Monday, January 27, 2014

Random January Projects...

As January is quickly approaching its finish I wanted to see where I have spent some of my time.  It always seems like I don't accomplish much.  I have the standard chores like housework, cooking, laundry and husband but those don't count in my creative world.  So to review...I made some more Valentine ATCs.  I forgot to take finished photos however and they are already in the mail.

Do any of you have issues with these Fiskars ergonomic punches?  This is my third different design pair that have broken just trying to punch simple paper.  I am so frustrated at the waste and money spent that I went online and filed a warranty claim with Fiskars.  They are a good company and I really like most of their products but I feel there is a serious design flaw with this type of punch.  I can hear the broken plastic inside the unit.  We will see what Fiskars does in a few weeks.

Not all my creative time is with fabric and lace and beads.   Mr. C needed my help so this is what I was tasked to do.  Cut a piece of Butyl rubber 3/8 inch wide and attach it to a metal strip.  I decided this was a job for Gorilla glue!  With rotary cutter and quilt ruler I cut my strip of Butyl.  Applied a very small line of Gorilla glue and then clamped it all together.  Fingers crossed...

Here is the strip that dried and seemed to hold together.  Mr. C has already used this unit, minus my clamps, in his project.

My friend Sylvia had some window blinds that she disliked because the fringe had faded on the window side. I suggested I could fix them for her.  What was I thinking?  The blinds are plastic so there weren't a lot of options.  I masked off the blind portion.  You can see the fading on the left one and my repair on the right one.

Then I got out my liquid Rit dye.  This was a bit tricky but I managed to carefully dye the fringe and not the blinds.  They are completely matching on both sides of the fringe now.  All dry and ready for re-installation.  I will deliver them this week.
So in review I have accomplished a few random projects.  It does feel good.
Now I can move on to some more creative projects which I prefer.  What shall I begin???  I already have quite a few options.
We are still extremely dry here.  Prayers for rain might be answered later this week.  Fingers crossed.
I hope all who are snowed under and in freezing cold temperatures are safe and warm.  Hot chocolate works wonders.
I am busy with visiting many blogs from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party.  I did not participate however I am supporting as many as I possibly can.  I am also enjoying a wonderful blog hop with Madamm Samm.  This hop utilizes some fabulous fabrics called "She Who Sews" and I have some plans in the future.  I know I am spending extra time at my computer but it is very inspiring to find so many creative souls with wonderful talents.  I hope you are busy with whatever makes your soul sing.
Creative Bliss...


  1. that's amazing what you did with the blinds-pretty cool and gorilla glue is the best! Kathy

  2. There isn't anything you cannot do. Brilliant with the blinds! xo

  3. You are quite daring in addition to clever!!

  4. Wow, amazing job with the blinds!! I hope you hear back positively from Fiskars. I don't have any of those punches and won't be buying any now. Have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. wow, your repetoire is expanding into all kinds of creative processes. Good for you!

  6. Great idea to review at the end of each month. I wish my memory would allow that (*giggle). You accomplished quite a variety of things. Love your solution on the blinds.

  7. When you add all of your projects it was a lot! That fringe repair was fabulous...I am not sure I would have even tried it...Your friend will be so pleased. If it rains I want to see pictures so I can quit doing the rain dance!!!


  8. you have certainly done a mixture of things here. Re the fiskers punch, sorry do not have any so cannot help hope they should sort it out

  9. Gosh, what a lot you've accomplished. Great work on the blinds - your friend will be delighted!
    I wish we could send you some of the rain we're having here in the SW UK still pouring -and sadly, more floods on the way for many people.

  10. Busy hands, happy heart Sherry. You must have one of the happiest hearts around:0)
    hugs and JOY,

  11. Dear Sherry,
    for me to see, you alwayes works and create a lot, my dear- and all these Valentines cards shows how much time you spend creating sweet and wonderful pieces for your friends! Just like you did for your friend Sylvia, and her blinds..they looks wonderful after your bussy hands have been at work !
    Hugs from Dorthe

  12. I haven't had any issue with my Fiskar I hope the company comes through for you. Wow on those blinds! I would never have thought of dying the fringe like that or maybe been brave enough LOL Hugs, Sandi

  13. Thank you so much for my darling Valentine ATC.
    You are a very creative lady.
    Doing the rain dance today!!!
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  14. The blinds came out beautifully, I am sure your friend is very appreciative! I do hope you get some rain soon, stay safe! ~Diane

  15. Oh, I have a feeling we are SO much alike...I wouldn't have been able to turn down that friend either. Nice save, Sherry!!

    As for the Super Bowl, I was SO sad that the Niners lost last weekend...we root for them, as well, and I would have MUCH rather seen that matchup. Hope you find some creative time for yourself this weekend...good job on going after Fiskars - hope it works! XOXO Tanya

  16. You accomplished quite a bit, Sherry, and I love your solution for the window blinds! May you have a creative week ahead with lots of 'your' time!

  17. Oh my goodness I love all the mixture of creative dabbling here. Love it!
    You are amazing....

  18. Wow, you certainly have talent, what a great idea for the blinds.

    I have had the Fiskars punches and Martha Stewart ones completely break after using a heavy paper. The instructions should say how thick of material they will cut through. Very frustrating.

    Hope they send a free replacement.

    Hugs Diane

  19. A very nicely done fix on the blinds. Your friend will be very impressed and pleased.

  20. You have a very lucky friend lol
    You're very talent and creative person. I like your blog very much


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