Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valentine ATC Swap...

As quickly as January is getting along we will be right into February and Valentine's Day.  I am not one to rush the days however I do ever so enjoy ATC swaps with Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff blog.  I just couldn't NOT participate.  When I have had to miss one of her swaps I am very sad as I miss out on such a wonderful sharing of creative talents with others who enjoy creating as much as I do.

So here are my little ATCs for this swap.  They have arrived and await their new destinations. I have seen a couple of the participants and would love to receive any of them.  Thank you once again to Kimberly for so generously organizing and facilitating this swap.  I can only imagine the amount of work that is involved.
Yesterday Mr. C and I took a short walk along our NID canal.  NID stands for Nevada Irrigation District and they are responsible for all of the water canals from the old mining days to present.  We were absolutely aghast to see NO water in the canal.  Normally NID turns down the level during winter however the canal was dry.  NO water at all.  We have NEVER seen it dry for any reason.  Not even when repairs were being done.  I am really concerned.  Living in the forest I always had a better sense of safety knowing that the canal is here and the fire departments could fill their trucks if need be.  Not now.  Mr. C even has a motorized pump and fire hose if fire threatened our home.  Not now.  No water.  No safety factor.  This is truly a catastrophic drought we are experiencing.  People who have lived their entire lives here have never seen it so dry with no rain and no snow.  Please rain Gods...please share your water with us.  Please...
I will be hostessing my local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center tomorrow.  Town should be very busy. What are you staying busy with?  Sewing, gluing, glittering, stenciling...


  1. It must be very worrying not to have any water in that canal.
    We are having many bushfires here in S.A. but luckily it rained average rain last Winter.My thought are with you during your worrying drought.Just three-4 years ago we had one lasting 10 years.It was awful.
    Judy xx

  2. Hello Sherry,
    Your ATC's are fabulous! Very romantic is deep tones of red! I love Kimberly's swaps, and wish I had the time to join in with you.

    I am very sorry to hear about your drought situation. I hope rain comes soon!
    Sending you hugs,

  3. what a worry to have such drought, some places flooded, others deep in snow the weather seems to be playing havoc all over the world at the moment, heat waves in Australia and bush fires and here in the north of England we are having such a mild winter, I am sure we will get a bitter spell soon, I do not understand what is happening. Please God send rain to fill the irrigation system for our dear friend.

  4. So Sorry about your drought. Loving your ATCs love the colors. Yay your in Kim's swap, I could not pass it up ether.

  5. Drought sounds so horrible, i am sorry...i will ask our universe to nurture you and Mr. C in that neck of the woods... Your Valentines are gorgeous, my dear friend.
    I haven't been creating as much but last night I figured out why. My art space is too messy, disorganized, and cluttered and so I am overwhelmed! Today i CLEAN!

  6. That is certainly a worry. The weather has certainly been variable lately and the old patterns are so not there. I wish you peace. Perfect ATC's!

  7. That is certainly a worry. The weather has certainly been variable lately and the old patterns are so not there. I wish you peace. Perfect ATC's!

  8. Lovely ATC'S for your swap. I can only imagine how worried you must me, I had just mentioned to you that I saw last night on the news that it has not been this bad of a drought since the 1800s when they began recording such things. Stay safe my friend, keeping you in my prayers! ~Diane

  9. Hi Sherry,
    You are such a sweetie! So happy to have you join in the fun. I hope the draught will soon be over and you can rest your fears.
    enJOY a lovely week,

  10. Very cute ATC's Sherry!
    Here's hoping rain arrives soon: I can imagine the worry a drought brings. It seems the weather is wacky world-wide........we're heading into another arctic freeze.....but at least we have heat.

  11. Dear Sherry,
    Your Valentine ATC`c are so dramatic and wonderful in red and yellow- lovely too with the little heart button, and the pearl heart.
    I`m worried for your situation, with no water ,even in the river, and so hope you will soon see the sky open up for some much needed water, for you.
    Hugs and a happy sunday.

  12. What gorgeous ATC's!! I love the design!! I will pray that you get rain soon. I wish I could send you the snow we have on the ground. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. So sorry to hear of the drought. I will do a rain dance for you. We've actually had more rain this season than in the past few years. It's just crazy! The Valentine Swap looks like fun. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  14. Beautiful Valentine ATC`s! Love them all:-)

  15. I see the fires down by LA and I was wondering how your area is. You must get some rain soon, I hope. We had some big wind and rain storms a week ago and now sunshine. The forecast is for in the 50's. I feel for the ski places at the pass as they have very little snow. It could be devastating for them. I am keeping busy painting. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.

  16. Lovely atcs! Prayers for rain...

  17. I always enjoying swaps also, however mine was never on the path of others always off the beaten path LOL meaning I love altered art and re-purposed art so always added that to my cards and swaps
    I would be worried also about your no water canals. Things are so different as the world changes and our weather

  18. Love your AtC. So sorry about the devastating drought. I knew there were fires out west and I was hoping they would stay way from you. Oh dear, I am off to do a rain dance for you, keep us posted!


  19. Oh Sherry It must be such a worry not to have water in the canals where you live. We are so dependent on the life force of water - I'm praying for you and doing a rain dance too.
    Send her down Lord!!!!! We need it!!!

    Your little Valentine's Tags are so full of LOVE. So sweet! I know you will love Kimberly's Valentine Tag swap - enjoy!

    Rain hugs to you

  20. The California/Nevada drought conditions are terrible, not to have any water in that canal. I wish the rains would come.

    Wonderful sweet Valentine tags.

    Hugs Diane

  21. Sherry what a lovely swap and love your darling ATC.
    I can understand the worry about the drought. This is a situation of great concern. We are praying!!
    Hope you had fun with the Chamber


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