Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sewing Machine Update...

I truly love my Pfaff Sew La Te Da sewing machine.  Before it got a broken thread lost in the inner works I was busy sewing zippered pouches to put in my gift cupboard. These are the last two I finished.  I really like the home decor fabrics I am using.  I lined these with solid fabric.

Here is my beaded zipper pull I like to include.  It makes the zipper easier to maneuver from side to side. The ribbon tab gives something to hold when zipping open or closed.

As it turned out I sewed one pouch with the zipper on the left and one with the zipper on the right.  They both work either way.  When I add the beaded charm I use a split ring for safety as they don't come open as easily as a regular jump ring and get lost.

Here are the two ready for gift giving.  With the quilting and fusible fleece interfacing they are quite sturdy and would easily protect an e-reader or small computer. I like them for small stitching projects when traveling or awaiting appointments.  All supplies are kept nicely together and these fit into a purse or bag.

This is before stitching.  All cut out and ready to assemble.  I actually have a new set of two in this stage awaiting the return of my machine.  I called for an update and nothing had been touched.  Ten days gone!  Why is it we always miss and want what we don't have?!!  I did sew something on my old Singer but it was so slow and archaic that I am willing to wait to sew anything fine with fabric.  Paper and waxie bags and anything crafty I don't mind using it for.  Pfaff Sew La Te Da...
Mr. C and I have spent two days outside working in the yard.  One day was weeding and trimming on the front slope which is very difficult to work on.  Our ground is nice and wet and soft so it was the perfect time to get the heavy weeds out.  We have some sort of vine that takes over and has to be eradicated or it chokes out the good plants.  Today we did lots of fire safe clearing of broken and fallen limbs and leaves and pine needles.  Today was a burn day so that is what we did.  I personally do not like burn days or piles but sometimes they are necessary.  We stopped short because the wind came up and was very erratic.  Mr. C made certain he completely put out the fire.
Nothing creative here...unless you count how I trim and rake and pull weeds with artistic abandon. LOL
Welcome my new followers and as always thank you all for your comments my faithful long time followers.  I was very overwhelmed with how nice all the comments were about my hair.  Thank You Sincerely.
Happy St. Patrick's Day soon and enjoy all the green celebrating.  Happy Spring and Happy Autumn around the world.  May you be blissful and creative making all that is joyful...


  1. I am thrilled that you left us such a kind comment....thank you so much....
    Glad you got one of my vintage paper ATC's and are enjoying it...what a fun swap. You do some beautiful sewing work...
    Keep creative....Karla

  2. these pouches will be so useful for so many things, I can quite see why you are making more. Do hope they get on with repairing your machine soon, there must be a lot of sick machines in for repair. Like you I have been out weeding, we are having a lovely spell of spring weather and even cut the grass yesterday, have never had to do it early march before.

  3. Great zipper bags - really good idea with the ribbon tab helping to pull the zip. The little charms are a nice addition too. Bet your gardens are looking good, weed free now - wish I could say the same for ours! Take care x

  4. Hi, Sherry. Nice bags! I especially love both your fabric and the creative pulls.

    I have some catching up to do around your blog!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  5. Love those pouches of yours! Great zipper pull! You are magical Sherry! xo

  6. the pouches are beautiful, the fabric is so elegant sounds like a very fancy sewing machine, must be a dream to sew with, yard work I miss so much, never thought I would say that!!!!

  7. what gorgeous fabric! am swooning over it this am...and your sewing machine sounds AMAZING!

  8. Love the fabric you chose for your zipper bags. A thread? Stuck in the innards? 10 days? aaargh. You must be having separation anxiety. I always put off taking my machine in for service because it's hard to have it gone!

  9. Nice bags. I don't have to think about weeds for some time. Dust bunnies, uhm, yes!

  10. Hopefully they will get at your machine and you will get it soon. I can imagine how much you miss it with ll your beautiful sewing you do.

    The bags are so pretty and I love that you put zippers and pulls on them.


  11. Beautiful bags, Sherry, and beautifully sewn! Hoping your Pfaff makes it home SOON!
    Definitely Springtime here now with lots of blooms and buds popping out all over.
    xoxo Jane

  12. Hope the sewing machine hospital bucks its ideas up and gets your girl home - Soon! I think your pouches are super, and I love the finishing touches.x

  13. It's just crazy that it takes so long to fix a sewing machine. Sure hope they manage to get to it within the month of March. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  14. I miss my machine also. I was putting my Husqvanna lid down over the upper spool of thread and a teeny tiny screw went sailing by my head and the hinge it was holding slid down inside my machine. So while it is visiting the repair shop I will get it cleaned also.

  15. I'm just hoping my machine holds up until I finish grand son's graduation quilt! Yikes!! Your zippered pouches are wonderful!!! Maybe you should be working on the arm knitting while waiting for that machine!!! :)

  16. I love zippered bags like those! Maybe, when I'm on spring break next week, I can get a few finished for myself. ;-)

  17. There is nothing better than being able to get outsinde in the early spring and work the soil. Such excitement about planning a garden and cleaning up from the winter...I always try to remember that excitement when August rolls around and I am so over all the weed tending.
    Sewing machine withdrawls...maybe there is a 10 step program for it???

  18. Your zippered pouches look wonderful, Sherry, and a good idea to use them as project bags.
    I can't wait to get out into the gardens.......if only those 4' piles of snow would melt........
    Hope your muscles aren't complaining today. I always forget I'm no longer 20 years old once I get into the gardens.......lol

  19. Your pouches are are beautiful Sherry, and so are the zipper pulls - a nice idea, and so much more personal than just a purchased zipper pull.
    I hope you get your Pfaff Sew La Te Da back soon and can have fun with your needle pulling thread!

  20. I love the fabrics you have chosen. These bags are delightful. You truly are the creative one. Hope your machine comes home soon. Hugs Sharon

  21. I can hear your machine frustration. Ouch!

    The bags are delightful. Beautiful work using great fabrics.

  22. Those look wonderful and will be sure to cheer someones day when they recieve them.
    I'm so sorry that you are without your machine! How very frustrating!

  23. These are wonderful gifts and the beaded zippers are such sweet and practical details. I can imagine how much you miss your sewing machine and hope you'll get it back soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Everytime I see your wonderful sewing projects, I get the urge to sew again. I have not done it since high school. But I do rein myself in because heaven knows I already don't have enough time for all the other artful things I do!! So I will enjoy looking at yours. Love the beaded pulls. They add that extra something.

  25. Beautiful bags, the fabric is gorgeous! Have a great weekend.


  26. That's a really prety quilted fabric for your pouches. It seems like you have been waiting forever for your sewing machine to be repaired. It has been dry and mostly sunny all this past week so I have nmanaged finally to get into the garden and start clearing up the leaves and turning the soil over for knew planting. I am determined to have lots of bees and butterflies this ear so have bought quite a few packets of wild flower seeds to put straight into the ground (my kind of gardening) once it warms enough for them to germinate.
    May just succumb to putting a few into seed trays just in case nothing comes up naturally.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  27. Hi Sherry, love your darling bags. I know you will be happy when your baby gets back home. In the meantime, you are still creating gorgeous treasures.
    Great gifts to have on hand.

    Enjoy the nice weather and being out in the yard.


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