Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ATCs & Quilts of Valor...

Here are my ATCs for Kimberly's ArtJoyStuff swap.  I used vintage sewing pattern directions for my background.  Then I used vintage buttons, safety pins, snaps, fasteners, needles, lace and thread to embellish each ATC.  Many of these vintage supplies were from my Grandma's sewing basket.  Hard for me to use up but happy to share with others who are creative.

I hope the swappers like my vintage theme.  I had fun putting these together.

Then I stitched a little pocket folder out of the pattern directions to enclose each ATC.  Using another vintage safety pin to close the end.  The little safety pins I have had since the popularity of beading them and making necklaces, bracelets or earrings.  Well, if you are too young to remember this trend I will share something one of these days.  Yes, I still have one of the necklaces Grandma and I made.  Very Vintage!

Okay, last night I was blog surfing and read Connie's Freemotion By The River post.  As I read it through it caught me and I knew I would have to participate.  Thank you Connie for sharing this QOV need.   I am over-committed yet I just felt that I had to research it further.  So off to Kevin the Quilter blog for details.  Hmmm...the purpose of the block drive is right for my heart.  It fits my 2014 "giving" purpose.  I read and re-read until I convinced myself that I can definitely sew these simple blocks of fabric and mail them to Kevin.  He will be doing the hard work.  I marched upstairs and told Mr. C that I need my sewing machine back from service and I need to buy some solid fabrics.  His only question was, "You don't have fabric?"  My reply, "Not solid fabrics in these colors!".  Once I filled in the need Mr. C was totally understanding and knows I will be participating without a doubt.  I couldn't sleep until after 4 am for trying to figure out how much fabric I need for the block pieces.  This morning Mr. C figured out my yardage and cutting lines for me.  I notified Kevin that I will be sending blocks for QOV...Quilts of Valor.  Kevin emailed me with huge gratitude.  Now I ask any of you (sorry no International) reading this blog...if you sew at all and want to make these simple blocks for such a worthy cause please visit the links I have included.  Pfaff Sew La Te Da will be very busy when she comes home.
Winter is staying with us as we have wet drizzly weather every day now.  No complaints here!  For all who are snowed in and Polar Vortex frozen I wish you Sunshine and Spring.  For England I wish you dry weather so your floods will subside.
I love being creative with paper, fabric, and all my wonderful supplies.  Feeling Blessed Everyday...


  1. Love your ATCs Cherry, but the wrapping is so creatively beautiful.

  2. ATC? I missed what that is...

    :-( Sorry!

  3. your ATCs are a delight, so much to see and admire on them. Interesting reading about Kevin`s quilts, good fro you. I make a block a month for Sara at bee blessed, this month it was a pippa longstocking block, these Sara along with a group of ladies make into quilts for charities. Usually make 2 blocks and keep one for myself to refer back to, this was the most fiddly so far

  4. How lovely to have such a wonderful vintage stash.I love the little envelopes you made for your vintage ATCs. Good luck with your Quilts of Valor blocks - I so admire everyone who works hard on all the wonderful charitable projects around the blogsphere.x

  5. Your ATC's are beautiful; love the vintage pieces! The wrappings are so creative! xo

  6. Hi Sherry! Your ATC's are adorable...so packed with all sorts of interesting goodies, and I love the little pattern bags too. How cute is that!!! xo

  7. Hi Sherry, I'll be packing swap returns today :0). As always, thanks so much for joining the fun, a swap wouldn't be the same without you!
    enJOY a sweet today,

  8. Cute pouch made with the pattern instructions and the ATC's are perfect, I like the threaded needle!
    I remember those beaded safety pin bracelets...they were fun to make.
    QOV project, it is so wonderful to see stitchers giving back and what a worthy project to stitch for!

  9. you are blessed and you are blessing! Good for you!

  10. Oh your ATCs turned out wonderful! What a great idea to use the sewing pattern and instructions! They are super creative! Vintage is in!
    Your newest challenge sounds very good. I wish you the very best with your sewing of the quilt squares...I know they will be created with LOVE, the very best ingredient!

  11. Love your ATC's and the envelopes for them too! Sorry I am not a sewist. ~Diane

  12. Wow, your ATC's are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the lace and design!! They look amazing - the recipients will love them!! The quilting project sounds so awesome!! I wish I could sew. Good luck with your quilt squares!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Just knowing you is a blessing my friend! You really are such a giving soul. Enjoy your new quest! I know they will be wonderful!
    BTW, I have my grandmother's old sewing basket too. There wasn't too much pins, snaps and such,but there was a lot of thread and buttons!

  14. Dear Sherry,
    Your ATC`s are so wonderful, and lovely, and you are so brave to use materials from your grandmother, I`m sure the ones recieving one will love them!!
    Thank you for your dear comment my friend, I treasure your kindnes very much. Thank you.
    Hugs and xxx from Dorthe

  15. I have heard of QFV before. Such a great organization!!! And so great you are participating!!
    Love the ATC's & so clever using the pattern instructions for an envelope! Thanks for sharing that tip as well!

  16. Sherry, you are so creative! Love your ATC's and the envelope idea--brilliant! Good for you doing the QTV!
    And, yes, I'm old enough to remember those beaded pins......i still have some my daughter made!

  17. Love your ATC's! The little envelopes you made for them with the pattern paper is adorable and a great idea. You are a good person to do some of the blocks for these quilts. I hope you get your sewing machine back soon. I know it is probably one of those things you don't realize how much you miss until you don't have it.

  18. Hi Sherry, You ATC's are incredible like all that you create and the pockets to go with them is a darling idea. I love it.
    It does not surprise me you will participate in the block quilts for QOV. You have such a giving heart!
    Hope your machine comes home sooner then expected.
    Have a creative weekend and so glad you are having some wet weather!!

  19. Love your vintage scrappy ATCs Sherry, sure your Grandmother would be so proud of you. The holders you've made are perfect too - you always make lovely holders for your items.

    The quilting project sounds great, look forward to seeing what you make.

    Our weather (in my part of England at least) has taken a turn for the better, we've even had some sunshine for the last couple of days, although still a little frost in the early morning. Spring is upon us I think. Glad you're getting some rain now xx

  20. Your ATC swaps are lovely. I am sure the other swappers will find these a treat.
    I always like to help where I can with QOV efforts. Kevin's blocks are sew easy to make.
    Hope you have your sewing machine home soon! ... :) Pat

  21. Your ATCs are adorable and the pattern pockets are pure genius! They will be adored by the recipients. I know it is hard to use the good stuff like grandmas bits and pieces...But if we don't the kids will just sell them at our estate sale for 5cents lol!


  22. I finally found you! Its me, Laurie from I love a cloudy day, I have a new program for visually impaired and I had to start over, its a process but I'm slowly finding everyone, I missed you! Your creations are beautiful as always, gosh I;m glad to be back

  23. Love your atcs and the vintage theme!!

  24. Loved your post..I was so happy to received one of your Vintage ATC's. Love all the little embellishments and your pattern wrapping was adorable. Spent many hours sewing back then for 4-H and Home Ec. I will cherish the little PIN ! !


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