Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fabric Zippered Envelope...

With all the beautiful sunshine California is having I am thinking yellow.  So I pulled out some fabric that I love.  This is cheerful and lovely with the flowers.  I also pulled out a yellow zipper.  I have been seeing some fabric pouches that I really like and just knew I could make one.  Well with the help of YouTube and Susan Claire of Gourmet Quilter I found just the right video to help me from start to finish.  Thank you Susan and your excellent video.

Here is my quilting I did on the fabric with sandwiched batting.  I think of this as strengthening the fabric and giving it texture.  After a bit of sewing and video viewing and sewing I was pleased with my results.

Here is the finished fabric envelope.  It measures approximately 10" x 10".  I wasn't going for any specific dimensions for my first try.  I merely began with some fabric and ended with a finished pouch.  I also lined it with the same beautiful fabric.  Next time I would save the lovely fabric for another pouch and line it with muslin or cotton.  This is how I learn.  By trial and error.  Fortunately I had no real errors.  Susan added a longer self fabric handle for carrying over the wrist. I merely used some grosgrain ribbon as a tab to hold while zipping and unzipping.  I didn't want the wrist strap which could catch on lots of things.  This is purely personal preference.

Of course when my fabric envelope was finished I felt it needed a zipper enhancement.  So I beaded a lanyard for it.  I used my favorite gem hearts and Swarovski crystals.  Now it is complete and I love it!  I am putting this in my gift cupboard.  I feel that I will be sewing more of these for my gift giving.
Have you made anything like this?  Do you have hints or tips to share?
Once again I am so thankful that I know how to sew.  When I sit down at my machine I am less stressed.  I feel good that I am able to use my fabrics and threads and supplies along with my serger and sewing machine.  When they all just stay in the sewing room and I neglect them it makes me sad and feel unfulfilled.  Now I feel happy and very much satisfied that I made something I am proud of and can share with others.
In luxurious satin and lace this would make a great bridal shower gift along with a gift card or item of lingerie for the bride-to-be.  Hmmm...ideas are popping into my head.  Will I be able to keep up?
Our weather continues to be dry as a desert.  No moisture in sight for at least the next week.  Fires are happening as if it were the height of summertime.  I am continuing to pray for rain and safety from fires.  My deepest gratitude to each of you for also praying for rain for California.  For all who have too much rain and snow and freezing arctic vortex weather please stay safe and warm.  Maybe we could do a swap of some sort...we creative crafty people are very good at sharing...
Mr. C is happily working in his "Toybox" on his project.  I know I haven't shared with you yet.  There have been delays and I don't want to jinx anything by sharing too soon.  We are in no rush fortunately.  As the saying goes..."It takes as long as it takes!"
Be blissful in your creating...


  1. Sherry! This is just beautiful. The yellow is just lovely and you have made it sew special with the beads. I want to do one now. ;)

  2. Looking forward to Mr. C's project but inbetween time love seeing your projects! Bag is great!!!

  3. I love the yellow! Yes, I have made pouches similar to this. I found the pattern in one of NAncy Zieman's books, and I made purses galore for my daughters and their friends. One of my friends made her daughter's clothes, and she made a matching purse for each outfit... such fun!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! The fabric is so beautiful!! I love the charms you added to the zipper pull!! What a fabulous project - I love it!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. a very pretty pouch and yes I too make things similar, a bit sad really I have them for my underwear!, one for bras, knickers, tights, socks etc, keeps the drawers tidy. Mine I mostly calico with various quilting patterns on them

  6. Your fabric pouch turned out great and looks so cheerful.
    I hope you'll get some rain soon and there won't be any more fires.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love your sewing projects. I was going to ask if you are anywhere near the fires. Keep safe my friend.

  8. Hi Sherry, once again you create an amazing treasure. I just love this pouch and the fabric is gorgeous. Your lanyard bead pull really finishes it off so nicely. You are one talented girl and I understand so well the need to create. It is so fulfilling.

    I am praying you do get rain soon. Looking forward to seeing Mr.C's project too.
    Yes, "it takes as long as it takes" and all in good time!!
    Have fun and a great weekend.

  9. How cheery! The yellow fabric really brightens things up for us having the arctic vortex swirl aound us. It's so satisfying to create pretty gifts for others (and oneself, too)using our skills and stash.
    Wishing you many happy hours creating. Hoping for rain soon.

  10. How lovely! And I quite agree, sewing and creating are wonderful ways to help de-stress and benefit our health and well being.

  11. Your bag is adorable! I love your idea for the a bride gift. Hopefully we won't both show up at the same wedding with a similar gift!

  12. Sherry, dear, this fabric envelope is very beautiful,- I love the fabric you used, and your accurate sewing skills, makes it so proffecionel !! I`m not too accurate myself, so I alwayes admire others having the patience and skills doing every sewing line accurate, like you !!
    How I hope for you, the weather will soon change, so you will have water in your wells and rivers.
    Sending hug and smile,

  13. Love the bag and your embellishment on the zipper. Not sure you want to weather swap with me as I have been dealing with a frozen water pipe for the last 2 days!!!

  14. This is absolutely gorgeous what a wonderful idea.

    Hugs diane

  15. Ah, Sherry - this is BEAUTIFUL - the yellow SCREAMS happy!!! Just returned (sick with a bad cold, to boot) from a 3-week visit back home for the holidays - did not have a chance to thank you for the lovely little package you sent my way - SO thoughtful - so YOU!!! Sadly, I did not get my cards sent out - saving something special for you, later on this year! Happy New Year - XOXOXO Tanya

  16. And what a perfect color dear one, to share with us from sunny California! And to think I was there for Christmas, enjoying 85 degrees ABOVE zero. We have had three school cancellations this year due to -25 to -60 (upper Minnesota) and it is beyond frigid! So yellow is a good color to think about, and your creation is FANTASTIC. How I wish our economy would honor Heartists and allow US ALL to make a living doing what we love: Creating.

    Bless you and thank you for coming by to visit. Anita

  17. This is gorgeous! I love, love love that bright sunny yellow fabric you chose and although I am not usually a fan of the quilted look, that design is stunning! What a beautiful piece! You could even tuck a tablet in it! Keeping rain for you in my prayers. ~Diane

  18. Oh gosh, I know you need the rain so...I hope soon your area will receive the moisture it needs.
    This sunny yellow project is wonderful. You are so good with zipper projects! I am not! lol!
    You amaze me.

  19. Hello Sherry
    Thank you so much for leaving your sweet comment and for following my blog.

    I love your envelope and the pretty floral fabric too.
    I followed your link which I've bookmarked and after the GYB party is over I'll make some too.
    It's been on my mind for ages to make these for my grandies - Ideas are flying around in my head too!!!
    I'll let you know when they're done!

    I'm following you now - it's love to meet you!

  20. I love this beautiful fabic. Did you know that yellow id the in colour this year in Crafting circles! hugs Mrs A.

  21. What a lovely pouch you made and the fabric is beautiful and very cheery :)

  22. Okay, so I really really had to stop here to leave a comment... Dear Sherry, that is a wonderful fabric envelope and I love love love that gorgeous fabric you used!

  23. I like the idea of making these for the gift cupboard. Of course I need to assign time/space for such a thing. But I'm loving the thought of it.

  24. this is just adorable, sherry! i watched her video, and just might try this one--thanks for sharing!


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