Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fresh Snow & Sewing...

Two days ago our snow and ice from Christmas day finally melted.  Last night we got a new layer of snow.  This photo is after the sun had come out and melted a lot of it off.  This Crepe Myrtle is very lacy and beautiful.

Here is a view of my backyard.  This snow will last a lot longer here as there is a lot of shade.  My steep driveway was clear but very icy as were all the roads.  I had some errands to run and waited until midday.

Here is a pocket tissue holder I made many years ago.  Through the years they have been excellent gifts to give...any age and any gender depending on the fabrics used.

Recently along came Judy of jfabrications with a new improved method of making these little gems.  Easier!  Faster! Less time and materials is such a good thing I just had to try.  So I viewed the video Judy linked. Two pieces of fabric and no bias tape.  Here are the results in the photos above and below.  Easier!  Faster!

I have already made quite a few.  The first dozen have already been given or mailed out to friends.  These are the latest batch.  Thank you Judy Dear for sharing this great little gift idea.  I am thinking of making a lot of these in both male and female fabrics to donate to the local Hospitality House to snuff out the sniffles from all this cold weather.
I have already begun my 2013 Christmas shopping.  To keep it organized and to know right where I put it I keep a cupboard and a dresser just for gifts all year long.  I am bagging and marking each item before I put it  away.  I also shop all year for birthday gifts and do the same with them until needed.  This method really helps me stay in budget and lessen stress during hectic busy times.
I feel so blessed to share blogging with each of you.  There are so many generous tips and tricks and projects that are shared and I am very grateful.  I am also extremely thankful for the comments you each leave.  They show me you care and also help me with my confidence to be able to create.
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


  1. Oh,it looks so beautiful, Sherry! I wouldn't like driving on the icy roads, though I did it for sure when we lived in Montana.

    Looks like you're off to such a creative and productive start of the new year! Good for you!
    xoxo Jane

  2. the wonders of the blogging world, we all share and grow,, beautiful creations

  3. What beautiful pictures of your back yard. They look like a picture on a post card. Gorgeous.
    Stay bundled up and try not to go out too much so that you don't need the tissue on your tissue holders. They are super cute. Have fun creating. I am going to attempt working on one or maybe even 2 layouts this weekend. If not I will blog about the ones I have done and the pictures I have out in them. Happy Crafting. ANA

  4. Christmas shopping...Ok, you get the most efficient award! I used to get mine done early too...don't know what happened. Your pictures give me a chill!!! I love the kleenex holders, what great gifts. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you too!


  5. such a pretty scene, so far lucky here no snow but we have been warned could have very cold weather by tuesday.
    Tissue holders look great will pop over and look at instructions.
    I admire you with your shopping, so organised we could all take a leaf out of your book.

  6. The tissue holders are beautiful Sherry. When I saw the Kleenex commercial yesterday with the TLC box that you can send out to someone who is sick, I thought what a great idea to put together a little package of goodies for someone during cold season. Tissue, tea and a mug, throat drops, lotion ... I might make up some of those for gift giving. It is so nice to find inspiration all around. Stay warm and cozy. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I love snow! Unfortunately, we have rain and temps in the 50s today... so unusual for the Chicago area.

    I've watched this tissue holder tutorial before, but I had forgotten about it. Now I'm getting the itch to stitch!

  8. Great little gift idea, Sherry! I love the idea of making and setting aside for special occasions. My problem is that I do that and then can't find them! Destashing and decluttering are on my agenda this year. Perhaps that will help. (Has anyone see the whole box of mini Roxanne Glue Baste It bottles I just set aside?) Darn it! lol
    Have a beautiful day, my friend. You deserve it.

  9. I watched the video and it really looks very simple. Even slow stitchers like me could make a pouch in a few hours.

  10. Sherry, you are amazing! What beautiful and thoughtful creations you are making. You are always thinking of other people. And now you tell us you are already shopping for Christmas? Really, you have the biggest heart! And your creations are just a lovely as is your heart!

  11. Hello dear Sherrry,
    what a fantastic organised person you are, already shopping and saving gifts for the christmas to come-I could use a bit of that talent!
    And then sewing up a storm to have gifts to share with family and friends, are so wonderful, too.
    You are such a caring person.
    Hugs and a wonderful weekend to you.

  12. Hi Sherry, your snow pics are beautiful. Love your tissue holders. I remember those and still have one from many years ago. They are so useful. I think it is great to start shopping throughout the year for Christmas. I do the same thing.
    Enjoy the weekend and your snow days.
    Happy Creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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