Monday, March 31, 2014

March Ends...

As March comes to an end we are currently receiving snow from the heavens.  In California where our drought has been labeled "exceptional" we are desperate for any moisture.  The last several days we have gotten glorious rain and welcome it with glee.  Now it is snowing and so ethereally beautiful.  I stepped outside just after 7 pm PST and this is my view.  Stunning!

We are not supposed to get much snow.  More rain is predicted.  Thankfully the ski resorts above us are getting lots of snow and they are thankful even though it is late in the ski season for them.  For our water table this is a real blessing.

This lovely blue fabric wallet was made by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio.  She very generously offered give-aways to celebrate her six year Blogiversary and I won this.  Her sewing is amazing and this wallet is perfectly created.  I feel very blessed.  

Here is another view with the inside showing.  Daryl has included lots of card slots, a zippered section for change and the perfect space for either checkbook or coupons or love notes.  It also has a nice magnetic closure to keep everything safely contained.  Thank you sew very much Daryl for sharing your Creative Bliss with me.  I love the blue fabric she chose.  Blues are my heartthrob.

Here are some circles I prepared for those magic folded fabric ornaments I love.   I have been sending them to friends and family as little surprises.  Here is the link to my post on how to make them.  They are super easy to make.  The blue circle is actually some muslin that I created with fabric paint.  I needed just the right color and going to the fabric store was not an option.  Besides, when I go to the store I spend money and get distracted by shiny things.  I just might be a Magpie.  Spending money and buying more supplies does not fit in with my desire to "use what I have".  When you use what you have I believe it also allows you more creativity to alter or design on the fly and often times that works better.

Here is the folded fabric ornament all stitched.  Who knew a square comes from a circle?  I sent this to a blog friend who recently celebrated her birthday.  I included an extra piece of fabric as she loves to create and makes the most amazing things.  Have you guessed her name?  Terri of Artful Affirmations.  Tell her hello from me too when you visit please.
So as March comes to an end I am happy to say I am being a tiny bit creative.  I will share my progress on the Quilts of Valor blocks very soon.  Also tonight at midnight begins National Letter Writing Month of April.  I have been very busy with this.  I am seeing via FaceBook that this year's participants are very serious about sending and receiving mail.  Yikes!  I must really get busy.  After my post on NLWM I have some people who want to join in the fun next year since this year was closed at 137 participants.  Then along came the birthday list...and the children/grandchildren list...Oh Dear!  The post office ought to honor us for supporting them so well.  Alas, my local postal clerk never heard of NLWM.  Boy will he be surprised when the mail volume is ramped up beginning tonight!
What are you creating?  Easter is coming and I am seeing some wonderful inspirations for decorating and cooking.  Do you have any special traditions you honor?
I am very grateful for all of my followers and welcome to my newest followers.  I love to read your comments and they even help me in my creative journey of life.  Thank you sincerely.
Joyful Creative Bliss...


  1. Oh Sherry your snow scene is beautiful>glad you've had rain too.
    What a great giveaway you won!
    Love the circles ornaments.
    Glad you've been creatively busty and enjoying life!
    Hugs Judy

  2. Sherry, I am so happy to hear you're getting moisture in one form or another now! Your snow photos are lovely!
    I love my circle/square ornament and hope to learn how to make them one of these days.
    Not familiar with National Letter Writing Month, but I do my best to help my post office keep going. They are always happy to see me come in!
    Enjoy your Creative Bliss! xo Jane

  3. good to read you have had some rain, the snow looks very pretty, not a flake here this winter. Very nice win you have there. Looked at the folded ornament, very similar to one Jennie Rayment does in her twiddly book but we did not start hers with a circle.

  4. Stunning photos of the snow! I'm happy more liquid is in your atmosphere! You did need it. We, on the other hand, have had enough and today is the first actual "feel" of Spring. Sun and temp in the 50's! Hurray!

    Love your fabric circles - so beautiful with their colors and patterns!

    Be well! xo

  5. Hi Sherry! Your snowy yard looks just beautiful! I'm so happy to hear you're finally getting some moisture. You've really been having a rough go out there this year. Hopefully, you'll have a very wet spring. (fingers crossed!) The little wallet you won is lovely. There really does seem to be a space for everything and it's so pretty as well. Your folded ornament is adorable. You're always up to something so interesting in your studio! Happy creating sweetie! xo

  6. We just escaped a dump from a Colorado Low but I'm happy for you!

  7. Sherry we need rain here but all we are getting is the usual wind. The folded fabric looks like fun. So glad you like the wallet.

  8. What a treat, the wonder of

    S N O W

    at the beginning of


    (could be nature's April Fools trick!)

    ~ Violet

  9. The snow is so beautiful!! But I've seen plenty for this year...I'm ready for sunshine and flowers :) I am glad you are getting some much-needed moisture!! The folded fabric ornament looks amazing!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. You have such a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog and making such nice comments. Love the snow photos, but isn't it suppose to be spring?

  11. Hello Sherry,
    Yay!!! I am so happy to see you have snow and hear that you had rain too! That is wonderful news! I hope it is enough to make this year less dry.
    You really are super woman! You do so much! How do you get it all done?
    Me, I am so slow...and get maybe one thing done a day. lol!
    Congratulations on winning that wonderful organizer.

  12. I bet you were "Dancing In The Rain"
    when it finally started. Let us hope that you get more rain and less snow - as pretty as it looks on the trees.

    Your wallet you won is very pretty and I bet you will make good use of it.


  13. Success !!! I finally got GFC to cooperate sew I could join tour site !!

  14. First let me say welcome to the flock of Magpies! Shinny things are very distracting and fabric stores as well. The wallet is really very nice I love all those places to tuck cards and love notes. Nice photo of the snow and you actually caught some of the flakes mid-flight! Looking forward to seeing your quilt blocks.

  15. Hello dear Sherry,
    That is oh but so strange with so much snow the last dayes in March-but good for your water situation.
    I saw your beautiful handpainted cloth and ornament you gifted dear Terri, so beautiful in her favorite colours.
    And the wallet you won is beautiful,too, and in such adorable fabric, congartulations.
    I hope april brings you more water, but maybe better in raining.... Hugs,Dorthe

  16. So surprised to see your snow so late in the season too! But water is water right? Lovely purse for your win! ~Diane

  17. Oh my, I wish you good luck with so many letters and birthday cards...
    Your painted fabric is beautiful! Wow, great job! Makes for a wonderful ornament.
    And oh boy, the snow... We didn't have any this winter. Today the temperatures were so high, almost summer warm! We are having a very unusual weather going on here.
    As for the traditions, to tell you the truth, I'm always "running behind the facts" as we say here in the Netherlands. I'm always behind and too late for decorations. Let alone creating them! But I do love them. Especially Christmas and Easter.
    Well, big hug to you and happy day wishes.

  18. Hi Sherry--glad you stopped by my blog and the nice comments re: my pink, black and bling swap. Can't wait to see yours and the others. (Kimberly is the best, isn't she?!)

    Your new fabric wallet is so great. An artist friend made me one years ago and I literally wore it out. But kept it to 'someday' (a frequent refrain of mine!) make a pattern from it. Love all the pockets :-)


  19. What a beautiful scene of fresh snow, we sure do need it. Your fabric creations are so much fun, great idea to use what you have.

  20. Wow will you look at that weather! Mom says they have been getting rain non-stop up in Northern California. Us? Well, it finally got a little chilly. haha... we just can't seem to get anything but sunshine. I'm not complaining! I just miss the seasons. Love that wallet! Happy April!

  21. Hi Sherry, I know you sure needed the snowfall to add the moisture your area needs so badly. Your pics are gorgeous.
    Love the wallet you won. Such a pretty fabric and your circle ornaments are simply beautiful.
    Everything you do turns to stunning my friend.


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