Monday, January 21, 2013

Clutter Clutter Clutter...

I do realize how fortunate I am to have my very own dedicated studio.  I think studio sounds so much better than craft room and since it is my room I shall call it studio. However, I seem to be a pack rat...forever!  Not a hoarder but there are things I just hate to part with.

Every time I save cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and such silliness I wonder when, if ever, am I going to use them.  So after a while even I get tired of seeing such a clutter mess and throw it all away.  Then I miss something and need it and you know how it goes.  Of course the today cardboard is never the same as the older cardboard...thinner and flimsy.

Clutter just seems to pile up around me.  I try to keep it neatly stacked but then the piles fall all over the floor and I am picking them up and wondering why I save stuff!

My island worktop gets the same clutter disease.  This is right after the Christmas holidays and the collision that happens when you are still gathering and wrapping gifts and at the same time putting away from receiving the early swaps and gifts.

Oh yes the clutter.  I think I actually enjoy it most of the time.  I always have a little treasure hunt to find things and then I have a trip done memory lane when putting things away.  How could anyone ever get bored if they have a hobby...or several hobbies?!!
I really enjoyed reading all the comments I got on my last post.  I queried about having a plan or just feeling the creativity flow  and your response was pretty much down the middle.  Some begin with a plan and then let the creativity take its course.  I think that is how I roll.
Sunshine is still with us and yesterday was quite nice.  The last of our snow and ice is finally melted and gone.  It is still very cold but at least the days are getting just a hint of longer daylight time and that is what I love.
May your creativity flow as you enjoy whatever you are making or doing.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. I had to smile at the egg cartons and the TP rolls because I have them stored away too. Before anything gets tossed in the trash, I'm always pausing and asking myself if I should keep it! But I have contained myself to keeping it in one box, so if it'sfull then I have to throw away something in order to keep the new treasure, keeps me from getting out of if I could only do that with my clothes....mmmm...♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?
    Albert Einstein.

    Food for thought.
    I'd rather have a clutter desk!

  3. Oh yes, I can relate to the clutter in the studio. Mine is getting so bad that I'm having to rethink some of my supplies. Around seven years ago or so I wanted to make a purse or two with felted sweaters. Of course I went crazy at the thrift stores looking for 100% wool sweaters ... not easy so I scooped up every one I found. I did make a couple items with the felt but then I set it aside. Now it's time to just let go of the two huge paper shopping bags full of sweater bits. I won't be getting a bigger studio space so I need to be more mindful of the space that I do have. And I am lucky to have an entire room to myself. :-)

    Have a great week!

  4. Hello Sherry, I am right there with you about clutter! I do the same collecting and then purging, only to need the item I gave away last week! Lol! But what's a girl to do???
    I am thankful for my art space too, and it does seem to have a knack for clutter. I work away at it diligently, but as soon as I begin to create......BOOM! Explosion of mess! ha!
    Happy Monday : )

  5. Yep, I got the same thing going on over here. So much stuff I can't throw away -- I want to upcycle or recycle, but then I don't get to it and I start to feel overwhelmed but feel guilty to just throw things that can be reused and repurposed. It's a never ending battle. Have a great week. Tammy

  6. I think they call it "Clutter-itis" it is very commonly found in creative females, lol. I know I have it too. I break down my card board boxes so they take up less space. I can totally relate to it! ~Diane

  7. Sherry, I am working on decluttering everytime I have a free hour. I just bought ten cubes, buy one get one free, from Michael's. I have paper shelves, drawers and cubbies for all of my clutter....hopefully...! Maybe I can get some disastrous piles off of my floor...hopefully!

  8. I know exactly what you mean about clutter. I call myself a hoarder. I am and I am not ashamed to admit it. But I am a clean and neat and organized hoarder. For that I give myself credit.
    The boxes today are horrible, unless you buy the ones that come from BJ's wholesale club. Those are great, but I never think of keeping any. Maybe that is something I will remember the next time I go.
    Glad to know that your weather is getting better. We had cold weather on friday and by saturday morning it was 80 degrees. How Sad? I wish the cold weather would have stayed longer. Oh well. I do live in the sunshine state after all.
    happy crafting to you. Ana

  9. In the middle of a huge clear up so glad I'm not the only one who has problems throwing stuff out. Your right about the cardboard of yesteryear being much more sturdy. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. oh, yes, I'm there, too! My work desk is always cluttered with this and that I have to move to sew, or get out new supplies. That's the problem (?) with having so many hobbies: beading, sewing, card making, embroidery, mixed media, crazy quilting, surface embroidery, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolours, and all the supplies that go with each battle in my temporary 'studio' aka the sunroom! I have totes and photo boxes of this and that, and cupboards that don't quite close they are stuffed so full, but I am happiest when I'm in the midst of it all! My passion must be creating, because it's how I love to spend my time, which seems to fly so much faster in my studio..... ;-D
    Keep enjoying the 'clutter', for it is creativity in the making.....

  11. Ah, organizing my craft room is next on my list, I am so sick of pulling out one thing and having 5 things fall...It is driving me crazy! I hate to throw things out too...And you know what I usually need them...Good luck, I am right there with you!


  12. I no longer hoard egg cartons as I have a composter in the garden and I now put them there along with most of the cardboard but I do keep a couple of cartons in case I need them!! Must admit most of my hoard is from techniques I have tried but no longer do but if I were to dispose of anything I would be sure to want it within a few days so that is my reason for hoarding things no longer used.

  13. Oh, how my heart sings looking at your photos, Sherry! I just wish my clutter were so nicely contained in one room! Hard to believe that I had my crafting table all cleared off such a short time ago - Christmas Day - and now I'm having to push things aside just to have a tiny work space. But, give up my boxes and other "things I might be able to use"? No way!
    Keep on creating!

  14. clutter is just craftiness waiting to happen. xo

  15. I don't gather much clutter like cardboard egg boxes.
    My clutter is different.
    I start a project with a plan, look for the "right" materials (like threads). Then I find myself in a big mess of "necessary" stuff, that I can't clean up because there is a possibility that I need the same thread again. If I put it away,I don't remember what thread I used.

  16. I can really relate to this ~ lol. I don't have many "spots" and seem to pile things on top of each other until I absolutely have to go through and sort. It is amazing what you can find in those piles.

  17. I have the same problem. I have a friend who teaches pre school and so I am able to give her a lot of supplies. But magically it keeps coming back.
    We still have a little snow and it is cold. They say rain or snow is on the way. Better get back to painting. Have a creative day!

  18. I can SO relate, been doing a bit of tiding up recently. But barely made a dent. LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  19. Hi Sherry, I just had to smile reading your post, because it sounds like my world too. It seems I dig out of my storeroom clutter and before I know it, it is filled and a complete mess again. I too have a treasure hunt to find something.
    I just cleaned up my mess last week, but I could do it again already.
    I too refer to my space as a studio. Years ago it was a craft room but somehow along the way we graduate to a studio. LOL

    Have a wonderful week sweet friend in your studio.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  20. Well--- it doesn't look to bad-- really. Your just needing to get it up off the floor and onto some bookcases. If you come over to my blog and use the search bar and search for "My Studio" you'll see I have a bazillion plastic containers floor to ceiling holding all of my stuff. I have them all labeled and it makes life so much easier and it is a joy to be able to pull out anything I may need to play with :-)

  21. I enjoyed reading your post today, I too save lots of things in case they are needed for my creative projects or someone elses. I spent the day yesterday going through things hidden in closets etc. in my studio. I too like the sound of that rather than craft room. I did take a few trips down memory lane while doing this and found a few things to add to my complete in 2013 list.

  22. I am fortunate to have a "studio" too, and you saw my space today so you know I love messy and love clutter and love hoarding stuff that no one will ever miss or want ever!!!
    So I love your space!! Creative Chaos I call it!! Awesome!!


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