Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Linking, Stitching, Snipping...

I cannot resist this time.  Mary of Primitive Seasons blog posted this link and I had to follow and join in on the FREE pattern offer.  Dee Duncan of Vintage Country Style is debuting her new blog and FaceBook page.  I am hoping that now I have shared with all of you I too shall receive a pattern.  We all like to receive goodies don't we?!

Here is an update on my Hari-Kuyo Needlebook progress.  I cannot believe how slow I am even with my own deadline looming.  I haven't embroidered in decades so my stitching is not very good and I need better glasses and lots more light...however I am happy with this.

I did get better with my French Knots after I did some and took them out to start over.  Some of these stitches are a mere 1/16th of an inch.

Here I am fussy cutting some Valentines.  Have you tried to hold paper and scissors and take a photo all at the same time?  Quite difficult for me but I managed.  Mr. C just wouldn't understand if I asked him to snap the photo.

I have some creative design work to do as NO red is allowed.  I am participating in Kimberly's White Valentine Tag Swap.  I love doing her swaps as I have never been disappointed.  Check out her blog ArtJoyStuff and see all her wonderful creations.

Our weather continues to be downright frigid here.  I realize this is Winter however it could be just a little warmer.  No snow or ice is able to melt at all.  The roads are quite treacherous with ice so I am trying to stay home.  I hope your weather is enjoyable where you live.
We interrupt this blog post to get some much needed laundry washed, dried, folded, ironed and put away.  Maybe I can crawl into the nice warm dryer and unfreeze.  :o)
I saw magic the other night when I looked out my windows.  The sky was dark, cold, clear and had billions and billions and billions (nod to Carl Sagan) of stars that looked like they were lit up and twinkling just for me!  I was so entranced that I got Mr. C out of bed and we both went to every window just to look out and enjoy the stars.  If it wasn't so frigid we would have enjoyed getting the telescope out and really seeing them close up.
Enjoy your creative spaces and projects.  This new year is off to a really great beginning.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Pretty card and your stitches are beautiful too, such patience you must have! ~Diane

  2. Hey Sherry, sweetie,
    Thanks for the shout out!
    I know you are up for the WHITE challenge, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    enJOY a lovely day,

  3. Hi sherry. I am so glad you are busy creating creating and creating some more. I am sure the weather helps though, since you have to be indoors.
    Our weather is so hot that we must have the air blowing at all times. If I were as snow man I would melt even inside the house. Our weather is well over 80 degrees. I guess they don't call it the sunshine state for no reason.
    I am trying to get back into doing some layouts and also altering some things. I am actually working on sewing some hearts to make a heart mobile.
    Have fun creating and hope your weather is warmer. Ana

  4. It's cold in the UK as well at the moment, which is all the better to stay inside and do something crafty. Your needlebook is coming along. Try not to agonize over every stitch. It's going to look lovely when you finish it :-)

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  6. You have some beautiful projects going on and I can't think of anything better to do during this frigid winter.

    We have experienced a few of those night/sky shows too and they are exceptionally beautiful. At least winter can give us that!


  7. Your valentines are going to be very cute! We have icy roads here and I'm thinking to stay home as well. Creative time for sure!

  8. You tag is awesome. thanks as always for sharing.

  9. the needle case is coming along well are you having a page for broken needles? I throw mine away never thought of keeping them. Snow here but not much but there are warnings that more is to follow tomorrow so off out for shopping today and will keep inside tomorrow.

  10. I think your stitching looks okay as you haven't embroidered for a long time. The words are even readable ;-)
    I have not tried to hold paper and scissors and take a photo all at the same time? I did try to hold a 4 mm ribbon, a needle and take a photo though.
    You saw magic in the billions of stars, I saw magic in the frost on the trees and spiderwebs. The webs look like big cables. It is cold, 23 degrees F, but in my home it is warm.
    I hope you can stay warm too.

  11. I too feel as though I am in a deep freezer! Spring can't arrive soon enough. I love your broken but not forgotten page for your needle book. I wonder how it came about that people wanted to keep their broken needles....I guess it is like a battlescar...something to remember a great life of stitching.

  12. Well, the cold weather finally came to Orlando today, dark and dreary and in the 60's. I have not embroidered for years either, I would love to sit down and give it a try!!


  13. No red?... but-but-but....

    I love to fussy cute. Sometimes I sit for hours and hours cutting. I love to tell people.... *sigh--- I'm a cutter*
    big hugs,

  14. LOL, yes I have tried to cut and take a IS tricky. We bloggers have amazing skills, don't we? haha! Stay warm!

  15. I dare say we were looking together at those stars.I was laying in bed looking out at the mountains and there they were, so bright and perfect.
    All your projects look so good. I want to get back to embroidery work. I do miss it. Hope your weekend warms up. Still freezing here.

  16. That's gorgeous! Love your tag. You did really well without the red :)


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