Friday, January 10, 2014

Garnets for January...

Update on Saturday January 11, 2014...We are having a drizzle of rain.  Thank you everyone!  

Garnet gemstone is the birthstone for January.  Garnets signify stability, devotion, eternal friendship and trust. Garnet is derived from the word granatum, meaning seed, and is called so because it resembles a pomegranate seed.  I find it interesting to read about gemstones and the American Gem Society is a good source of information.  I also find it fun to be able to go into my studio and create a necklace and earrings using January's birthstone.

This is the design I put together for January.  I incorporated garnets along with red and clear Swarovski bi-cone crystals for the bulk of the necklace and earrings.  The focal heart is coral and the others are simply fun metal and velvet hearts.  This uses my favorite magnetic clasp for ease in fastening.  The best part of making my own jewelry is that I can easily take it apart if I want to and reuse the components for another design.

This simple necklace and earrings uses my favorite clear Swarovski bi-cone crystals along with some black agate gems.  I wear a lot of black and wanted to have a very understated bit of bling.  This set got lots of compliments this past December while I was wearing it.
I haven't been making much jewelry and it felt really good to be able to create these two sets.
We are still dry as a bone here in Sunny California.  Even our wonderful weather people are getting a little sad as they predict each day with not a drop of water in sight.  When we moved here in January 1999 it rained and poured and rained some more.  I was certain we would need an Ark.  There was so much rain that a house in this community sank right into a mine shaft never to be seen again.  We were checking our home's placement because we have a mine with shaft and air shafts on our property.  Thankfully ours is far.
January is humming along and I am doing my best to keep up.  I began the month behind but am determined to catch up and not feel anxious.  I did over-commit so I am trying to re-prioritize my tasks.  If only we could do it all.
How are you beginning your fresh new year?  Taking time to do what makes you happy is what I am hoping. Thank you to each of my comment followers.  I am truly grateful and enjoy reading each of them.  I don't always respond but I definitely try to follow your blogs in return and comment each visit.  Creative Hugs...


  1. Happy New Year sweet Sherry! I hope your December was just wonderful! :)
    These two sets are just sooo pretty. I can just imagine all the sparkle the black and crystal one gives off...especially in places my sister and I refer to as having "ring lights". You know...that soft, yellowy lighting that makes your diamond rings glisten all the more. :)... I wish I could send you some of the rain we're going to get this weekend. I'll do a little rain dance for you tonight!
    Sending hugs, Paulette xo

  2. Your jewelry looks very nice Sherry. I don't do it very often but I really enjoy making my own earrings. I have plenty of stitching projects lined up for the year but this weekend I'm just going to stay close to the couch and woodstove and crochet to my heart's content.

  3. Great talent in making the lovely jewelery pieces. I will have to tell my sister about the meaning of the garnet. Her birthday is the 17 of January. What is neat, she loves that fruit. Never knew it was associated with garnet stone.

  4. You've created some lovely jewellery Sherry.Your comments re January birth stones - those stones are gorgeous!! I love red, although some find it too strong a colour.
    I wish it would rain for you.We have 10 years of drought about 3 years ago.It felt awful.The drought was always at the back of people's minds.Whenever you met someone it was the first topic of conversation.
    Sounds like you're having a lovely quiet time.Good!! Be happy, and keep on doing what makes you so.We all need to do that.If only more people could.
    Judy xx

  5. Your jewelry looks so pretty Sherry, you must have lots of patience. Great color combinations and design.

    Hugs Diane

  6. I LOVE garnets, always have...they are my birthstone...and now the birthstone gem for my new granddaughter who was just born one hour ago!!!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!!! Baby Andi has arrived'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Sherry...

  7. Beautiful, Sherry! I love red in winter. Wear them in good health.
    hugs and JOY,

  8. such beautiful creations, January is flying past!

  9. Your jewelry creations are beautiful, it is so nice to be able to go and whip up a necklace to wear. So much better than looking for something in the stores that just does not exist and then paying too much for a necklace you really aren't happy with.
    The mine shafts on your property... that is interesting...what kind of mine did they go to? Have you ever looked inside? I would be down there trying to find treasures!

  10. a mine shaft! You are certainly great at mining for good projects. My most favourite thing would be to sit for an hour and let my fingers sift through a pile of jewels. VBSigh

  11. You do such gorgeous work!!!!

    As for leaving the old year behind and beginning a new one, on a blog a woman wrote that she wasn't ready for a new year, she was still working on 2009. Cracked me up! I think us creative types are always behind....

    Happy Weekend!
    ~ Violet

  12. I love your garnet sets, Sherry, they are gorgeous! I was supposed to inherit a beautiful garnet ring of my great-grandmother's. I loved that ring, but it was lost in a house robbery many years ago.
    Hope it rains soon.

  13. Both necklaces are beautiful, especially the first Garnet one. Stay away from that mine shaft! Big hugs, ~Diane

  14. Very nice pieces! You never cease to amaze me with your talent! Don't sink!!! We've had more rain and humidity this year, in florida, than we have in the 11 years we've been coming here!

  15. Dear Sherry,
    your garnet jewelery pieces are gorgeous, I too love Swarovski crystals, and I have collected pearls for long, so now that I have closed my shop, I`m going to try my hand creating something, too.
    The black/ clear one is lovely, too.
    I dearly hope for you, the water fill soon come, so you don`t go totally dry in your well. Here it rains every day, and have done for a week now ,- never the right weather ,around the world !!!

  16. Hello Sherry,
    Lovely necklaces! Garnet is a beautiful stone to create around. You have done a beautiful job on yours. The second necklace too is very elegant. I have never used the magnetic clasps. Seems like they would be super easy to take on and off. Which is a good thing. I was just working on some necklaces myself. January can get so busy...I sign up for too many things at one! So I am prioritizing like you. There are just so many exciting things to do and see : )
    Wishing you the best with all your new projects : )

  17. A great way to beat the winter blues,Lovely pieces.
    Glad to hear you have some rain. A scary thought having no water!
    hugs Lynn

  18. OH I LOVE GARNETS! And that they resemble one of my latest fruit crushes (YUMMMM!), they are like little jewels to eat! Your necklace is lovely my creative friend!

    We were in Southern California for Christmas and I could not believe how lovely and warm it was! Back here where I live and LOVE to be, it was quite the polar opposite, but we are back to more tolerable winter weather.

    May the most unlikely beauty inspire your next piece! Anita

  19. I love your jeweled sets! Really beautiful! xo

  20. Lovely jewelry. My cousin used to make a necklace when she needed it for an occasion and then take it apart and make something completely different the following week. Pretty cool that you can do that. Glad to hear you got a little rain. I sure hope our rainy season is over. The kids ceiling leaks because of a crack in the roof that the owner says is too difficult to fix. :( Best wishes, Tammy

  21. Sherry you are such a talent. I just love your jewelry and especially garnets as it is my hubby's birthstone and was my mothers too.
    So glad you had a little rain. I know you need more and I pray it arrives!!
    Happy Designing!!


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