Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yellow Spring Swap...

Many of you know how much I love blogging.  I find such amazing and interesting pursuits.  Recently I found A Swap For All Seasons and wanted to learn more about their monthly swaps.  I contacted Linda and learned how I could sign up to participate.  March was my very first time.  The theme was Yellow and Spring.  In Linda's swaps you send to one person and receive from a different person.  Hmmm...
So, with the theme in mind I created my required card and tag as you see in the first photo.

Here is some of my yellow themed ephemera I included in my swap package.  Yes, I painted the mailing envelope bright yellow.

I also included some yellow glitter foam and yellow scrapbook papers.  I also like to add some postcards that represent my home ground.  I sent this package to Linda of Lambsworld.  I was very nervous hoping she would like my first attempt in this swap.  I am happy to say she did.

Susie of South City Hues sent me her package of Yellow Spring Bliss.  I was excited to open this envelope with the sweet Spring flower on the front.  Inside were two envelopes of Yellow Spring happiness.

This is the card and tag Susie created and gifted me with.  I love them both.  She put a lot of time into each.

Here is the fabulous yellow ephemera she included.  I am sorry about the photo but you can see how fun all the elements are.  A tag book, teeny tiny little bird eggs, buttons, ribbon, lace, slides, paper bird and flower and the intricate folded flower.  Thank you very much Susie.  I adore everything!
Not surprising I have signed up for the April swap.  Theme of Mother's Day and Peach.  I better get busy.
I am happy to report that we are having rain.  Lots of rain.  It has been raining for days.  We even had a couple of lightening and thunder storms.  The lightening was the brightest, whitest that I have ever seen.  Some of it was very very close and there was no delay in the thunder clapping.  Fortunately no damage to big trees or structures here.  A big sigh of relief for certain.
March has come in like a lion and is roaring loudly.  Let it rain for we still need so much water.
Mr. C and I took a quick get-a-way to Sacramento.  We stayed in an historic old hotel.  Visited the traveling Viet Nam Memorial Wall at the Capital grounds.  Of course we ate really well.  I had French Macarons for the very first time at Estelle's Patisserie.  We dined at The Grange and I highly recommend it as a very fine dining experience with amazing delicious food.  It was a nice time even with the rain and winds.  Always nice to return safely home.
We also delivered my sewing machine to the repair shop and it will be about three weeks.  They did try to untangle the thread but it will require an entire dismantling and service to get it done.  Maybe I will get some house chores done this week.  Of course I will also spend time in the paper department creating.  What will you be doing this week?  Let's make beautiful things and be joyful...


  1. am interesting swap you have signed up for, feel it would not be good for me as I am very much short on imagination. I read you are still wanting more rain, why can`t the weather sort itself out, would it not be wonderful to have sunny days and rainy nights, I suppose that is asking for too much.

  2. What a bright and cheery swap. Great news that the rain has come - I hope it keeps pouring for you.

  3. What a great swap to brighten up a dull day. Yellow is such a happy, sunny colour.

  4. Love your yellows as well as what you've received! So bright and hopeful! Glad you got more rain; it is much needed for certain.

    Here's to more! xo

  5. You sound so excited about this swap! Both giving and receiving! I'm so glad you got rain. Sounds like a crazy storm!
    A lovely get a way with the Mr. is a perfect way to get to eat pastries!

  6. What a fun swap!! The yellows are so cheery and bright!! I'm so glad you finally got the rain you need!! We got more snow, which we did NOT need!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. You sent & received some wonderful YELLOW stuff in the swap. You were paired up with some of the best swappers ever...I know as I've swapped with both of them. Now...I'm the lucky one who gets to create for YOU for the April swap...Mother's Day & stuff.

  8. Great you are getting rain... I have seen on the news your rain also means mudslides....we will hope for a soft gentle steady rain.
    Yellow is the perfect color for a Spring swap! What fun things you gave and received!

  9. What a great swap the gives and the gets, lol. ~Diane

  10. Have been Playing in Linda's swaps for a number of years so may well get to swap a card or two with you. hugs Mrs A.

  11. I heard you were getting rain...YEA!!! I think with your swap you won't even miss your sewing machine. Love all of the swap goodies and yellow is so fun!


  12. You did a great job! I'm glad you're enjoying the swaps. Susie is my sister, and she makes such beautiful things. This is such a great group and I'm glad you're a part of it! Enjoy the rain...if you'd like, I've got some snow and ice I could send your way!

  13. Such a great spring swap. Yellow is very much a "spring" colour - reminds me of daffodils. I can see lots of paper creating over the next three weeks followed by lots of sewing once the machine returns home. Macarons - to die for!

  14. Your bright sunny yellow swap sounds and looks so cheerful, both what you sent & what you received! Glad you're enjoying some rainy days too!

  15. Fun swap! So nice to receive wonderful surprises by snail mail. Glad to hear you are getting much needed rain. Hope the sewing machine is back in working order soon. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  16. Hi Sherry, what a beautiful swap of yellow for spring. Your treasures sent to your partner are just amazing and I can see how she surly loved them.
    You also received gorgeous pretties in your package. Love the card and those yellow buttons are too sweet!
    Looks like lots of fun and April will be great too.
    SO glad you are having your much needed rain. Praise God!! Hope you get all that you need and a bit more!!
    Have a great week my friend.

  17. So glad you have rain. We had snow for the weekend and now back to rain. I love all the swaps. Such bright and cheery colors. All the intricate work you all did. So much fun.
    I am playing catch up with DL Project and preparing for the puppies. 12 days and counting. I ordered a small exercise pen so when I am cooking etc I can keep them safely contained. I shall have my hands full. :-)

  18. What a clever idea for a swap...can't wait to see your next 'swap(s)'!! Love the favorite color!!

  19. Your swap offerings are wonderful, Sherry! A great assortment of sunshiny gifts. I just knew you'd find this fun. Susie is a great partner and I love what she made as well.
    On to April.....


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