it too.
    Thanks for all your encouraging words as I wade my way through 30 paintings.... Today was in the 40's with fog and rain. I can't wait to start gardening. Happy weekend to you.

  18. That scarf is certainly a full circle creation with Sandy being a cancer survivor and donating that beautiful yarn. My friend and hairdresser here always made those types of artsy scarves. She really had an eye for mixing colors and her scarves always sold really well at craft bazaars. I love how this one turned out and that it will be donated to Vicki's wonderful cause. Blessings to you both, Tammy

  19. Thank you for sharing your beautiful yarn/scarf story...and the example of friendship, kindness and hope. There's so much heart in this post.

  20. my heart is this NOT the most gorgeous yarn? We have a super yarn shop near us and I have been in there a couple of times looking for yarn to TRY to make a little shoulder cape. I dream of having one with little sparkly beads knitted into it!

    This is so lovely and dear Sandy is so generous. May she win the battle and continue to brighten peoples' day with her lovely gifts. THANK YOU MY DEAR for coming by! Anita

  21. Sherry, your scarf is absolutely gorgeous! Knitting doesn't normally grab my attention, but pieces that are more modern, such as your scarf, seem to be giving the old knit and perl a new go for their money!


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