Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beading and Wiring...

In keeping with my desire to enjoy my days and do something I want to do creatively I am beading some little red felt hearts.  Nothing fancy.  Merely a touch of gold seed beads in a free form style.

And on the other side of the office is Mr. C who is doing something he enjoys.  Wiring a control board for his project I shall share with you soon I hope.  Who knew a heat tool for powder embossing used in card stamping could be used for wiring and sealing very special little shrink tubing onto the wires?  It is nice to share our tools.  I also use my label maker to help him accurately keep track of the wires on his board. Teamwork!
It seems no rain dance or any other method of needing rain and moisture is helping us here.  We are bone dry and last night our well ran out of water while irrigating.  Mr. C had to shut all water off for the night and now we are done irrigating.  If you watch the news you may have seen how low Folsom Lake (link included) is.  This is getting very scary.  Today we have water however we are being very careful how much we use.  Our neighbors have also had similar issues with their wells.  Please send rain Mother Nature...Pretty Please!
I have been very successful in gathering clothes from my closet to donate to a local women's center.  Now that I have begun I do not want to stop.  Giving will truly be an all year affair for me.
With the new year I do have to be careful how much I commit to.  I might already be a tad on overload.  I'll share more on that next.  Certainly no one else takes on too much at the beginning of a fresh new year???
May you be happily creating...


  1. I think it wonderful you share so much with your husband it makes life so much better, I sure hope your well fills up, I will pray for rain, maybe I could send some snow!!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    The hearts are looking darling. I love how you and your Mr. share a creative space. That would never work around here, my Mr. Is a neat freak and I enJOY my creative mess:0) I think he gets palpitations just walking through my work room.
    hugs and JOY,

  3. It's great that you two can share and create together. So sweet!
    I've been noticing the lack of rain in our area too. It may be another drought year. We haven't had one of those in awhile. Not that I miss them.
    There is something about the new year and Mondays that always make me jump in up to my neck. You aren't alone.

  4. you are a great team working and sharing together. Maybe you have had rain by now, seems so unfair, here in the UK some areas so badly flooded and you desperate for water. All the snow in the USA too and not a flake to help fill you well

  5. You can have our rain! Here in the UK, we have floods all over the place, mostly coastal and the larger rivers. Even though I live on a hill, my back garden is flooded right in the middle on the left side of the path.
    So, I'll send it over to you!
    Be careful what you wish for, in Jan 2012, the government said we had a drought and there would be hose pipe bans. The next thing was we had rain,rain, and more rain all year and of course.....floods!
    So my wish for you is that you have enough to fill your well, lake and irrigation system etc....just enough!


  6. p.s your little red hearts are lovely! xxx

  7. I've no rain to send your way only plenty of COLD! I am glad you are playing nice and sharing your tools...that way you can justify buying more.
    My trunk is full of clothes to donate...it does feel good.
    The beaded hearts will be cute, I like the freeform heart.

  8. Togetherness! Wonderful and it is the main reason I am taking up handwork again! Good for you. Be blessed.

  9. Dear Sherry,
    what a great way of embroidering with pearls, I will remember that :-).
    And so good when we can share things with our hubs...
    Yes dear I think you should take care , and not stress yourself already this first week of the year!

  10. Love those hearts you're working on! And; sharing with Mr. C. is terrific; you make a great team! xo

  11. Sweet little hearts! Enjoyed reading how you and Mr C share your tools :) What a worry about the water...keeping my fingers crossed some comes soon. Thanks for coming my way. Hugsm

  12. You're an adorable pair. I hope your well issues are resolved soon. Love the hearts.

  13. Hi Sherry, loving your cute little hearts. I love when my James is near me working on his computer homework. I just love when he's near me. You and your Mr. C are so adorable.
    Sending blessing,

  14. OH gosh, I am right behind you Sherry with taking on too much already! lol!
    Your little hearts are going to be fab. I look forward to seeing them when you are done. You are always cooking up some new wonderful project! Creating is so fun : )
    I am sorry about your water issues. I do hope you get good rain soon.

  15. Hello Sherry, your red hearts are simply lovely. Teamwork with your hubby is great - I too sometimes am able to help mine out with a tool or a piece of wire etc for his model railway hobby.

    We must be having your share of rain here in the UK, it has rained every day for I can't remember when!

    Happy new (& creative of course) year to you both xx

  16. Sweet...

    ... hearts.


    Happy highways,

  17. The Mr. Looks very intense there. It will be interesting to see what he is up to. Valentines Day is quickly approaching. It looks like you are creating some beautiful eye candy for the holiday. Sorry to hear of your water shortage. That can get pretty serious. I don't have any to send but will send a prayer or two your way.

  18. Blogger is being difficult with comments again dear, hope this is not duplicated, delete me if it is. Happy New year to you and I would love to send you some of our snow if you don't mind melting it. Good luck in the new year with all your projects, I am sure you will find the time and the heart to accomplish them. Big hugs, ~Diane

  19. You are such a creative soul, I applaud you! I am just now trying to paint again. Everything came to a stop as you know. But I am determined to have joy in 2014. Again thank you for your kindness, it meant the world to me.
    As far as rain well we have had very little until this week and now we are being deluged with it. I will try to blow some your way.
    Mmmmm what is that man of yours up too. Nothing dangerous I hope. I am sure he remembers his last bumps and bruises very well.
    Take care and Happy New Year!

  20. So sorry to hear about your water! I will send good vibes for rain to come soon!!
    I think it is lovely that you and the Mr. share so much! Tools should be no exception!! LOL!! My Mr. steals my needle nose pliers and wire cutters all the time! and he uses other tools and leaves them all over the place. *sigh*
    You will be happy to hear that my word for the year is "SIMPLIFY". I am tired of running all the time. Is it working? Too soon to tell, I'll keep you posted!!
    Much love!

  21. How scary to have your well go dry...Yikkes! You have commented before what a dry year you have had. love that you and the Mr are working together and girlfriend yo have more patience than me to be working with those small beads!!


  22. If only we could share our water with you, we have floods over here.

  23. Hi Sherry, teamwork is such a great thing to share along with your tools. Looks like fun together too.
    I wish I could send you some of the rain we are having. It is scary to have a well go dry. We had well water in Indiana, but never got low. Saying a prayer for rain.
    Have fun with your projects and enjoy the weekend.

  24. Hi Sherry:
    Closet cleaning is in my future, too. I'm hoping to remove at least half of what's in there!

    I love your felt hearts, and I'm glad you're making time for creative endeavors. If you're like me, it keeps you "filled up" to be able to make beautiful things.

    I'll be doing rain dances and praying that you have gentle rains in your future. Winter in warmer climates can be scary without the wet stuff to protect against fires. Rain soon!

    Donna and Tag

  25. Hi Sherry, I'm a January baby (am I still a baby turning. 65 this month???) and I love your garnet necklace...so pretty! I enjoyed reading about your trip to Pasadena. When my Dad was alive, he and my stepmother (they lived in. Mesa, AZ in the winter) would go to Pasadena and watch the making of some of the floats and their descriptions of the detail was fascinating, and as you said, the placement of each flower. We don't get any sense of that just watching on TV.
    I'm so glad you might be joining in on our swap for March at A Swap For All Seasons. You'll fit right in and have fun with this great bunch of ladies!
    I wish I could send some of our rain your way. We are gloomy and muddy today and all of the snow is washed away and replaced with brown :-(
    Take care!


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