Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drizzly Day Sewing...

Thank you everyone.  We had 1/4 inch of rain yesterday.  Not a lot but enough to water my poor sad dried plants and lawn.  I am very thankful for what we got.  Now our weather is returning to sunshine and low 60F daytime temperatures.  I shall continue to do my feeble rain dancing.  

As I shared before I am participating in The Pillow Case project.  The link is on my side-bar.  Sew...I gathered some of my vintage and ever so soft fabrics that I feel would be lovely for little heads to rest upon.

Using a wonderful YouTube video I was able to cut and sew my pillowcase for a standard size pillow. Thank you to Robin Gallagher for sharing such an easy way to make pillowcases.  Here is my first attempt using some fun Tinkerbell fabric I had.

Here it is pinned before sewing any seams.  Very easy to do.

Here is the magic "tube" that becomes the pillowcase top.

This is the finished top with trim and finished seams both inside and out.

And here it is all finished complete with french seams on the side and bottom.  No raggedy edges anyplace.
I am so happy with this completed pillowcase.

This is another one I made at the same sitting.  I think I am so attached to this project because as a ten year old girl I was in the hospital for an entire week.  My parents were poor and I was in a county facility.  It was very dreary.  There was another little girl in my same room.  Her name...Susie.  She was badly burned from her long blonde hair catching fire in the stove burner.  I remember her screaming every day when the nurses changed her dressings.  Her parents were also poor and could only visit her once.  They had to take a bus and it was a long trip.  To this day I pray that Susie is alright.  While my daughter was growing up I NEVER let her cook on the stove with her long blonde hair.  In fact I worked an extra job just to afford a "new-fangled" microwave back then so she could cook in it with no fire.  Her little "Easy Bake Oven" just didn't do as much as she wanted to cook. To this day she is a wonderful cook.  Sorry I got side-tracked...
Because of my experience as a little girl in a sad and lonely hospital I would have loved having a special pillowcase to lay my head on and that is probably why I am so determined to make these for other children. Being sick is bad and scary enough.  Maybe the love I sew into these pillowcases will somehow help other little children.  I believe some things happen for a reason and this project came along just in time for me to share what I am able to share.  Do projects speak to you?
January Joy and I thank you for your comments.  I read them and take them to heart.  With the fresh beginnings of a brand new year I hope you are doing what makes you happy.  Creative Blessings...
Update:  I have taken Donna's very good advice and sewn down the accent flaps.  Thank you Donna Dear.


  1. Sherry, I love your pretty pillow cases, and I'm SURE each one is going to make a little child feel very special. You've got a big heart of gold dear friend! xo

  2. thats such an amazing act of kindness, beautiful gift , you are a treasure,

  3. lovely and we are very often influenced by the seemingly small things. Good for you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. I have made pillow cases using that method, and I love them. I just happened to go fabric shopping yesterday, and I hope to clear enough space in my sewing room to sew up a few pillowcases soon.

  5. Hi Sherry:
    I love the pillowcases you made. They're truly beautiful.

    Can I share one teeny tiny tip with you? I've made lots and lots of these and the one thing that happens is that the thin flange on the pillowcases flips and turns during laundering. I don't like ironing pillowcases, but usually have to because of this little "glitch".

    Now, when I make them, I sew down the free edge of the flange to keep it from flipping. No ironing. Happy Me.

    You accomplished more than I did this weekend! YAY!!!

    Enjoy a wonderful, new week, my dear.
    (PS. I hope you don't mind me sharing this little tip in your comments.)

  6. This is a lovely idea Sherry.I might have a go at making my own pillow cases, as my curved pillow doesn't fit well in conventional cases!
    That's a sweet idea! Good on you.
    Judy xx

  7. such a worthwhile project and I am sure the poorly children will become very attached to their special pillows, will check out the link too as I would not know an easy way either

  8. What a great project! I love how it speaks from your heart to ours. It feels so good the have a worthwhile project to work on....I guess I should not say work as it is a blessing to be able to do such things. Your sweet sewing will be a comfort to many children. I will check out the link to the video, as I have never made pillowcases...all the sewing I have done and no pillowcases. Donna's tip seems like a good one, anything that helps with less ironing is good to know.

  9. What a heart-warming project and you are so caring to do so; but we all know how caring and thoughtful you are! xo

  10. Hello Sherry,
    Your pillowcases are very vibrant and pretty. What a kindhearted project. I am sure the recipients will be cheered and warmed by them.

    I am so glad you got at least a little rain. Hopefully, there is more to come.

  11. DeaR Sherry,
    your pillowcases looks happy and soft, for someone to lay the head and rest.. a beautiful project my friend.
    The sad story from your childhood, makes me happy for our danish hospitals where it is the same right, for rich and for poor- .
    I`m so glad for you, that the water arrived, also if only for one day,...hopefully there will soon come more from the sky!!

  12. Such a beautiful and caring post Sherry. A child will simply love and be cheered by one of your pillowcases. Sounds like a great project to be a part of.

  13. Our guild does a zillion of these pillowcases. They are a great way to send some love and use up fabric.
    I was almost four when I had my tonsils out. I was in the hospital for a couple of days but when I left I was given a pink bunny pillow. It was a round pillow with long pink ears and an embrodiered face. I loved that pillow for many years. So I how that these children WILL treasure these pillowcases.
    Take care!

  14. The pillowcases are lovely and will certainly cheer someone up. God bless, Tammy

  15. So glad you got some rain, hope that helped fill the cystrine a little. I love your pillow cases, such a great project!


  16. I am sure that your pillowcases will be a blessing to the children they are given to. Thanks for sharing your story.

  17. Beautiful pillowcases for an even more beautiful cause. So beautiful that you can share your talents. ~Diane

  18. Your of act of kindness will make a beautiful gift for the children and certainly brighten their day.

    Sending some of our rain your way.

    Hugs Diane
    From the great northwest

  19. What a beautiful reason to create these gorgeous pillowcases. They will be adored!! How kind and generous to do this for such a worthy cause :) Have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  20. Hi Sherry, what a beautiful post with the story behind the love you put in each pillowcase. You have an amazing and generous heart.
    Love the fabrics you are working with and they will be so uplifting to the little ones who receive them.

    Sending happy creative hugs your way!

  21. Such beautiful pillowcases, one very lucky is going to receive them.

  22. Beautiful pillow cases and such a lovely heartfelt gesture! :)

  23. Oh my, this post made me teary... there is nothing worse in this world than a sick, scared child - you have me wondering how Susie i too...
    Your pillowcases are a wonderful thing Sherry, and will surely brighten a child's world - your light will just shine right through to them, as they lay their little heads.

  24. What a lovely project to get involved with. I have watched the video and just have one question I wonder if you could answer. Robyn says cut 27"x WOF but here in UK we can buy fabric in different widths so I really need to know what the WOF measurement is otherwise the finished pillow case could end up larger or smaller than required? Hugs Mrs A.

  25. Your pillowcases are lovely.
    I agree with you that these projects just come by on the right time. And of course you must follow yout heart then.

  26. Your pillowcases are lovely.
    I agree with you that these projects just come by on the right time. And of course you must follow yout heart then.


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